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  1. I agree with Norman that most likely, Tracy will do a Hilarie Parungao.
    Hope she will be a runner-up though.
    Both of them are my favorites ❤️

  2. If you predict the winner in MW based predominantly on beauty , then you are only setting yourself up for disappointment … this is not a beauty pageant or a beauty contest … just remind yourself of the last Miss World ( MW 2019 ) …

      • MW 2013 to MW 2015 , those years were truly beauty pageants , beauty contests and at the same time beauty with essence … 2013, 2014 , 2015 were the few exceptions in MW recent history

      • @ paul 2013 – Megan Young, 2014 – Rolene Strauss, & 2015 – Mirea Llalaguna. Right?

  3. I think among the three a&q girls, Hannah will most likely to bring home the crown. Tracy hopefully.will be a finalist.

  4. She’s pretty. Maybe she might do better than the previously hyped up candidates we had. Sometimes it’s the one that do not get the most buzz that wins it all.

    Go for the silent kill, Maureen dear!

    • Correct ka dear. Tracy is always underrated and the other Cebuana for MU as very overrated.

  5. In the the uppermost photo, Tracy is prettier with that styling. This is the perfect example of how styling can do magic to one’s appearance.

  6. Beautiful. I thought she was Catriona.

    Now, if she’s only as tall and articulate as Catriona. Nevertheless, good luck Maureen!

    Did someone say 106 delegates this year? Wow! How does one quickly stand out among a sea or bevy of beauties?

    • @ THOMAS That’s the official count. Whether they all show up remains to be seen.

      Well, one way to stand out is NOT to try to stand out. When everyone else is jockeying to be noticed, the organizers just might notice the few that distinguish themselves quietly/calmly. Bear in mind, and it’s been said several times – Julia Morley is the real sovereign; she is simply looking for a poster girl. And we can bet it will again come from Top Model!

      • So Flor-Tulo, if the strategy is not to “stand-out”, “sit-in” ba dapat ang drama ni Maureen? Sagwa naman…parang saling-ket lang sya.

        I think it is really difficult to gauge what Lola Julia is really looking for. Damaged you do, and Damaged you don’t e. Lol.

        Connect me if I’m wrong, there are very few south East, East and North Asian Ms. World winners ba? Lola Julia favors the South Asians, right? The nerd of that woman! Lol.

        World Peace.

      • MW Asian Winners:
        6 Indian Charmers
        2 Chinese Dolls
        1 Turkish Beauty
        1 Israelite Fighter
        1 Fillipino Maiden

      • @ THOMAS Far East (Asia-Pacific rim) winners, you mean. Only one, so far. See @ paul’s list.

        But I think the time is right~ripe for Vietnam. They should get a BIG crown within 5 years!

        Paweensuda can finally do it for Thailand, leaving only the Earth crown left for the Kingdom to aspire for.

        And with the efforts of KF & other Pinoy individuals aiding the development of pageantry in the remainder of Indochina – Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar – Philippines may become the ASEAN ‘mentor of beauty’.

  7. I’m gonna keep my comments short here because I’m positively hyped about that first photo. THAT’S HOW TO MAKE AN EFFECTIVE COVER PROFILE PHOTO! Clean (no jawline shadows), glossy and well curated. Eyes wide and not looking dead straight at the camera but properly angled at 135 degrees – very classy yet mysterious. Good job.

  8. she looks lovely in the first pic … but before MW2021 and MGI2021 and MU2021, don’t we have Miss Earth 2021 later this month , and yet it is kind of quiet and no news from the org ME … I think it will be virtual again but still , there should be some new updates by now …

    • @ paul I feel more for Haarnaz than Manasa… Am not too optimistic about 1994 repeating (Rai & Sen).

      And while it’s now 8 years since Rolene Strauss’ win, I fear Shudu might be denied the Blue Crown due to Julia Morley’s wish to grow her brand some more in other parts of the world.

      Though I will not mind if Paweensuda gives Thailand its first! I got a good feeling with her appointment as MWT 2021. It may signal the thawing~warming of Thailand’s relations with MW after that hosting which didn’t push through. Indeed. Thailand is on a recent roll, might as well. 🙂

      I’m getting Maeva Coucke vibe with Tracy here. Which, to me, is GOOD.

      With Alejandra Conde (Venezuela), I’m getting Veruzka Lubljisawlevich vibe. Meaning, won’t get too far…

      Now I REALLY miss Palina Popova. She should have been sent to ME; her BWAP (conservation of Lake Baikal seals, especially now with climate change altering limnological balance everywhere) project would have been perfect! Russia would have had its first ‘eco-warrior’ by now. 😦

      • Thanks Flor for your wonderful thoughts. I think this year JM will crown either a Latina or an Asian (Manasa or Paweensuda) but not an Aftican. Runners up lang siguro si Miss SA. And I hope Tracy can reach the top 15 or top 20. Ty.

  9. Tracy will be the Oldest delegate competing in Miss Wold 2021.

    As of yesterday, 106 candidates will be competiting in PR.

    Good Luck and most of all Enjoy!

  10. This is a “cleaner” portrait compared to Bea’s at MU.

    Best of luck to Tracy Maureen!

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