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  1. Long story short,
    Her and her team’s lust for a crown, any international crown, clouded their judgment.
    Not victim blaming here, people should acknowledge their own faults as well 🤷🏻‍♂️

  2. Regarding Miss Universe ✨…
    Prime Minister Bennett is warning his country Israel 🇮🇱 after the first case of a new, highly mutated coronavirus variant that first emerged in South Africa was detected in the country.

    “Our overriding principle at the moment is to take quick and strong action, now, especially regarding entry to – and exit from – Israel, until the situation becomes clearer,” Prime Minister Bennett said at a meeting with his Health Minister and experts.

  3. If none of the candidates files a case, then there’s something even fishier with the whole story even before the pageant was “held” in Mexico. 😱

  4. If someone showed up in my hotel room with a credit card terminal claiming they just wanted to “test” my card to see if it works I would’ve kicked their ass.

  5. Pageantry gone bad in this girl’s case, when all she wanted was to represent her country on an international stage. Let us just see silver linings from this scenario, in that girls who are lured to join a pioneering pageant will be more cautious and seek red flags about the organizers right off the bat.

    On a not-so-related topic: MUP Team has recently released photos of Bea Gomez, and the girl’s look has improved in her bouncy straight longer hair and her skin is getting tanned! Pocahontas is Bea. Perfectly beautiful.💞

    That’s all.

    • Googled that right away and what I found was the breakup between Kate and Bea. So sad.

      • Oh no! I’m sorry to hear about their break-up. 😦 I guess the MUP curse on their lovelife is real…

  6. most important is she’s safe and she’s home … for organizers and handlers, most important is that you should learn a lesson from this wake up call about ill-organized pageants that pop up here and there…

    OFF Topic: as MU2021 nears, I re-watched MU2020 and I just cannot get over how really boring this MU edition truly was… boring stage, boring hosts and boring but deserving winner … it might have been more exciting if Peru won but I agree with the judges that she should not be the winner … she has some kind of a diva complex, and therefore not authentic … well, I hope that MU2021 will be much much better , with more delegates and a debut country UAE and long returning country Morocco …

    Right now, I believe the crown belongs to Albania but there should be more speaking videos to come…
    My inkling has not gone away in regards to Cayman Islands… she is young and she is aggressive …
    Watch out for Portugal , has Venezuelan beauty pageant experience , & Canada speaks very well …

  7. I feel sorry for her but,

    ALL the red flags are in front of them already and they just choose to ignore it,

    Only six candidates will participate
    The organizer ask from her to pitch in some money
    They were blind-sided of what’s really going on
    The itinerary was useless

    On the part “I really don’t know what I’m going to do”? Girl, Kinuha ba passport niyo para di kayo makaalis? Because if they did, then that’s another red flag but if not,

    After one week na something fishy na is going on then get a flight to Canada or US so you can stay out of their territory! Hindi naman kayo ginapos sa hotel eh! Think outside the box lang!

    I like your plaid bed sheet though! May ganyan din ako from Ikea! Char!

  8. So it was a turn out problem. She’s brave to go there alone.

    Glad she made it out safely.

  9. Even without having said it herself, I knew her silence and subsequent anemic explanation about what happened in Oaxaca Mexico is partly because of the fear of the unknown in a strange place whose language she does not understand. While I commiserate with her plight, part of the lessons learned from this experience is thorough due diligence about foreign contests that invite Philippine contestants by our CORRESPONDING NATIONAL DIRECTORATE, not the delegates themselves. Thorough scrutiny should include at least the contests’ legal personality and pageantry track record, the organizers’ background, and the security and safety situation of the venue. Because of the strong sash factor and quality crown worthy ladies, Philippine reps are sought after to add perceptual prestige to a global pageant. Let us not erode this reputation by sending our world-class beauties to “tiangge” outlets.

  10. She is admirable by rising above difficult circumstances. She should join other major national beauty pageants

  11. Miss World Philippines 2018 — Unplaced
    Miss Mandaluyong 2019 ——– First Runner-up
    Miss Earth Philippines 2020 —- Miss Earth Philippines – Water 2020
    Miss Glamour Philippines 2021 ——–Miss Glamour International

    You are articulate, beautiful and tall 5′ 7″. You deserved a crown. Next stop Binibining Pilipinas please.

  12. > Gianna looks so beautiful in this video (except for the very distracting unmade bedsheet behind her. Lol). This further proves that our girls, with minimal make up, are stunning. In her YouTube videos during her stay in Mexico, she looked like an aging drag queen.

    > Gianna is articulate. She speaks naturally and candidly. She can represent our country to any pageant without us cringing what will come out of her mouth.

    Having said that…

    I feel bad for the girls, but most of all for Gianna. Considering that she was alone (with no friends or families with her in far away Mexico), and that she was the only non-Spanish speaking among the six girls, and arriving in Mexico encountering one disappointment after another, it must have been truly devastating for her.

    I was one of those who criticized her about not doing enough Due Diligence and being greedy to get a beauty title no matter how suspicious the contest was. I realized that was very harsh of me.

    “Accountability, common sense, and lessons learned” should not be forgotten, But let us be kinder to this woman who just wanted to represent her country, get some fame in case she wins (who doesn’t want fame?), and in the process, experience humiliation and disappointments.

    I am sure she will emerge a better person after this incident.

    She was humiliated enough in Mexico. Let us be kind to her in the Philippines.

    World Peace.

    • You Sir are a very responsible, courageous man. You get my admiration for saying these things.

  13. Uncle, I have reason to believe I am being prevented from seeing this… No, I’m not being ‘pa-importante’.

    Hopefully, I will be granted access eventually. 🙂

    All I want to know is if she’ll admit to things that are clearly her doing, if any. Like you said before, ‘lesson learned’.

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