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  1. Pet peeve: The MUP not crediting the designers on their posts. I had to search who the designer was, including the other airport outfit. I understand the designers are dressing her for free? The least they can do is credit the designers in the posts.

  2. I haven’t said anything about this arrival attire but well, everyone in the universe loves this ensemble , chic , yet the blue jeans bring it down to earth and connect with the every day outfitters, … and I think whoever dressed Bea is sending a shout out to the host country Israel for the colors of the Israeli flag … very well executed !

    • For me, Spain and Paraguay got the best outfit upon arrivals!
      But this outfit thingy is not even important.
      Last year, Miss USA parang mamalengke lang ang peg but still pasok pa rin sa banga !

  3. Much better than her other airport outfit.
    Wish the eye makeup wasn’t too heavy/smoky.
    Can’t see her eyes.
    Bright eyes = maaliwalas tingnan.

    • Yeah, I was thinking the same about the eye makeup. Too much eye makeup you can’t see the white of the eyes having the opposite effect of making the eyes look smaller.

      • I agree. Pero while I was watching her in motion (and I don’t know why it made a difference), the darker, smoky eyes added mystery sa kanya. Parang she wasn’t totally exposed. And I liked the effect of it!

    • @Anonymous .. there was someone who posted here before regarding his/her peg for styling Bea. One mentioned Astrid/Gemma Chan and another mentioned Asian royalty. I think they’re both great pegs.

      • @ Charlotte York, thanks for the info. I think I missed that comment. I was going to expand on my comment above na “sana i-peg nila si Gemma Chan, but maybe too late.” Maski hindi na nga si Astrid eh because Gemma Chan is enough. Actually, i think nabuhay na si Astrid kay Gemma Chan! I follow her sa mga movie premieres, award shows, talk shows, etc. and she’s always FABULOUS! But I do get that these are 2 different “fashion” scenes. They just need to make her OOTDs appropriate, chic, and tasteful. Thank goodness they got rid of last year’s stylists (hoping…)!

      • @Anonymous … yes, different pegs for departure and arrival outfits. Gemma Chan carries herself extremely well, consistently elegant and never over-the-top. The supposed Dune inspiration for the white top and boots wasn’t necessary. It kinda cheapened the concept. The supposed comparison between Israel and Arrakis (Dune) was so uncalled for. Lol.

  4. Which Kapuso female star is judging Miss U? I just read it in Rappler. But the most pressing question: Will she be allowed to enter Israel?

    • Heart Evangelista-Escudero?
      Marian Rivera-Dantes?
      Ai-Ai Delas Alas?
      Megan Young-Daez?

    • Supposed to be Marian Rivera, I was told. But with decent developments in Israel, I’m not sure if she will push through.

      • what is the determination behind the choice of Marian as a judge of an international event ?

  5. why are there criticisms on Bea’s neck lines … how so trivial this is! in my opinion, it actually looks sexy if she is in a swimsuit , even Katrina Jayne or VVV or Maureen or Steffi have neck lines , it is just more noticeable on Bea … they make her look more real , it is absolutely not an imperfection … It is definitely attractive and … in young men in good shape, neck lines look hot and sexy !

  6. According to THE JERUSALEM POST: (Published Nov 28)

    “Israel will host the Miss Universe beauty pageant in the Red Sea resort of Eilat on December 12 despite imposing travel restrictions to try to stave off the Omicron coronavirus variant, Tourism Minister Yoel Razvozov said on Sunday.

    On Saturday Israel announced that it was banning foreigners from entering the country, but Razvozov on Sunday told reporters that participants in the Miss Universe pageant would be granted waivers while possibly undergoing PCR testing every 48 hours and other precautionary measures.

    “This is an event that will be broadcast in 174 countries, a very important event, an event that Eilat, too, is very much in need of,” he said before Sunday’s weekly cabinet meeting.”

  7. Ganda Lang!

    Yan lang ang bibigyan ng Israel ng waiver, pati yung taga South Africa papasukin basta may proof na sya pinaka maganda sa country nya

    kung di pinakamaganda, no waiver, no entry


  8. Reuters is reporting that Israel is making exemptions for MU delegates. They will be putting safety measures into place regarding the delegates, i.e., testing every 48 hours, etc.
    Reporting is on-going regarding this. In spite of her late crowning, Miss USA will be allowed into the country because of the exemption. (Reference Reuters)

  9. Is it true that there will be no live audience anymore at the venue and that tickets will be refunded

  10. This is good idea para sa mga majorette costume ng mga musiko na mabenta sa mga fiesta. Toinks!

  11. Thank you God, Bea and her team reached the Holy Land safely. She’s still simply amazing and beautiful in spite of long-hour flight.

  12. Her top was a cheap version to Naomi Campbell’ Vogue outfit 2020 by Maria Grazia Chuirri for Dior

  13. beautiful outfit!!! Perfect example that jeans, partnered with the right boots and jacket, can look soo chic…😄

  14. I think /actually I believe that Thailand will not be in the top 16 , and Bea will take her spot instead…

    OFF TOPIC: top 16 prediction for MUSA2021 (very strong batch)
    Vermont, Kansas, Florida, New Hampshire, South Dakota, North Dakota, Delaware, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Ohio, Nebraska, Louisiana, Illinois, Utah, Maine

    3 spoilers: Oklahoma (hometown) , Nevada (make history), Mississippi (again)

    Given that the last two winners were black, I think this year’s winner will not be black but Florida is very strong indeed …

  15. Ang Taray ng ensemble! French Rococo Fashion!

    Ayyyy! Meron din akong ganyang style! Mga light colored denims ko madalas ang upper garment na tineterno ko rin is white, light pink or baby blue!

    Check! Minimalism at its finest!

  16. Bea is attacked for having neck lines because God forbid she has human imperfections, and then she gets attacked for concealing them. Like seriously wtf?

    Why can’t we just celebrate the fact that we have a great candidate who gets to walk across the Universe stage & live her pageant dreams. You can even see the excitement in her eyes if you focus on her beauty & strengths, rather than her flaws.

  17. my top 10 as of today:
    1. Puerto Rico
    2. Venezuela
    3. India
    4. Colombia
    5. Paraguay
    6. Chile
    7. Brazil
    8. Israel
    9. Thailand
    10. South Africa

    • @ Lireo The earlier order to bar ‘South Africans’ from entry is lifted?… That’s wonderful!

      You have no European? I think modern Israel looks mostly to Europe for both inspiration & trade. This may be the best time to bring a European back into the Final 5. Just my one cents, po.

      Panama is also strong, daw. And I may have underestimated Luiseth Materan, whom Adam Genato describes as ‘Irene Esser x Edymar Martinez’.

      • Hello po. I have Spain, Portugal, and Albania if my choices were stretched to top 15. I just find Latina delegates facially beautiful in this year’s edition kaya po they dominated my list.

    • India is actually more gorgeous than Paraguay pala. Actually it will be Miss Israel and India na may pinakamagandang fez with/without mukap.

  18. So since Bea was not barred entry into the country after midnight Sunday, Israeli govt airport officials are most likely alerted to exempt foreigners arriving for the MU2021 from the no-entry policy … they have fully prepared for this scenario ! … quarantine at the hotel in Eliat , everybody will be in this bubble for the next 2 weeks , some outside trips or activities probably cancelled … I hope they don’t cancel Costume competition …

    • meron bang NECK category, ngtatanong lng 😅😂

      best in SS nd best in EG nman si bea?

  19. TRES, TRES CHIC. I like everything! From head to toe. Bravo!


    Or perhaps something by Belgian designers, if not Scandinavian.

      • The jacket was by maraxchua. Inspired by Naomi Campbell’s jacket by MGC for Dior. The designer also drew inspiration from Dune (the movie), made some edits to connect to Israel, the venue.

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