60 comments on “Tracy Maureen Perez and her arrival outfit in Puerto Rico

  1. She was my child’s classmate in primary at Progressive School in “Bayugan Agusan del Sur”, her birth place. She really turned into a beautiful woman… Goodluck TMP👸👸👸

  2. I feel like she might do well. She does not have the hype as being a favorite or contender but you know Lola Hulya can be unpredictable sometimes.

    I blame Megan for setting the bar super high as in spoiled ang Lola nyo!

      • I am fine Paul. You are very supportive of Tracy which is strange. You’ve never been very supportive of a candidate until now.

      • Ganito kasi yun Serge – hindi ko type the other last 2 ladies/les competing this year (dec). Si Tracy lang ang gusto ko. Another thing is hindi pa ako busy kasi nga recovery period pa ako. So that’s why post ako nang post on Tracy. Kesa naman siraan o tirahin ko yung the other 2 girl/lesbo. Better positive and focus on Tracy. Di ba?! He, he, he…

      • Serge ganito rin ako noon kay Michelle Gumabao at nung friend pa kami ni Miss SA. He, he, he…

  3. Nakarating na sa Puerto Rico si Tracy Maureen. May video na sa YT. At maganda ang kaniyang arrival outfit in motion. Good luck to you Tracy.

  4. Asa pa more! di ba kayo natututo? bibigyan lang kayo ng semi placements ni hulya pampalubag loob. kahit gano pa kagaling ang rep natin hulya will downplay her.

    • Sagdi lang gud bong. Una, para modaghan ang post/comments ani nga entry. Ikaduha, wala man pod ko gapang-away dinhi. Among the last 3 girls competing this year, siya lang man akong ganahan. Mao na siya. He, he, he…

    • Thank you so much for your positive and inspiring commentary. Candy Pink is a color of joy and celebration. Good afternoon to you.

  5. Wow, wow, wow! Departure: Sunny Yellow. Arrival: Candy Pink. Go, go, go… Compete. Tracy Maureen Perez, 28, Philippines!

  6. So lahat ng outfits nag pa Photoshoot sya bago umalis sa Pinas?

    Hindi naman yang photoshoot ang lalaban sa Puerto Rico

    We Need Actual Photos

    Glam shots like these give False Hope kasi it Hypes the candidate

    Reality Vs Expectation

    Hay Naku, pang 3 times ko na ata Talak ito about Glam Shots vs Candids


    • @Sunny, I think this is like an internal memo saying this is what our delegate will wear during her arrival.

      After Cat’s iconic arrival outfit in Thailand in 2018, pageant fans have been clamoring over what the delegates will wear during their departure and arrival.

      It’s more of show of force or sash factor, hopefully also to boost the morale of the candidate or to get some media attention.

      But you are correct that sometimes these glam shots set the expectations too high. Tracy’s yellow departure outfit did not look so great in situ because of the quality of the photo.

      She looks ravishing in both yellow and pink outfits though in the glam shots!

  7. Ooohhh… Extraneous fabric is her style. Ok. Push!

    I like the bag. Uncle, WE REQUIRE A CLOSE-UP SHOT OF THAT.

    I like that color. Like ripe guava puree for breakfast. Yummy.

    As far as OOTD’S are concerned, all good so far.

  8. Wow. That is how one arrives in a competition. Eye-catching but not gaudy clothes. Classy not chunky shoes and tasteful jewelry and bag. And most of all, her clean, & polished styling.

    To MWPhilippines, please concentrate your efforts on Ms. World.

    This pageant may be archaic and old fashioned but it remains to one of the top 2 most coveted titles. For me, I don’t care if the Philippines will not place or even participate in minor pageants you’ve been zealously joining left and right, just bring home another Ms. World title. Do not forget the core value, vision and mission of your organization Mr. Arnold.

    World Peace.

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