15 comments on “Samantha Panlilio X Banana Beach

  1. Can she really win as most people say , and make it a complete sweep for Bb2021 queens (save Hannah) ? …. her future is bright!

  2. Definitely the most entertainning pageant to watch.. Mis Grand Hongkong is a mood! 🤪
    And Sam 3.0 is slaying!

    • Inggit ang #TeamAhasAndKweens. Hindi ma-transform ang sariling reyna kaya i-demolition job na lang ang BBP. Hahahahhahahahaa. Poorita na ba nga mamshie?

      • We have compassion for you @THROWBAKLA.

        We know that haters don’t really hate you. They hate themselves because you’re a reflection of what they wish to be.

        You can protest all you want. However we all know that the opposite of love is not hate, but indifference.

        You are not indifferent.

        You live with this all-encompassing malignant hate for A&Q and Mama J.

        It’s like they occupy your heart & mind to a degree one usually associates with obsessive unrequited … love.

        So am sending you hugs & wishing you blessings of peace & healing today.

      • You are defending someone who said Sam P is dugyot at tuyot ?
        So how are you different , you f——— Mother Mary ?!

  3. According to Nawat, they are looking for 3B’s

    Beautiful Body

    Kung ganun bakit hindi niya pinanalo si Samantha Bernardo at si Nicole Cordovez?

  4. Sam’s greatest assets are her figure and her communication skills. I hope these will catapult her to the throne. I am looking forward to the preliminary swimsuit competetion of MGI and see Sam slaying the runway.

  5. Super fit. Super hot!

    Sam is killing it.

    Hands down. MGI gives the grandest pageant experience.

    The delegates arrive as queens and are treated like queens. ❤️

    This is a pageant where one will not feel so bad losing at. The pressure to win the crown isn’t as tough as in the top-tier pageants, yet the experience is fun and extravagant.

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