45 comments on “Tracy Maureen Perez: Early photos in Puerto Rico

  1. Pag nagtabi2x na mga contestants..bka mangulelat naman tayo sa 5’6″ height ni Tracy ..just like what is happening ngayon kay 5’5″ tall na Sampan.
    I just hope hindi ganun ka bias si Lola Julia regarding heights of her Winners,as compared to Angkol Nawat.

    • My dear, the difference between MGI and MW is the selection process,

      MGI has SS and Evening Gown competition which is very physical, the interview is the “make or break” of the competition. So kailangan mo talaga mag-stand out either through pasarela or from interview? Eh kung ang criteria is 30% SS, 30% EG, 40%Interview at nangolelat ka sa SS & EG eh di tapyas na 60% ng score mo?

      MW doesn’t have SS and EG competition. It was replaced by the “challenges” (e.g. Top Model, Sports, Head to Head, etc.) Ngayong minolde na ng MWP yung selection process nila from MW, ngayon natin malalaman kung effective yung selection nila through Maureen? And yaman din naman na hindi rin nagpahuli si Maureen during the different challenges during the local selection, I believe hindi rin siya pahuhuli sa international competition.

      • Is it true that the swimsuit competition ‘ beach body’ is coming back after 7 years in Puerto Rico???… or maritess lang (Saw the news in YT), apparently announced daw by MWO

      • Tama, handpicked ni Many Chef Hulya ang Mess World. All are immaterial, kahit gaano kaganda, kahusay, katangkad, katalino, ka sexy ka talented… kya hintayin na lang natin s news sino napili nya for this year

    • The current MW Toni Ann Singh is also short, not sexy and not facially stunning. Yet she won the crown. She was also the best singer in her batch. He, he, he…

  2. Akala ko andaming comments yun pala 98% kay Paul hehehehehe
    Is Maureen your sister in real life Paul? Please tell us for us to understand your mania.

    • Not that busy this time. And recovery stage for my operation. So post lang ako ng post.

      Pero hindi ako magpopost ng comments kung ang blog entry tungkol kay MUP or even kay Panlilio. Sori. Kay Tracy lang ako. Thanks. Good afternoon to you.

      • Hala Paul hinay hinay lang po kay MUP natin baka mabubulaga tayong lahat at balik uli sa top 5 or top 3 ang Pinas hehehe di laging top 20
        Dont worry my favorite Tracy will place too Im sure but I can see Bea having a better placement than her.
        Sorry Paul…

  3. Chica ni Raffa, reklamo daw si Miss Paraguay sa pagkain, wala daw variety,

    Hindi yata 5-star hotel ang sponsor nila kaya medio off ang accomodation,

    Ewan ko kung pageant event yung nirereklamo na kailangan nilang maglakad ng mahaba or distance from one place to another, dahil magkaibang historia yon!

    Diba may ganyang issue na nun sa Miss Earth na ginawang pulutan ng mga shupit!

    Resbak ni Lorraine after the incident, sabihin lang daw sa kanya kung anong gustong kainin at ipagpapaluto pa niya! Bongga, Lola niyo, diba!

      • Paul ,
        I am not really paying attention to MW
        The only one I know among the candidates is Tracy
        That’s how disinterested I am at MW now
        I didn’t realize my message went through … it sounded incomplete

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