40 comments on “Destiny Wagner of Belize wins Miss Earth 2021

  1. Things I appreciated in the Miss Earth 2021 format. The farewells of the 2020 Miss Earth queens was repositioned at the first portion of the pageant. Almost all the videos of the candidates were beautifully shot.

    What the pageant could have improved on:
    Karla Henry-Ammann’s hosting and script were riddled with flaws. Her segments fell flat. What kind of questions were those? Each candidate being interviewed could have occupied the whole screen but they used mostly backdrops which gave the feel of a Zoom meeting instead of a global pageant. Karen Ibasco was feeling self-important, she had to answer a question herself – what gives?!? 🤓

    • Very good review of ME 2021. I just hope the organization considers your comments & recommendations. Thanks.

  2. Meron palang ME2021. Do ko man lang naramdaman🤭😱😊 cherette lungs 🫁
    Congratulations Belize. Beautiful at mukhang intelligent naman💐🎉

  3. If they send this top 8 Miss Earth Russia to Miss Universe 2021 in Israel next month , then she will catapult into the MU top tier … this Russia has a gorgeous face , and we cannot wait for Belarus to join MU for the first time !

  4. After the infamous Karen Ibasco debacle, Miss Earth’s winner and elemental court has been outstanding.
    Belize is an excellent successor of Queen Lindsey who is the most travelled queen of 2020.
    Miss USA indeed has strong sash factor in Miss Earth as they have been placing since its inception 21 years ago.
    Hoping that ME will be held live outside of the Philippines in 2022 and regain its traction in pageantry. Mabuhay ang sariling atin.

  5. Wow! I think it’s been three straight years now that Miss Earth is crowning a first on a specific country!

    Mukhang magiging ala-Leila Lopes ang reign ni girl! All four could have been a possible winner!

  6. Congratulations to Destiny

    Venezuela was my personal favorite.

    The top 4 are all deserving. Since 2019 the top 4 have been all beautiful

  7. the Spoiler spoiled … she had the happiest Aura (apart from Netherlands which I wanted to win) among all cadidates … she was a big threat right from the start of the pageant …

    Big Success for small nation of Belize ! They are now on the Pageantry Map !

    ( In MU, I am feeling a spoiler threat from Cayman Islands… will Cayman Islands find their spot in the Pageantry Map on Dec 12th >? …. )

  8. YA-AASS. Wikipedia time. 🙂

    Belize, daw, is the only Central American country with English as the official language. A British colony until 1981. THIS YEAR IS THE 40TH (ruby) ANNIVERSARY OF ITS INDEPENDENCE.

    Ngayon lang, ‘ata, na-span ang kahabaan ng kontinente at ME, with North (USA), Central (Belize), & South (Chile) America in the Elemental Court. But USA is interesting – Air-Earth-Air from 2019 to 2021.

    Naelah is Top 8 finisher. Congratulations to all who placed! Hoping for a return to LIVE next year.

  9. Congratulations Belize! Congratulations Destiny! History made and well deserved.

  10. Big 4 pageant Tito Norman. Wag na ipilit yang Supra na yan. At lalong lalo na yang walang integrity na pageant na MGI.

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