90 comments on “Tracy Maureen Perez on a break between rehearsals

  1. Flor, today is the 1st Sunday of Advent. May God shower us with His wonderful graces. Happy and blessed Sunday to you and to all pageant fans who frequent this blog site. And to Norman and his staff too.

    • I think the MWO made the right decision of choosing PR as the the venue of the 70th edition of MW.

      • I think Puerto Rico is a safer place to hold a pageant. I hope the org. and the govt. will be strict in implementing health and security protocols.

  2. Patuloy nating suportahan si Tracy Maureen Perez sa kaniyang MW journey. Please visit and vote sa MW website, mobstar & MW facebook page.

      • Tracy is very pretty and fresh looking in her latest YT videos. And she always radiates positivity to her pageant fans. Please watch them. Maraming salamat.

      • New vlogs and videos of Tracy are now available in YT, please view them and show your support. Salamat po.

      • Patuloy lang po tayo sa pagsuporta kay Tracy. Even the very small Filipino community in PR is very supportive of her.

      • Kindly also request your Filipino friends and relatives from around the world to support Tracy. Daghang salamat.

      • Sige debate mga commenter, may problem pa sa entry sa Israel. Bakit nagkaganun sa universe?

      • From the start marami na ang opposed sa Israel as venue for MU. Indonesia and Malaysia are the 2 countries and a number other nations have joined.

  3. Maganda rito kay positive ang aura. Sa kabila mistulang may digmaan sa universe. He, he, he…

    • Sige na hataw sa dance number. At malapit na ring ilabas ang kaniyang head to head challenge.

  4. Tracy’s departure outfit is a celebration of joy. Sunny yellow is a color of new day, hope and happiness.

  5. @ paula… Wala pa bang departure post si Tito Norman for Bea hehe ( MUP yan out of topic )

  6. So far from Groups 1-4 bantayan ni Tracy the following competitive girls: Poland, South Africa, England, Indonesia, Dom. Republic & Bahamas.

  7. Pero seriously, based on this photo alone, I can see Tracy as one of the princesses or top 5 the least. Puerto Rico’s weather seems to be making her beauty blooms.

  8. Kala ko andami na namang comments nakakatuwa pero pagbukas 98% na naman kay Paul hehehe Go Paul!

  9. I like her sunglasses! I wonder kung ganun talaga yung shade nun na light brown lang or photochromic lenses siya? She looks so pretty though!

    Bet ko yung look na yan: oversized silver eyeframe tapos light brown lenses! Gagayahin ko yan!

  10. Woman to the left wearing bandeau top is fire. Love her.

    Tracy looks so good here.

    Her style team has done a stellar job so far.

  11. Wow, wow, wow! Tracy Maureen of the Philippines together with 2 equally gorgeous African ladies.

    • Three beautiful and fresh looking reps from Africa and Asia. Competitive girls. Good luck!

  12. She looks pan-FarEastAsian, here. Somewhat Korean~Viet… I suggest she take this route, look-wise. If she attempts to look Latina, she might end up looking like Uruguay.

      • @ paul Good morning, Dong.

        I had a REALLY bizarre evening. If & when the time feels right to share, I shall.

        ‘Ay! Caramba. I do not like that app. That ‘swipe left~right’ function that adds~debits points is very stressful. It caused much distress to our reps in Poland back when Supranational was using it as their official poll platform. I’m sad that MW is still using it but I think it’s the one Europe likes. 😦

        (Now, I shall go off to enjoy Thalia’s single, ‘Piel Morena’.)

      • Ang maganda rito sa Tracy’s blog entries, mostly positive ang comments. Hindi katulad sa MUP, MU at MGI.

      • Poland is one of the strongest girls. She is to watch out. South Africa, England & Indonesia are very competitive and have the sash factor. Dom. Rep. And Bahamas are very promising as well.

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