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  1. Correct me if I am wrong, but I presume the seat prices above are quoted in Israeli New Shekel — so converted to US dollars, the most expensive seats (VIP seats which are now sold out) are US $785. And the lowest price seats are US $204.

    Not much is known about the actual venue in Eilat called the “Universe Arena” — a brand new custom built state of the art arena imported from Portugal, and holds approximately 5,000 seats.

    And whatever happened to the much-hyped Miss United Arab Emirates Universe pageant?

  2. @ Yna You are from ‘within MUPO’, po? You said, ‘legit question here FROM ORG’. 🙂

    Uncle’s previous post on the matter listed Jonas, Mdme. Shamcey & hubby Lloyd (he will probably pay for his own way…), Voltaire, & Sir Albert as ‘going’… May iba pang pupunta? STAFF??!!

    @ Diana Hayden Speaking of Dubai, MUUAE is now ‘out’? I don’t think they met the deadline set for the submission of the names of representatives… So, only MUSA remains to be determined.

  3. JUST IN:

    “JERUSALEM, Nov 26 – 9:00 PM GMT+2 (Reuters) – Israel on Friday imposed a travel ban on most African states, after reporting cases of a new and potentially vaccine-resistant coronavirus variant first detected in South Africa.”

    If the ban is imposed on “most African states” (interpreted as those below the Sahara) as the press release above says, then this potentially will impact the delegates from Equatorial Guinea, Ghana, Kenya, Namibia, Nigeria and South Africa, preventing these delegates from entering Israel which would truly be unfortunate.

    Let’s hope not!

  4. With the newly identified Omicron variant identified in South Africa, I wonder how this will impact the entry and participation of candidates from that region? Israel is very determined in doing whatever measures it needs to take to mitigate the spread of new covid variants in their country even though they have one of the highest vaccination rates (89 percent) in the world.

  5. Makakapunta kaya dito ang #TeamPatayGutom same sa US? Marami na kaya sila kinita kay Bea?

    • MUP & A&Q are grateful that they’re always trending in your mind.

      It only shows how much you envy & respect them.

      • Bakit nga ba ang raming sumasama ? Legit question here from org. Unlike kina madam Stella or sa mwp ni Cory or Arnold. Sa mup lahat ng staff ni Jonas Kasama. Okay lang naman na sila nagbayad ng ticket pero parang pooreta naman mga itsura ng staff nya. Kaloka

      • Aysus marami akong kakilalang may multiple entry sa us puno naman ng utang sa credit card. Wkwkwkwk it’s not a basis my dear. I know Voltaire is rich he’s from Ateneo. The rest?????

      • SQ, there’s no need to be envy sa Aces. They have a member na kriminal. Nag swindle ng pera to be exact. May maiingit ba sa ganyang klaseng tao?

      • I actually agree with you, Yna. It was unfortunate that MUP chose to include their creatives in last year’s trip to the US.

        MUP should follow the example of BPCI who lets their employees (the “pooritas” as you call them) know their place by never giving them the opportunities to fly abroad. Di ba?

        My turn to cross-examine you with “legit” questions: Why does it make you feel less & kulang that others can travel abroad?

    • Abangan natin kung paano itatawid ng mga baklang hamog ng Ahas and Kweens ang pag-awra nila sa Israel.

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