3 comments on “Pageantry Norms Season 7 Premiere

  1. Destiny and Baitong are bubbly.
    I love the segment where they were to say something about their old pictures. It’s cute.

  2. Wow. ‘Majestic Fairy’ sounds positively intimidating.

    Uncle, do you realize may suwerte ka sa MPE/ME? You initially guested Roxie as a candidate at MPE. Then, as 2020 winner. Finally, as an Elemental Queen.

    You worked your MAGIC on Baitong, too!

    (Carousel should pay you or something…)

    It’s a bright-summery ‘amarillo’ Christmas for you, po. The shirt is telling. At Pasko na sa PN’s! Dito sa blog, will you bring back the ‘snow effect’ again? 🙂

    Kita bituka ng balay ni Direk. We see his choice of toiletries & personal care chemicals. Peace!

  3. I just woke up and saw the news that four black beauties made the final five in Miss Teen USA 2021. Florida just won its historic first Miss Teen USA crown!

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