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  1. With the newly identified Omicron variant identified in South Africa, I wonder how this will impact the entry and participation of candidates from that region? Israel is very determined in doing whatever measures it needs to take to mitigate the spread of new covid variants in their country even though they have one of the highest vaccination rates (89 percent) in the world.

    • @ Casper Meron na, po.

      South Africa, Namibia, Lesotho, & Zimbabwe, among others, are reported to be barred from entry.


      (Inaalat si Werner. First it was Natasha not placing last May. Then now, Lalela on top of that statement from the pro-Palestine South African government. At least si Thato, naka-place sa Poland last August. Now I’m a bit worried for Shudu.)

    • I wonder if I should have said Botswana instead of Zimbabwe… BUT, IT’S IN HONG KONG, NA.

      (I wonder, too, if our own government needs to not pay attention to all this elections drama for now & perhaps be pro-active enough without having to solely rely on W.H.O. statements. We may be in a good position to prevent ‘ohmicron’ from coming in in the first place. MUST MOVE FAST. ALL stakeholders in the economy must be consulted soonest, in case…)

  2. Very good documentary about pageant’s organization resilience in holding an event despite the pandemic.
    I am excited about next year’s MUP. I am equally excited about this year’s MU.

    • @Serge, I hope MUO is equally agile in responding to unexpected hurdles this pandemic brings. With the current rise in Covid cases in Israel, reportedly from a deadlier variant from SA, MU should be ready with contingency plans. I hope also that the new pandemic surge in Europe will not prevent the participation of European candidates.

  3. Excellent documentary video of how a live spectator event like a beauty pageant can still be mounted despite formidable odds wrought by this deadly pandemic! All it takes is creativity, agility, tenacity and great faith that God will see us through! And the preponderance of corporate sponsors attest to the business viability of a spectator event in this New Normal, where respective brand messages of partner organizations find traction in beauty contests’ ability to reach their audiences.

    I do not know if MSA and MUT have similar documentaries, but I think videos like this is a good reference material for pageantry organizations’ benchmarking initiatives.

    • With the rate new and deadlier Covid variants are stalking Europe now, pageantry organizations’ only recourse is to be innovative and agile– “break barriers” as MUP claimed– or else it will continue its blissful hibernation, its unexciting purely online event, or the lonesome in-resort/hotel-bubble contest. The latter options, sadly, are some striking distance to the door to extinction.

  4. Kaloka talaga MUP. Kung anik2x na lang. 100 designers daw kay Rabiya eme eme. Ano na naman kaya pakulo today. Ka-cheapan!

  5. new mutation of virus is quite alarming… Miss South Africa might not be allowed to enter Israel if the arrivals are supposed to happen on Sunday and Monday … perhaps also Miss Namibia will be barred entry to Israel … lives are being devastated by this virus , … , including our personal pageant fan spectators’ lives …

    • Lately, Israel is experiencing a new surge in Covid cases. Europe is also bracing for another wave of health and safety restrictions. I hope these will not disrupt the activities of MU.

      • Fortunately, the venue area itself, Eliat is away from populated centers and it is pretty much an open air locale, wind-swept surroundings …

  6. 1) They also had those what I think are like virtual collectible baseball cards for die-hard MUP fans. How did those do?

    2) If I am right, only Bea got an SUV this year. Not Hannah, Naelah, or Tracy.

    3) Between Joanna Rabe & Ybonne Ortega, who should finish their journey? And why?

    4) Are Chiara Lyn Markwalder & Maria Isabela Galeria still interested?

    5) Sino nga pala ‘yung ‘Pampanga’ (not ‘Angeles City’) na born in Basilan at kinulang lang sa boto kaya naudlot sa Top 25/30? Siya gusto kong mag-try muli! 🙂

    6) What should be done with Krizalleen Valencia, Noy Campos, Jazmine Umali, & Ingrid Santamaria?

    7) If Jedidah Korinihona crosses over, should it be MWP or Mutya Pilipinas?

    8) Saang international pageant maganda i-appoint si Nicole Minano?

    9) So, Dra. Adee will no longer proceed with MPE? 😦

    10) Uncle, are you still wishing/hoping that MisOr will one day host MUP?

    • (Cont.)

      Jo-Ann de la Torre Flores became the first MUP alumna to cross over (to MWP). Made Top 20. 🙂

      Ivanna Kamil Pacis, Sigrid Grace Flores, Sandra Lemonon, Mitch Gumabao, Leren Mae Bautista, Apriel Smith, Tracy Maureen Perez, Riana Pangindian, Pauline Amelinckx, Kesha Ramachandran, Katrina Dimaranan, Maria Isabela Galeria (though discontinued), & Kimberley Hakenson all came in from rival organizations. My apologies for a not-so-perfect memory. I’m sure there are others. 🙂

      Will we see anybody from MPE take a shot?

      I will suggest Graciella Lehmann, Katrina Llegado, Gila Salvador, Lovely Mercado, & Angela (or is it Angelika?) Famorcan.

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