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  1. Philippines will play the LGBTQ+ card. Thailand will play the plus-size card. Does anyone know which other delegates have inclusivity cards at play?

  2. The format of Miss USA 2021 is first cut is Top 16 then trimmed down to Top 8. It seems Miss Universe 2021 will have the same format?

  3. ‘Uy. Special thanks to Mario Garcia. Did he personally contribute ‘moral support’, too?


    (Why do I automatically associate His Hotness to Morris Garages? Client niya?)

  4. Oh nagpositive si miss France. Akala ko ba most prestigious ang miss universe? Eh bat parang three years na na gahol na gahol ang schedule nila. Buti pa world at grand intl even Earth 1 month close ang pageants. Sana makakacompete pa si France. Pooreta miss U. Mga pinoy Todo praise sa org na yan halata namang palubog na. Sana may bumiling may pera naman dyan.

    • @ Namrata Shirodkar CLEMENCE BOTINO IS (+)??!! Oh, no. Poor thing. 😦

      I recall asking @ Lireo who his (I will assume from the username, is masculine) European faves are. I remembered her, together with Belgium… (Also a woman of color).

      We should commend as early as now the host for all the accommodations, the extra mile they go to ensure the well-being of all the ladies. Bear in mind that they waived the travel ban to allow the pageant to push through, that ‘Eilat needs this’.

      Kahit naman nung MGI last March, dalawa nag-(+) nung naka-quarantine sa Bangkok. And both ladies expressed gratitude for the care they received. One of them was Nigeria, I believe. She ended up being able to compete and, in fact, put in a great performance at that skyscraper Swim Showdown, with ‘heart-tracing’. She was one of The Sovereign’s favorites in that segment.

      I think, if anything, it is now that MUO/the brand sees who its true friends are. ‘Ika nga, kung kailan ka palubog/gipit, dun mo malalaman kung sinong mga tunay mong kaibigan. Never mind that there is commercial agenda; after all, nothing happens without money. But imagine you are that shipwreck survivor holding onto flotsam, be grateful to dolphins who harass (bash) sharks attracted to the blood of your wounds. 🙂

  5. Some bad news – good news

    Bad news: one delegate testing positive for COvid19 and we do not know who

    Good news: there is another debut country : Bahrain is joining MU for the first time ever , making the total delegates 81 in the MU website

    • FR tested positive and is brought to isolation and will miss the whole pageant activities. in another site, it was said that she hung out with misses panama, nicaragua, etc, this led to the cancellation of the black-eyed peas event supposedly to be attended by the delegates.

      • question is will Harvey agree to go to Israel after this episode … he is kind of a diva, probably with influence from the wifey …

    • Thanks! It would have been a great year for Halima Aden to join and represent Somalia.

      But I think she had already passed up the chance to compete in MU.

  6. Just saw the 2nd photo! Very beautiful! She’s really carrying the LGBTQ banner going into MU.

  7. Nagpositive si miss France. Ang masaklap pa almost two years na syang nagpreprepare. Ohdivaa pageants pa more. Tapos Todo bash mga tao dito sa miss earth. Wkwkwkwk
    Cancelled na black eyed peas concert appearance na supposedly pupunta mga girlalooz there. Oh pageants pa more

    • Mga ME hater na depota. Biased. Wala nang ginawang mabuti ang ME. Oh who you kayo ngayon kay COVIDa!

    • That’s supposed to be a reply to @Thomas below. But the shot is also very creative. Lol

  8. Is Jojo Bragais a sponsor for the 70th Miss Universe?

    Ang Alam ko out na si Sherri Hill


  9. If only for representing your community in a big world stage, you are already a winner.

    BE A winner!
    Go, MEZ Universe!!

    World Peace/

      • I think it has nothing to do with Ms. Nevada’s sexual orientation.

        It has something to do with her name : kaTALUNAn! Lol.

        Now with Bea : LGBTQ means Luigi Gomez Beatrice, The Queen. Lol. (Wag lang masyadong gamitin ang Luigi…at kung baga sa business…sya ay ma-Luigi! Lol.

        World Peace.

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