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  1. Gud Fri AM, Uncle.

    You must tell Angkol to wrap up by month’s end. Huwag na paabutin ng December!

    Why? Simply because now that both MU & MW are begun, few might still be interested in MGI. Real talk lang…

    He must be sensible about it. And if he carefully selects his 2021 queen, he can set the tone for these two! 🙂

  2. A Filipina at 5’4″ looks quite normal and actually taller than most in an Asian setting. But for such candidates thrust into international pageants, they must emphasize the arms, torso and legs. Having a proportionately long neck and pronounced shoulders would likewise be an advantage.

    The swimsuit round was awkward for many candidates. The boat ramp used had uneven ridges and was likewise covered in rubber matting. I wouldn’t recommend that kind of setting for a swinsuit competition. It’s ridden with all kinds of safety issues. 👑💐🕊️

  3. there are so many more lovely quality delegates in ME2021 than in here … This may be good news for Sam Panlillo as there is not much competition

    My favs currently are Spain and Netherlands

  4. Nakailang lalaki na ba c Sam P. Parang nasobrahan sa s*x exhibition. Parang t*t* Ang tingin nya sa camera na ready lagi Ang mouth 👄. Hihihi cherette lungs 🫁
    Ganyan Ang result ng Yung katawan kapag mahilig ka sa s*x.🤭😆
    But I’m sure, pagbibigyan sya ni Nawat to talk and dyan babawi c Sam👍

    • I expected very low sense of decency from you @bong700.

      But still you managed to break my expectations.

      How shameful.

  5. ill-fitted swimwear, pati yung anatomy of the Uterus and ovaries of some candidates are puffing out of their tummies, shet!
    Check on Bangladesh at iba pa. 👙🩱😂

  6. A few weeks ago I made a comment about the tuyot look (dehydrated, severe, emaciated) of Sam P making her look “not beautiful (I am being kind here)” at all. Mukha syang bunggo. In the process, the comment garnered so many dislikes.

    This toned, defined, tanned look is nothing new. Ariella Arida and Gazini went that route too. But these girls remain to look “womanly and healthy”. Sam’s body looks like a teenager boy’s body. No appeal at all. And her face, her face still reminds me of Aling Dionesia and now, people are saying Madam Inutz. I do not know which is worse. Lol.

    The pasabog pasarela her camp has been touting about has so far underwhelmed.

    I really hope that MGI will look past physical beauty and see how articulate and confident Sam is. I hope she will place well because of her other virtues. And redeem herself and her camp.

    Meanwhile, I hope this serves as a lesson to local organizers, judges and camps on choosing girls that will best represent our country.

    World Peace.

    • Admittedly, she is short and she doesn’t stand out among the girls in full body shots during the outdoor swimsuit competition. I am even distracted by how big her shoes look on her.

      But I disagree that she looks bone-dry. I think she is fit, gorgeous and facially beautiful.

      Her pasarela, although a bit tentative, is clean and well-executed. But to your point, I think many girls did outperform her in the segment.

      Nawat is the only judge here, same as Julia in MW. So I am not wishing for the judges to look past some of Sam’s attributes. If Nawat is already eyeing a girl for his golden crown, no matter how far Sam pushes the envelope, she will not get it.

      Sam B should have won last year.

  7. I agree with many of the commenters here that SamP looks “tuyot”. Medyo nasobrahan ba ang pagpapayat to match the latinas? I feel that the swimsuit did not do her justice as it made her even look shorter. I wish they had an option for a 2-piece. Overall, I do like the marina outdoor set up but the runway could have been slightly improved.

    I would be surprised if she wins the crown. Sam B should have won. Really missed opportunity for Nawat.

    • @ 4M Rubber-ized kasi daw ‘yung surface nung runway. Kaya ‘yun, dili sila maka-‘sayaw’.

      I also have mixed feelings for the one-piece swimsuit. It looked like a sad blurb of orange. And if I had abs I wanted to boast of, impossible in that. 😦

      Oh, well. I guess Angkol can’t nail it every time. But am still very grateful for the show he makes.

      • I have to give the girls plenty of kudos for doing it outside, in a marina setting where one bad twirl can literally land you in the waters! The horror if that ever happened!

        Thus, the rubberized runway, to minimize the risk of anyone going twirling into the waters! hihihihi

        I just wish they stop promoting exaggeration of movements as a way to differentiate MGI from the rest of the pageants. It just looks super cheap.

  8. Production wise it could have been improved, the girls have a hard time walking. Nawat could have improvised a runway for the girls. It cheapened the presentation.

  9. @ PAQUITA X ‘Very’? Yes, this batch doesn’t look as sharp as the one earlier this year. But, ‘very’?

    Imo, the 2017 batch hosted by Phu Cuocq (Vietnam, Clenci’s year) was quite good. Peru won that.

    @ Lireo Granted the ‘cheap’ branding of MGI, regardless of who BPCI sends these hand gestures will persist, as the ladies are probably instructed by Angkol to NOT emulate that BIG one most Filipinos like/love because he always seems to make it clear that he is not too convinced on their business model anyway.

    And BPCI looks committed to this pageant, too. So, we’ll just have to take it as is, I guess. 🙂

    Over the decades, for sure many international pageant organizations have knocked on their doors to discuss the possibility of entrusting their Philippines sash to them. And recently, two have left for reasons unspecified. That BPCI holds on to the ones they currently have should have reason.

  10. Slim pickings this year — I can’t even pick a favorite. Love that the runway is long and the swimsuit is nice but the whole thing is cheapened by all the antics, arm movements, excessive hair flips and silly finger pointing. So korny.

    I like SamP’s hair but her poses are so awkward and too jerky. With such a weak batch this year, she probably has a good chance of making the first cut. Here’s hoping.

  11. Ewan ko ba sa iba lait na pandak si sam p tapos I compare kay meji cruz. Magkasing taas lang naman yun 2. Basta sakin nanalo ng binibini means deserving . Wag na mag compare lahat maganda at skilled

  12. Consistent na cheap ang brand ng MGI. What’s with the hand movements??🙄 Seems they made the movements of delegates look like bar girls.

    About our rep, no hate, pero I will say it again that she’s a thank you girl for this edition. I’m not sure why BPCI gave her placement but many girls are deserving than her.

  13. No expectation at all. After Sam B’s first runner up, I dont think we will get the crown anytime soon. Godbless PH

  14. OFF TOPIC: did I miss the farewell speech and virtual farewell walk of outgoing Miss Earth 2020 , Miss USA ? … It would have been great to see a big country USA crown Belize , a tiny nation formerly known as British Honduras …

    I wish Samantha Panlillo the best of luck in standing out during the MGI Finals Night !

    • @ Fabian Reyes Baka super-mega-busy si Uncle.

      Davonna Finley, I imagine would have more time to spare. Law student & recreational biker.

  15. Sam is very pretty and classy with great body and skin. Unfortunately , her pasarela lacks power .. which is surprising considering she’s KF.
    With her amazing voice and great communication skills , I’m still hopeful

  16. Love the Philippines’ and Puerto Rico’s clean execution.

    Guatemala, too, if not for undisciplined arm swings.

  17. Pandak. (Very) stiff ang katawan ni PH.
    I do not see her winning. Tuff 11 cguro, malamang!

  18. So much to improve on her pasarela. Idk but her poses seem very calculated and unsure. She is not making it look natural.

  19. ganda ganda ni sam p. awra kung awra.appreciate natin na lumalaban talaga si Samantha Panlilio. classy classy

  20. Sana magplace si SamP…para yung mga kumukuda na realtalk daw maansya…tapos isip ng pangdepensa bakit nanalo si sam na para bang institusyon sila na papakinggan ni nawat.

  21. Philippines!!! Panghalimaw na pa-predator na ang ngipin. Very distracting! Pag close-up parang mangangain. Walang dating pasarela mo gurl. Bawi ka nlng sa interview. 😕

  22. Brazil or Puerto Rico yan! As I have commented on previous post based on pre-arrival!

    But since Puerto Rico already won the pageant, there is a possibility that Nawat will pick Brazil as first time winner, to compete with Miss Earth who has a first timer! Pero ipe-first runner up niya si Puerto Rico since Miss World is gonna be held there para siempre may ingay pa rin siya dun!

  23. Hindi lang siya tuyot, haggard, chaka at bansot. Wala ring kakuwenta-kuwenta ang pasarela niya. What a major downgrade from Samantha Bernardo. Papalakpak nang matindi itong Panlilio na ito. Thank you girl ito!

    • Ito din naman kaseng Binibini di pa natuto2. 2016 okay matangkad sexy matalino pero wa fez. 2017 maganda classy pero pandak. 2018 sobrang pabebe. 2019 sam lo na straight ang katawan. Si Sam Bernardo naman pwede nang winner. Ngayon nag send ng 5″5 na hindi kagandahan. Ewan ko sa inyo Binibini. Si Meiji or si basiano sana dyan.

      • Kailangang manalo si Panlilio sa BBP kahit bansot at walang ganda kasi nga may Myrna Panlilio connection. Dahil lang doon. Pero ang BBP Grand, dapat talaga napunta kay Basiano. Or kay Meiji. Mga magaganda na, performer pa.

      • I disagree with you on 2016. Nicole is really beautiful. I watched the Miss Grand in Las Vegas and her her gold gown looks really beautiful.

      • @ Diana Hayden Meiji’s Swim performance at the BBP 2021 was quite good, actually.

        BUT, pa age ceiling na siya – she’s 27 going 28, ‘ata. ‘Eh 27 lang sa MGI. Look at Aya’s case. Up to the last minute, BPCI was effectively recommending her to Angkol until finally they had to accede. Their official statement mentioned Aya was over-age (similar).

        (Never mind that Angkol allegedly preferred Sam 2.0. That’s another issue but now all behind us.)

        (But now I think about it, it’s possible Angkol may have had a Sam 3.0 type in mind all along! Recall nu’ng BBP pageant, how he was said to be showing interest in Montagne, Cartasano, & Felizarta as options? BUT, BPCI gives him Panlillio. I wonder now if all that was bluff…)

  24. Kalokah. Puro ads (Thai) ang first 15 minutes. Looks like the same sponsors from last year; I recognized Nangngam Skincare (sera) & toothpaste, TQM Insurance Brokerage. There’s one from Tanaporn Clinic that does cosmetic procedures & it featured a seemingly filtered Matheus Song* as the male model.

    Dami rin’g drone shots that waste time…

    Bakit ganu’n? Their camera man is running back & forth between candidates. Kulang sila? 😦

    (Hence, comments such as “poor camera man” & “am rooting for camera man”.)

    Individual notes.

    Did they switch the names of Armenia & Argentina?

    Belgium – SIGH. Nawala pagtingin ko sa kanya.

    Costa Rica – Looks like Tamaryn Green.

    Colombia – Haba mukha. SIGH.

    El Salvador – Looks like Dimaranan.

    Hong Kong – LOVE!!! Quite nimble on the runway, actually.

    Italy – Worked the hair twirl.

    Malaysia is prettier. India is more fit~lean.

    Mexico – OK. Like a more angular Aberasturi.

    Nepal – Looks like Nicole Guerrero.

    Netherlands – Cute!

    Portugal – VERY CUTE!

    Siberia – Sweetheart.

    Spain – Resembles Montagne.

    Thailand – Best pasarela.

    Based on all I’ve seen thus far, here’s my initial 15-Pick :

    Brazil, either India or Malaysia, Siberia, Thailand, & Hong Kong (Quarter finalists)
    Colombia, either Netherlands or Portugal, Philippines, Spain, & an African but NOT South Africa (Semifinalists)
    Indonesia, Germany, Mexico, Guatemala, & Costa Rica (Finalists)

    (* – 2017 Mister Supranational 2nd Runner-up from Brazil)

    • (Cont.)

      Portugal’s cuteness reminds me of Christelle Roelandts, MUBelgium 1994 who became Manila’s ‘crush ng bayan’. 🙂

    • Naku, with those drone shots and a couple of camera men eh you can tell that they lacked rehearsals. Talaga bang nov.21 ang original schedule nang swimsuit competition ng MGI or did they just move it a day earlier to match its viewership with ME?

    • (Cont.1)

      I want Angkol to reserve one slot in the Top 5 for a European, the best this year. Right now, I have Germany in mind but Spain can replace her in my Pick if the latter will perform better.

      (But now that I think about it, the cuteness of Ivana Batchelor might just require either Netherlands or Portugal to serve that continuity in the Final 5.)

      Similarly, whoever between Colombia & Mexico…

      I’m suddenly nervous for Cynthia Rogan. Baka siya ang ma-pressure to exceed Aurra Karishma’s performance. Hopefully she has nerves of steel & doesn’t buckle in the Prelims in case she makes small errors here or there (not that she will, but as the most popular front-runner at the moment she might get too hard on herself…).

      As usual, India serves a quality rep to MGI. This can be a good time for Angkol to placate irate Indian pageant fans who believe they are not getting enough attention from him. And if either Manasa or Haarnaz fail to win their respective assignments, he will become their 2021 hero!

      Ang gusto lang ‘ata ni Angkol, ‘yung masunurin, ‘yung FULLY/TOTALLY available at his beck & call. ‘Pag sinabi niyang to go to Bangkok at so-&-so dates, dili dapat tatanggi. Kasi, apparently he pays for everything, so he does not tolerate disobedience. Dapat, cowboy(/girl).

      How to prove to such a prospective ’employer’ that you are RELIABLE/LOYAL/OBEDIENT?

      That you will tow HIS ‘line’? That it is HIS agenda/advocacy that prevails, NOT yours?

      (Suggests similarity to Mdme. Julia Morley, perhaps?)

      For example, he counts among his sponsors a clinic & a hospital that do cosmetic & gender change surgery, respectively. Are you OK with that?

      Uncle, your background is in industrial psychology. What can you advise these ‘job applicants’?

    • (Cont.2)

      They are already rehearsing & the Preliminary Interview is done… I wonder if the schedule has been shortened; I thought the Finale would still be in a week… Kung sa bagay, kung wala na rin namang importante pang gagawin, why prolong? 🙂

  25. The girls are enjoying the experience.
    I love the runway. I like the venue. I like the runway. It is long.
    Standouts for me are:
    Brazil- my top pick
    Costa Rica
    Dominican Republic
    Puerto Rico
    South Africa
    and Philippines.
    Sam P’s performance is underwhelming. I almost do not include her in my top 15, if not for her figure. She has to work doubly hard and be at her best in the other preliminary competetions.

    • On my personal opinion, I think that she did well because she did not overswing her arms nor made a lot of poses. Instead she pulled back a bit and just stick to what she learned from her pasarela training. Remember that her height may come as a disadvantage but I think that it worked on her favour.

    • @ serge We share Brazil, Portugal, & Costa Rica in our Picks. This can be a good Final 3 (for Angkol’s ‘surprise Q&A’) & a first-time country win at that!

      Atm, am gravitating towards Costa Rica. Ticks all my boxes. 🙂

      I caught Franz Bayer’s (Mars Franz) interview with Sam’s mother. Her family will be in Thailand to support at the Finale… (Source came in via Suggestions in my FB, if I recall correctly).

      @ Bert Sam 2.0/SamBer isn’t incredibly tall, either (check photos of the 2020 Court, lined up). What Sam 3.0/SamPan did was wise. She knew she would be unable to match her predecessor in terms of runway skill, so she kept it clean~neat. Like what many pageant experts say, if you know you won’t be able to pull it off, at least give a decent execution of the basics. Kasi, kung ‘yung basic pa nga lang, dili mo mairaos ng maayos, paano pa kaya kapag mas mataas ang degree of difficulty?

  26. SamP’s pasarela is not her strongest asset.
    Ang layo sa stage presence ni SamBer.

    I saw some improvement compared to her BBP
    performance, but I am not sure if that is enough
    to push her to the top.

    I am really managing my expectations.
    I still hope her the best.

  27. Is it just me or is Samantha Panlilio’s performance rather underwhelming compared to all the towering glamazons she is pitted against? It is arguably a far cry from SamBer’s stunning performance just several months ago.

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