11 comments on “The Miss Fit Philippines 2021 Media Presentation

  1. Roberta Tomondong was gorgeously statuesque that night… Anjame needs call center trainning… maybe after that she could join MUph and finaly represent our country.

    • @ Closer2Fame Who among us said Anjamie (pronounced ‘ann-jay-mee’ by hot male host at this event) is currently a local politician (councilor) & has a girlfriend (therefore, is lesbian)?

      I even added, kaya pala ‘rayadillo’ ang NatCos niya sa BBP. 🙂

      It might be @ ClaiRe, but I can’t recall too well. But knowing our IbbeTson, she often has crunchy news to share. For example, she was the one who recently brought Vina Openiano back into discussions…. Na FA daw.

      In light of her public service, she should have more ‘material’ now to add to her Q&A arsenal. G!

    • Yes day. Anjame is not really stupid like bobo in a scholarly sense, she’s a cum laude graduate. Hirap lang talaga sya mag English since Hindi sya lumaking nag eenglish at taga Bulakan pa sya na sobrang lalim ng Tagalog. Ang tigas ng dila nya.

  2. statuesque, really stands out … poised , polished than before … MUP is calling, but hopefully Q&A skills are much improved

  3. I’m happy to see Anjame again competing. She was one of my favorite to win a crown in BbP 2018. But of course we know what happened in Q&A. I hope she joins BbP 2022 or MWP.

  4. Uncle, is that the silver ‘Jehza’ again? Jojo Bragais must be happy to say the least.

    I’m happy they went LIVE. 🙂

    In the event 2nd-tier brands like Supranational or Grand in the future require a stand-alone Philippines National, not necessarily for the ‘Fit’ label to be dropped but for the winner to be sent abroad, I wonder if this organization will be receptive…

    It seems to chug~hum along steadily & respectably. None of the drama of bigger counterparts, it holds its own & always stays on schedule!

  5. Ano na naman yang Misfit Philippines na yan? Lol.

    Wala naman akong masabi sa posing mo Tito Norms. Ligwak mga katabi mo.

    World Peace.

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