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  1. These are my top picks
    Group 1- Malaysia
    Group 2- South Africa
    Group 3- A toss-up between Slovakia and Dominican Republic
    Group 4- Honduras
    Any of them could become 2021 Miss World

  2. Flor, today is the 1st Sunday of Advent. May He bless us with hope and grace this season of love and salvation. Happy and blessed Sunday to all.

    • Please continue to support Tracy. Vote for her on mobstar & other social media platforms. Thanks and happy Sunday to all.

  3. From Groups 1-4 Overall Review

    Poland is the strongest contender;
    South Africa, Dom. Rep., England & Indonesia will mosy likely make it to the Top 20;
    Bahamas, Malaysia & Honduras will likely make it to the top 40.

    • Many of the girls from Groups 1-4 are well educated, career oriented, much accomplished and excellent communicators.

  4. Again thank you Flor for your inspiring thoughts and lessons to ponder. Yup, concerns about MU candidates from Africa.

      • @ paul This new variant is only very recently announced by the W.H.O. Now all three – MGI, MU, & MW – are in its grasp in a manner of speaking.

        We are at a very similar situation as in January 2020. Philippines had not yet barred incoming flights. At that time, Jonas Gaffud had just finished mounting Manhunt International & Brazilian Runner-up Mateus Giora even served on the Board of Judges of the MUP Runway Challenge at Bonifacio Global City. Not long after, the LOCK DOWN…

        What’s scary is that a case is reported in Hong Kong already! I think our leaders should take this seriously. I really hope it doesn’t enter our territory. Hopefully, it can be stopped. 😦

      • Thank you for the concern my friend. Good evening to you anf laging ingat dyan sa Manila.

  5. Group 4 Head to Head:
    Poland, Cayman Island & Honduras – top 3
    Sri Lanka & Scotland – very, very good
    Serbia – very good

      • Poland from Europe.
        India from Asia.
        South Africa from Africa.
        Dom. Republic from the Caribbean.
        Venezuela from the Americas.

    • @ paul YES. Group 4 is my favorite for this blog installment on MW 2021. I’ll hang out with them!

      Honduras gives Jamaica Ambal vibe – tall, dusky, & striking. In fact, one of the finalistas at Ms. Fit Philippines (Finale is either tonight or tomorrow evening) looks like her. ‘Luz de Esperanza’ (‘light of hope’) sounds intimidating, doesn’t it? Again, seems to be another ‘rich man’s daughter’. Bronze!

      I liked that reference as to how the word ‘mosquito’ might have come from her region of the country. The other night, I myself had a most annoying encounter with the little beast… 😦

      Cayman Islands is very ‘homey’, your girlfriend from childhood days with whom you shared all.

      Sri Lanka’s British-German extraction sounds positively noble (the Mountbatens come to mind).

      Didn’t know Nikola Tesla was Serbian. BELGRADE LOOKS ABSOLUTELY VISIT-WORTHY. Silver!

      ‘Miss Polonia’ is ‘mukbang mic’ type.

      (I will assume ‘Miss Polski’ holds the Polish franchise for Universe, Supranational, & International.)

      Gold to Scotland. Glasgow sounds like FUN. The way she presented it, it’s as if the ‘crumbling castle’ stereotype couldn’t be more inaccurate. And that HUGE Clydesdale (horse) is love.


      I will end this portion by commending ENGLAND (Group 2) for the brilliant transition effect in her introduction video. She hurls a bunch of Autumn leaves upwards. And that opens up to the next…

  6. Group 3 Head to Head:
    Slovakia, Dom. Republic & Namibia
    Singapore, Uruguay & Paraguay – very good as well

    • @ paul I agree! Dominican Republic is ‘la force’ (French, meaning ‘strength’). Her sheer physicality – height/stature, full frizzy hair, alabaster skin, & deep voice like Anna Mouglalis – will literally beat the competition to a pulp. She’s my golden girl for this group. 🙂

      Slovakia, like Mauritius in Group 2, seems ‘rich girl, too. She’s prettier in her video, sans make-up. I like her audacity to admit she has learned more from failure than from success. Silver medalist.

      I think I will give the bronze to… Paraguay.

      Speaking of Namibia, two things come to mind.

      1) I didn’t know her country experienced water supply challenge. Yeah, it’s largely desert but I was of the impression they had extensive system of aquifers from which to draw on. It reminded me of Chile (in another group, to come), where water rights is a serious issue. It’s also semi-arid. It makes you wonder, now that we have climate change if access to water might be weaponized. 😦

      2) Namibia & South Africa (Group 2) are lucky! They got out just in time. In contrast, Chelsi Shikongo & Lalela Mameswane (I hope I didn’t misspell) are now unable to travel to Israel due to that new SARS-CoV2 variant in the southern part of Africa, the ‘ohmicron’.

      • Again, insightful thoughts from you Flor. Maraming salamat sa pagbahagi ng iyong kaisipan.

  7. Group 2 Head to Head:
    England, South Africa & Indonesia – top 3
    Singapore, Uruguay & Paraguay – very good as well

    Facial beauty: Albania & Mauritius

    • @ paul I want to give this to the ‘weak sash’ reps. Bronze to Albania for her youthful (she’s 18) gravitas, silver to El Salvador for her serene manner, & gold to Mauritius…

      MAYAMAN MALAMANG SI MAURITIUS, kasi nakapag-aral at -travel sa France at South Africa. That must be a family firm she is working at. She gives this low-key rich girl vibe! I like her story about monkeys fighting above the tent she stayed in. I know a similar story. Not mine but by my grandmother & I share it now in the hope/wish it induces laughter in you as much as it did in me.

      Noon, nag-outreach program sila as part of her company’s CSR activity for a tribe in the mountains somewhere in Luzon. One night, she & her colleagues were awakened by their hut (the accommodation) shaking to an apparent earthquake. Frightened, they found upon coming out that a large local boar was scratching itself against one of the pillars of the structure. 🙂 .

  8. Group 1 Head to Head:
    Malaysia, Bahamas & the USA
    Nepal & Peru – very good too.

    Facial beauty: Peru, Portugal & Malaysia

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