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  1. May video na sa YT ng pagdating ni Tracy sa Puerto Rico. Maganda ang arrival outfit niya in motion. Ty.

  2. Ano kaya kung ganito maging resulta ng MW this Dec.:
    Manasa Varanasi – Miss World 2021
    Paweensuda Druoin – 1st Princess
    Tracy Maureen Perez – 2nd Princess

    • @ paul Good day, Dong!

      Admin apparently removed the comment that questioned Paweensuda’s appointment as MWT. But Mdme. Julia isn’t known to be keen on cross-overs either, so this we have to see.

      India’s last win was 2017, with Manushi Chillar. It’s now 4 years. Puwede na rin siguro.

      I’m thinking of something akin to the 2021 Earth Court, which spanned the length of the Americas – North (USA), Central (Belize), & South (Chile). How about a pan-Asian Final 3? Near East (the Levant & Arabia~Persia), Central Asia (the ‘stan’ republics, down to the Indian Subcontinent), & the Far East – Pacific rim?

  3. Mabuti pa rito mostly positive ang comments.

    Bakit kaya Norman? Tracy is loved by many. He, he, he…

    Magandang umaga sa lahat.

  4. I love the dress but not practical for long haul flights. She might trip or somebody wl step on it and unwittingly , it will serve as floor sweeper. Imagine all the dirt seen n unseen clinging and sticking to that tail

  5. Hindi ba awkward maupo sa Economy Section pag ganyan ang suot?

    Nagtatanong lang po.

      • Thanks a lot Norman for the fast reply and also to your admin who is very efficient. Magandang gabi sa inyong lahat.

      • @ Norman Good Sun evening, Uncle.

        You are at the joint Press Meet for Montagne & Cinderella? How’s things going there?

      • @ Norman Uncle, maayong buntag!

        (Please pardon me. @ paul’s incessant comments is begun to confuse all…)

        We assume you will no longer provide a teaser/flyer for PN’s S7 resumption this afternoon. Anyway, do provide us hopefully your Final Pick for Fit Philippines 2021 at least. Domo arigatou!

  6. MW Philippines Herstory 5

    The 2 best performing MWP reps in the 80s are
    Sarah Jane Areza (1982) and Sherry Rose Byrne (1986). Both are Asia’s Continental Queens.

    • Marilou Sadiua, Mutya ng Pilipinas 1983, was also very pretty and became a sexy actress after her reign. Her batchmate in Mutya was Bong Dimayakyak who eventually crowned as Miss Asia 1983.

  7. MW Philippines Herstory 4

    Evangeline Pascual almost won the MW crown when she placed 1st runners up to Miss USA in 1973. Miss USA was dethroned but the title was not relinquished to Eva.

  8. MW Philippines Herstory 3

    Eva Reyes was also a semi-finalist in 1972. The MW crown was won by Miss Australia.

    • Peachy Veneracion was one of the most beautiful MWP reps in the 70s. But withdrawn from the MW competition due to the apartheid issues concerning ning SA & the pageant.

  9. so her mom and Ava Quibranza were in the same batch of Bb in the 1970s … interesting fact !

    remember MW is not a beauty pageant/ contest … it is beauty with a purpose ,,, frequently it is simply woman with a purpose … the best purpose and impact wins … let us hope she at least gets to the top ten like Michelle Dee …

  10. Great color symbolism for a departure outfit to the global celebration of beauty! Yellow is the color of radiant sunshine, joy, and happiness, giving it the spiritual meaning of hope, encouragement and optimism The color yellow speaks of friendliness and approachability, symbolizing warmth and honesty.

    @Flor noted a colorful yellow sunset within hours of Tracy’s departure. In many cultures, sunset represents the end of something. The joy in watching sunsets lies in the reminder us that it is a time for resting and recharging while also looking forward to the next day ahead. In that particular context, the symbolism of the yellow sunset is quite beautiful and serene, and hopefully foretells the end of this cruel pandemic. That it serendipitously was accentuated by our rep’s yellow outfit gives the day a spiritual meaning, as the country hopes and prays for the day when all of us can lead lives normally again to meaningfully celebrate beauty.

  11. (Sigh.)

    I had a silly-if-bizarre ‘incident’ yesterday afternoon… Involving this yellow.

    I went to my neighborhood beauty parlor for a trim; I was beginning to hate my hair.

    (Pandemic safety protocols were implemented at the place. Itself was bright & airy.)

    About midway into the process, ‘ganda’ out of the blue tells me, ‘Tita, tingin ka sa labas. Dilaw ang langit. ‘Pag ganyan daw, may parating na bagyo’.

    Indeed. The late afternoon was AWASH in yellow sunset! EVERYTHING OUTSIDE WAS… I looked at the wall clock. It was 1715H, 20 Nov 2021.

    Afterwards, I walked around a bit to get some literal perspective. It wasn’t, for sure, the first time I witnessed a yellow dusk. But I was very young when I previously saw one. And not at this time of year.

    • Flor maayong buntag sa imo. Baka sign na babalik na tayo sa pagiging yellow. Or pink. He, he, he…

      • @ paul Good morning.

        I will assume you are Catholic. Today is the Solemnity of Christ the King. The 2020-2021 Liturgical Calendar is finished. Go hear Mass.

        Next Sunday will be a new (liturgical) year 2021-2022, the first Sunday of Advent. Go hear Mass. Make your fondest wish come true!

      • I am Flor. Viva! Christ the King. Thank you Flor for reminding me that today is a special day for us Catholics. Today is the fiesta of Tagum City (Christ the King Cathedral) in Davao del Norte.

        Blessed and happy Sunday to all.

    • (Cont.)

      It seems that brewing~looming storm is a virus described as having ‘a constellation of mutations’.

      Hurricane ‘Omicron’…

      No prob. Tracy is done with her Head-2-Head. Hereon, it’s all ‘awra’, which we know she can pull off with panache. Am eagerly awaiting the return of the ‘Beach Beauty’ segment! 🙂

      (The way to snuff out a tempest is to deprive it of energy by literally cooling it down. WINTERIZE.)

  12. Enjoy your free Vacation Maureen. Alam naman naming lahat di ka mananalo unless may agenda si Julia sa Pilipinas. India or Venezuela for now. The usual suspects

  13. she’s lovely in that dress. I just wonder if the “tail” in her dress is necessary.

    • The tail is necessary for rampa inside the airports. Kuha ng atensyon sa madlang pipol for social media. Publicity my dear.

    • @ Lireo I agree with you. I generally dislike extraneous fabric, or dragging fabric around… It does look frivolous, if not outright ‘not well thought out’ design-wise.

      But without that element, it will be little more than a short dress for afternoon tea, perhaps. That little touch of drama is necessary for theatrics. After all, it’s still a show, as @ paul points out.

      This can be ‘improved’ if Tracy can tie it into a ribbon or similar upon arrival. If only so as not to look like she has a tail. Doing so will instantly add the illusion of volume to the skirt, for a more festive look.

      Bahala na siya. She’s a spunky lady. She’ll figure something out. 🙂

  14. Wow, wow, wow! Stunning departure dress. Good luck Tracy Maureen Perez on your journey to Puerto Rico for MW.

    Thanks a LOT Norman for this update.

    Good evening to all.

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