53 comments on “Tracy Maureen Perez is happy with the Head to Head Challenge

    • Serge she is the best performing candidate in her group.

      Have you already seen the video? Ty.

  1. She’s not included in the Top 27 Talent show?!… Isn’t that like a death sentence at Miss World?!… I hope she wins at least 2 other challenges like the Beauty w/ a purpose and Multi-media to offset this… Ughh… How the hell would she reach TOP 8 or at least be a finalist?!


      • Please continue to support Tracy by voting for her in the MW website as well as on mobstar. Thanks.

    • HA? Si Stephanie ba from PR nag top 10 ba sa mga Parlor Games ni Hulya? Di naman. Kung ikaw ang gusto ni Hulya ikaw mananalo. Wala yang mga Top segments na yan at mga judges. Si Hulya lang ask mo pa si Catriona

      • @Padedeboy

        FYI, si Stephanie ay ng Top 21 ng Miss World Talent… the only “parlor games” na nag top sya… That’s on top of the fact na ang isa sa mga judges e si Wilnelia Merced – Miss World 1975 from Puerto Rico at ang National director nya e nanay ni Wilnelia.. 🙄

        Meron ba ng lahat ng yan si Tracy?!..

        Only a miracle or some weird divine intervention could make her reach the magic circle.🙄

  2. @scorg you forgot to use quotation marks for what you copy-pasted from the NIH website.

    “has uncontrollable, reoccurring thoughts (obsessions) and/or behaviors (compulsions) that he or she feels the urge to repeat over and over.“

    You are allowed to write lengthy gibberish posts. That’s your thing. But keep it original.


    • Nunyabiz1991 maraming salamat.

      Ang masaklap pa rito a number of commenters here are acting as if they have specialized in psychiatry or clinical psychology.

      Salamat ulit sa pag-unawa mo.

    • @Nunyabiz1991: Even if posts here are not academic writing pieces, sorry for not using quotation marks where it is needed. However, it is certainly not gibberish.

  3. Paul, I don’t see anything wrong with what you are doing
    Supporting our candidate , in whatever form or degree , is admirable
    Don’t think it otherwise .

    • Salamat kol. Salamat sa pag-unawa. Just supporting Tracy. Hindi naman ako naghahanap ng away.

      Again, thanks my dear.

  4. let’s be thankful someone is rooting for Tracy all the way. Im not that active coz my bets did not win the nationals pero the bets who won are doing their best so masaya ako

      • Thank you ulit kol. Kumusta na dyan sa states? Masyado na malamig? Advance Merry Christmas.

      • @ paul Bu-ang nimo! 😦

        Bakit mo sinabing ‘masyadong malamig’ where @ Fabian is?! ‘Yan tuloy, dami mong Rate Down.

        (Naka-move on na nga siya sa ex niya, ‘eh… Basahin mo sa Archives/Blog Library buhay niya.)


        A few of us will take the cold so the rest will stay warm. Said MW-Honduras, ‘service to others’.

      • Info daw flor Please. Wala akong alam. Matagal akong wala rito. Ano ba latest kay angkol fabs? he, he, he… Salamat kaayo my dear.

      • Paul, why are you super supportive of Tracy?

        Super fan? Fairy Godmother? BF ❤️?

        Some people here are just baffled by your enthusiasm.

        To be fair, I have not seen anyone like your here. But I’d rather have someone who is super supportive rather than someone always says negative things about a candidate.


      • Thanks for your understanding.

        First, I am a fan of Tracy. Second, hindi ako busy ngayon. Matagal din ako wala rito. Pag ma-busy ako ulit sa work. Hindi rin ako lagi magpopost.

        Again, salamat sa pag-unawa. Magandang hapon sa iyo.

  5. do not crumble under pressure … I hope both of you (Bea in MU) reach the Q&A portion and show everyone your grace under pressure … Bea seems to have nerves of steel, I think she will not crumble (unlike her predecessors Rabiya and Gazini) … think like Bea … you will be just fine

  6. Did she not audition for Talent? Di kasi sya kasama sa List ng Top 27 sa Talent

    Point System parin ba ang MW? Sorry di na ako updated

    Laban lang Tracy!

    Grabe hugot ni Miss South Africa sa Head to Head challenge, pang MMK


  7. One of the things I used to look forward to and excite me in visiting Sir Norman’s blog (besides the actual posts) was reading expert and sensible comments from other readers. Although there were unpleasantries at times, I still find most of them enjoyable and exciting. Then, there’s paul (toward entries about Tracy) who has spoiled the excitement.

  8. @Nakakalurker, @John, @Thomas and all others bothered by the oddity in this blog: The behavior we are witnessing here maybe the psychological phenomenon in which a person has uncontrollable, reoccurring thoughts (obsessions) and/or behaviors (compulsions) that he or she feels the urge to repeat over and over. Let him do what he does to reduce his anxiety over such thoughts. He is, after all, part of our pageantry community.

    • Sir Norman: Obsessive-compulsive neurosis po ba…. or after effects of general or epidural anesthesia on elderly (@ Paula had Laparoscopic surgery… ) Might need professional help

      • @John: You said it– Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. The first symptom I noticed was the compulsive counting, when he was diligently tallying the number of comments on Tracy by the hour and entering updates and inane tidbits which add more points to the total count, then delight himself with the “achievement”. If you say he might need professional help, I say he needs our deep understanding of his condition.

    • @ paul ‘Ay. Alam ko na kung bakit dili ka busy, Dong. And you have abundant time to lavish on Tracy.


      What did you plant? Seeds? Cuttings? Or, did you transfer nursery-raised production outdoors?

      Yes. Ganyan talaga. Will take time for them to take off & for the meantime we all sit back in contemplation. Like a winter respite, if you will.

      Normally, the advise is ‘from Halloween to Valentine’s Day’. But as we are in warmer clime, we can extend the growing season & that postpones cessation of activity to Thanksgiving. All the best!

      • I usually do cuttings flor because i focus on varieties of philodendrons. Then others like alocasia they grow and give you ‘offsprings.’ Transfer them to other pots when mature enough. Ty flor.

  9. Wow! What a good news. Tracy is happy and very positive in Puerto Rico.

    Congratulations Tracy Maureen.

    • Another beautiful outfit for Tracy. The prints remind you of the indigenous designs of the tribal textiles in the Philippines. Good job Tracy and to her team.

      Also, good day to all.

      • Can you just lump your comments up in one post? Nakaiirita na at ang masama, parang nadadamay na sa irita ko (baka ang ibang readers din) si Tracy, the real subject of Tito Norm’s entry. Huwag mong agawan ng eksena. Juskopo! Imbes na magaan lang sana sa mata ang mga bagay-bagay…

      • Kalma lang. Hindi ka naman inaaway. First Sunday of Advent ngayon. Be positive, calm and have joy in your heart.

      • @Paul, kalmahan mo rin lang ang comments mo, ok? Instead of posting threads and threads of comments, reflect. First Sunday of advent ngayon sabi mo nga. Magdasal ka na lang instead, at ipagdasal mong manalo si Tracy or/at maenjoy nya ang kanyang stay sa PR.

    • There is so much positivity from Puerto Rico and Tracy. Keep up the good work. Good luck!

      • Tito Norms tanong lang po – may limit ba sa pagpopost ng comments dito? Maraming salamat po.

        Happy and blessed 1st Sunday of Advent to you and your staff.

      • I think wala namang limit. Important hindi naman ako naghahanap ng away. Mostly positive naman ng comments ko. Ty.

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