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  1. This is the second time MIO ‘evaded’ us.

    First, binawi ‘yung age ceiling na sila rin naman ang nag-extend. Kaya na-DQ si Rushton.

    Ngayon, they cancel their pageant. Nalagay tuloy sa alanganin si Hannah.

    I can’t help but think this is deliberate…. They must FEEL something we aren’t!

    Whatever this FEELING is, hopefully we can get a sense of it come the 2022 Screening.

    • Speculations… Anyway, Hannah is still eligible to compete in other international pageants until 2024. So if she cannot compete in MI next year (which I doubt), then she can move on to MWP in 2023 and MUP or MPE 2024. Dami pa choices in pageantry and life.

      • Si Katrina ang malabo na talaga. Unless someone appoints her to Miss Globe, Miss Global Pageant or Miss Intercontinental.

  2. Ms Cindy Obeñita could have been gracious enough not to say that “When I was holding hands with Miss Mexico I said to myself, maybe they won’t give it to the Philippines I don’t know if Miss Intercontinental is really looking for. Everyday paiba-iba sila ng prototype.” Good thing she quickly realized her boo-boo, she saved it by saying “All throughout the journey, tourism has been at the heart of Miss Intercontinental. … So I’ll work on that”
    Never lose your queenly composure even after you are crowned. Always be grateful.

  3. Dai Cindy ayaw n utruha na imong hair style… dili pang queen… pwede yung ayos sa buhok ni puerto rico first runner up ni natalie glevova sa MU 2005 yata yun… or yung ayos sa buhok ni janine tugunon nka pusod lang sa likod… imo ko paryente, opinion ko lng. congrats utro dai .👸

    • Gituyo na para dili dako/lapad ang iyang face. Messy look but it works to make her face slim. Ty.

      • im too had experienced in local modeling (matagal n yun 1980s pa, mugbo p ang male models, 5’7” lng ako) gitudlo kung unsa buhok bagay sa lain lain klase nga nawong… kaya meron ng comment sa una nga mg curly hair c Cindy kc ngsawa n cya sa straight hair… ako gitubag nga bagay sa rounded face ay straight hair, kaya bagay lng kay cindy nkalugay…

        yung buhok ni puerto rico sa mu 2005 straight lng nga nka style style pod, ginaya p nga ni angelina jolie yun during red carpet event… sana ganun n lng ayos ni Cindy if she wanted for a change…

    • @ WillYam That’s interesting! Thanks for bringing it up. 🙂

      IMPACT Arena was already there (Nonthaburi Province) as venue. All along, I thought it was built only recently (and in time for the 2018 edition that saw Catriona Gray win). KAYA PALA ‘YUNG ‘PHOENIX’ (Mikimoto) ANG NAKUHA NI CAT THAT YEAR.

      The ‘Phoenix’ queens are some of the loveliest in MU history – Natalie Glebova, Oksana Fedorova, Jennifer Hawkins, Amelia Vega, Dayana Mendoza, Riyo Mori, Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters, Cat… Was Zuleyka Rivera, too?

  4. Given this celebration, I wonder whether Hannah will be competing for MI pageant in the Fall 2022? I asked because if the BBP edition is scheduled as planned then she will have to crown a new successor. Your thoughts Tito Norman?

  5. Maureen wears a blue “Pia” gown.
    Cindy wears a blue “Catriona” gown.
    Well, it really is meant to be! Congratulations!

  6. Is Maureen going to keep the crown, or was it lent to her like Cindy’s was?

      • @ Norman Good Thu AM, Uncle.

        Nakakainis ka, po. You were at the Fit Philippines 2021 Press Presentation. You haven’t even made a post about them & their Finale is this Sunday na… 😦

        So, ‘yan. Alanganin nang ma-feature pa sila for the first episode of Season 7…. If by 28 dapat nasa Israel na si Bea, we should expect her to fly out anytime now. You cannot just focus on the BIG’s.

        Anyway, do share here the video of Adam Genato, para makita ng mga readers sila in motion.

        My 10-Pick consist of candidates # 1 (a MPE 2021 alumna), 5, 7 (a MWP 2021 alumna), 8, 11 (a batch mate of Catriona Gray at BBP), 13 (Wow!), 15, 16 (a Boholana, so maybe @ Cool Brew can share something about her), 18 (FACE), & 20.

      • Gud Sat PM, Uncle. Hope your Thanksgiving weekend is restful.

        News that the SARS-CoV2 ‘ohmicron’ variant has been found in Hong Kong (in a traveler from South Africa) is a damper. I wonder now if the remaining pageants for between now & year-end will still materialize…

        MGI, MU, & MW are all on-going but the perception that practically the entire span of Africa south of the Sahara is ‘unsafe’ means only that handful hugging the Mediterranean Sea will be allowed to join – Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya (MW?), & Egypt. I wonder about Ethiopia, Somalia, & Sudan, too.

        Julie Tarrayo has departed for Multiverse, right? Sa’n ba ‘yon?

        Tuloy, po, ang Eco Teen sa Egypt? Any word from Taty Austria/ALV?

        And Shannon Tampon for Elite. Isn’t it before the year ends?

      • @ Norman Good evening, po.

        Thanks so much for pointing that out. So,… She’s effectively stuck in South Africa. Or, was she able to fly out in time?… I imagine mass gatherings (such as pageants) are banned there now.

        Kumusta po si Samela?

        Oh, btw. Kindly forward to Samantha Panlillio the name of a new swallowtail butterfly named in her honor – Trogonoptera samanthae nocturna (as it glows in the dark). Just fascinating! Good job. 🙂

  7. Is that Ema Tiglao? She’s so gorgeous.

    She could still join MGI or Supra if her age permits.

    I am not against appointments if there are girls who are really qualified. Look at Thailand.

  8. They are both glowing and both crowns fit their heads perfectly. It was meant to be.

    SamP must be feeling all the pressure right now. She has the higher mountain to climb in terms of chances of getting the crown compared to Hannah.

    • @ 4M I have to disagree.

      PRECISELY because most everybody believes Hannah is sure, that puts greater expectation on her. If MIO doesn’t, for sure they’ll get some amount of animosity from fanatics…:-(

      Sam 3.0, on the other hand, PRECISELY because most everybody believes her chances are much less than Sam 2.0’s was, won’t get fried in ANY case. That being said, we have to admit she’s not doing bad at all, either. 🙂

      And as @ Ben comments (above), there is the possibility Hannah may, in fact, not see action in Japan later next year. However, there are ways around this… But let us allow BPCI to do their thing. As if naman, may ambag tayo. Hihihihihh.

      Again, congratulations to Cinderella & Maureen! And thanks to BPCI & both Globe & Intercon orgs!

      • I am basically pointing out the obvious, Flor. Let’s admit it, Hanna is suited for MI, while SamP isn’t the MGI prototype, thus the slimmer chances of her winning.

        Sure, Nawat can surprise us come coronation night and favor her.

  9. So Maureen is wearing a design inspired by Pia’s MU pageant gown.. while Cindy is wearing one inspired by Catriona’s MU farewell walk..

  10. I give my commendation to these 2 ladies who gave pride to our country by winning the Miss Intercon tinental and Miss Globe crowns.

  11. Whoever did Cindy’s hair should be fired right away! Tapos siya pala nag-ayos sa sarili niya? Pak!

    Mala-final walk na sana ni Catriona yung gown tas biglang ganun lang hairdo! Anevah!

    I love the sling bag, Norman!

  12. Congratulations once again Cindy and Maureen! Thank you so much for bringing home the crowns and honors to our country. God bless you.

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