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  1. The head to head challenge gives us the wonderful opportunity to assess the knowledge bank of each candidate. At the same time it also provides us the venue to evaluate their comm skills.

    Moreover, the videos also give us the platform to view closely and assess carefully their facial beauties.

    Good morning to all.

  2. Group 3 Head to Head:
    Slovakia, Dom. Rep. & Namibia – top 3
    Singapore, Uruguay & Paraguay – very good as well

  3. Group 2 Head to Head:
    England, South Africa & Indonesia – top 3

    Facial beauty: Albania & Mauritius

  4. Flor for Group 1: Head to Head
    Malaysia, Bahamas & the US – Top 3
    Nepal & Peru – very good too

    Facial Beauty: Peru, Portugal & Malaysia

  5. Tracy is exceeding everyone’s expectations !
    Bagay na Bagay sa kanya yung style ala-Peru 2020

      • @ paul Kunbanwa!

        (Naalala ko lang ang live stream ng MI. Usually, alas-tres ng hapon ‘yun, ‘eh. Same as our time zone, if I am correct.)

        Dong, kumpletuhin mo ALL 16 Head-to-Head challenges para may panlibang ka. Then, give us your top 3 per group. Tutal, masipag ka mag-add ng traffic sa posts concerning Tracy. 🙂

        I wish to thank YouTube Philippines for uploading Group 1’s turn on the MIss World canale. For myself, gold medal to Malaysia, silver to Bahamas, & bronze to Peru.

        Let’s begin.

        Btw, as per @ ClaiRe (below), our bet is in Group 11, kaya medyo matagal-tagal pa.

        I share with you the question posed to Portugal.

        From which – success or failure – do we learn more?

      • Okay flor. I hope hindi ako tamarin manood ng head to head o baka maging head & shoulder. He, he, he…

    • Pipol any update kay Tracy sa PR? Thanks and good morning.
      Latest actihvities and outfits… He, he, he…

  6. Group 11 Head to Head Challenge,

    Puerto Rico

  7. Lahat pala ng girls ay representing Puerto Rico….hihihihihih

    Good luck Tracy! I hope you do well in the challenges to secure a semi final spot.

    Please cook the best adobo for Lola Julia- the way Megan cooked it for her. hihihihihi Lam na dis!

  8. Just watched the Draw for the Head to Head Challenge sa Youtube ni Miss World

    Tracy is in Group 11 alongside France and Puerto Rico

    Ganda ni Venezuela, Colombia, India at Mexico

    87 candidates lang pala sila. 109 confirmed pero 87 lang dumating sa Puerto Rico

  9. Pageant girl uniform:
    Blazer ☑️
    Square pants hiding chunky platform shoes ☑️
    Walang scarf kaya minus 1 point 😉


  11. About the org,

    Mukhang totoo nga ang chica na may pagka-disorganize yung pageant!

    About Tracy,

    Ang taray! Karamihan ng candidate naka-surgical mask, siya terno talaga sa damit ang kulay ng mask! Parang siya lang ang may suot ng appropriate clothes for the right occasion!

    Yung dalawang bilat na katabi niya parang naglalaro lang ng jackstone!

  12. Hindi kasi lamunan ang labanan.

    More than Half of the Girls did minimal make up at hindi nag ayos ng buhok.

    Relax lang, hindi tulad sa Miss Universe at Miss Grand na kada labas mo ng kwarto kelangan pasabog.

    To think this is their Welcome Press Conference, 109 candidates showed up in Puerto Rico. Good Luck Tracy, laban lang!

  13. There are two girls in front who are not paying attention.

    Miss SA looks very feminine and warm. I like that she maintained her bald head look.

    I think it is difficult for Tracy to replicate the hairstyle in glam shots. I always notice that she has a different hairstyle. I like the green on her.

    I hope the experience of the girls will at least be half as good as what the MGI girls are experiencing in Thailand.

  14. Nag-start na pala ang lutuan. Sino kaya mapipiling ingredients for the 2021 edition? Good luck to all of them!

    • Maaaring magustuhan ni madam sina india, puerto rico, south africa, venezuela, usa, etc.

      Pwede ring makasama si Philippines.

    • Yes. Then other commenters here bashing KF girls for wearing such heels eh lahat naman ng not so tall Philippines delegates wear such heels. Diba??????? Nakakaloka

      • Never hate your haters. Respect them. Because they are the ones who think that you are better than them.


    • @throwbakla and the tea is most sponsors of MUP are closely associated with Aces and Queens. Lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 kaya it can’t be denied na medyo bias sila. Si culture salon manila is also associated with Aces. Even the majority of people from mup have an aces bias, even world.

  15. As customary, I shall announce the winners in reverse order. In 3rd place or 2nd Princess is – Philippines!

  16. Admin should stop elongating (editing) her to look more leggy. In green like this, she looks like a praying mantis…

    Which is good because these little creatures prey on potentially harmful locust. Or, stretch the imagination all the way to where she is right now, because in that part of the world hummingbirds are native & they sport some of the most vivid jewel-tone greens. And these are brave little things with great stamina, with some species pulling off intra-continental* migrations as could be happening presently… Uncle, we require a biologist in our ecosystem here to enrich discussions!

    (We have probably seen images of monarch butterflies spending time in the pine forests of Mexico at this time of year, if not a bit later. I recall Tracy’s ‘farfalle’ NatCos at MUP 2020. At some point, she will have to pay sartorial homage to these fleeting but fascinating beings.)

    * – After enjoying the warm time in North America, retreat to Central to escape winter cold.

    Back to this post…

    THERE’s ‘mi chica’! Lower left-hand corner, in orange-y day dress. From South Africa. 🙂

    • Ikaw na talaga Flor ang biologist/zoologist/ environmental scientist. Pak na pak! At pageant critic and enthusiast pa. He, he…

    • I do not think SA manalo. Sunud-sunod na black. Latina or Asian manalo ngayon. Most likely Manasa Varanasi.

  17. Departure: sunny yellow
    Arrival: candy pink
    W.Con: nature’s green

    What’s next? Go, go, go Tracy!

  18. maybe she looks better with her hair up…keep focus on the winning strategy, ensure semi is in the bag

  19. Wow, wow, wow! Tracy Maureen in bright and beautiful green ensemble. Good luck my dear.

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