8 comments on “Be ethereal, Bea!

  1. Bea Luigi could follow some styling tips from Gemma Chan. She is consistently elegant wherever she goes. 💐👑🕊️ Loved her at the SAG awards too.

  2. The first pic looks fine
    The second one. I don’t know what that facial expression is trying to achieve

  3. Sorry, but NOT sorry! SMH
    WALEY talaga….
    Mas maganda pa mga Salesladies ng SM.
    Buti pa all Smiles na lang, dagdag pa sa point!

  4. My Gulay .
    I don’t understand the obsession about fierce
    Usually who wins is someone with the most beautiful smile and the most natural expressions on cam .
    The fierce look delights the fan but hardly ever wins the crown
    But good luck , Bea !

  5. unbelievable this freakin’ virus, ruining everything for so many people … the resistance of the unvaccinated is causing all these variants and affecting so many lives and dreams of those who are vaccinated , taking responsibility of themselves and the people around them

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