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  1. NAKAKAUMAY natong si Panlilio. Wala bang updates kay Tracy Maureen Perez? He, he, he…

    At please STOP muna kay Tumbalata Universe. Thanks.

  2. Sorry ha, pero nagmukha syang pandak sa mga photo nya. Ano ba height nya? 5’4″ or 5’5″?

    • I think it has something to do with her wardrobe… otherwise maigsi ang legs nya. Sana wag na syang magsuot ng ganyang pants…it doesn’t work for her. She should try other wardrobes where she can be looked tall.

  3. OFF TOPIC: I am currently watching Miss Qazaqstan 2021 and I have been informed that the country is transitioning to the latin alphabet and changing the name/spelling/alphabet of the country into QAZAQSTAN. By 2025 the cyrillic alphabet will be fully eliminated. Kazakhstan to Qazaqstan: Why would a country switch its alphabet? Accdg to President Nursultan Nazarbayev, the response is to modernize Kazakhstan.

    • Just a few moments ago, Qazaqstan have just chosen 3 winners for Miss Qazaqstan World 2021, Miss Qazaqstan Universe 2022, and Miss Qazaqstan Earth 2022,


    The South African government has withdrawn its support for Miss South Africa after the organisation refused to pull out of the Miss Universe contest in Israel, amid calls for a boycott to show support for the Palestinian people.

    Pro-Palestine organisations have called on Lalela Mswane, crowned Miss South Africa in October, and pageant organiser Miss SA to boycott the December event to condemn Israel’s treatment of the Palestinian people. The Department of Sport, Arts and Culture said in a statement on Sunday it had tried to persuade Miss SA to withdraw from the event and still hopes to convince Mswane.

    South Africa has a long history supporting the Palestinian people, and Israel’s treatment of Palestians reminds many in the country of apartheid crimes against its Black population. Israel denies it maintains an apartheid policy against Palestinians.

    Political parties including the ruling African National Congress and some of the country’s biggest trade unions also support the boycott.

    “At this stage, the participation of so-called Miss South Africa would be irrelevant,” said Bram Hanekom, a board member at Palestinian solidarity group Africa4Palestine. “Nobody can say she is representing the country… (it) would leave her absolutely alone with the organisers who seem hell-bent to proceed.”

    The Israeli government did not immediately comment. Miss SA did not immediately respond to messages seeking comment. Mswane also did not respond to messages sent to Instagram accounts belonging to her and a foundation she set up.

    • We cannot blame the SA government and all other organizations calling for a boycott of the MU pageant in Israel. The perceived apartheid policies by Israel against the Palestinians is seen by many as “diffidently ugly”, completely antithetical to the “confidently beautiful” mantra MU trumpets to the world.

      This brings us to the realization that some governments and international organizations are that passionate when it comes to their countries’ participation in MU’s global celebration of beauty.

      Going back to MGI, I have yet to hear a country nor any international organization withholding country participation due to MGI’s lack of “balls” to walk the talk about its “stop the war” bravado, when neighboring Myanmar is mired in an ugly civil and political strife.

      • @ scorg Good morning.

        I will defend my dear sweet Angkol. 🙂

        1) Are you insinuating Thailand (where MGIO is based) take some responsibility & directly intervene in its neighbor’s domestic affairs, never mind allegations that the Burmese junta is getting foreign financial backing? You are aware of the many wars/battles these two have played out over the centuries…
        2) Thailand is the Switzerland of ASEAN. I don’t think it gets more neutral anywhere else in this part of the world. To the best of my knowledge, MGIO has not prevented any country from joining & so to insist some sort of geo-political agenda (see #1) would, indeed, foment ‘war’ & is disservice.
        3) Right after MGI 2020 earlier this year, Myanmar’s bet (a dead ringer for Maria Isabela Galeria) was graciously provided (temporary) refuge by her Thai hosts pending her return home.

        Really, I doubt anybody cares about his ‘StopTheWar’ slogan. What folks like is the SPECTACLE he puts on every year. And that’s enough.

        Kung follow-through rin lang sa slogan ang pag-uusapan, ME is top! I would even dare say MUO is this year impinging on what is clearly a ME-original advocacy. I’ll bet wala ring gagawin ‘yang bagong MU after her reign as far as the whole climate change discussion is concerned. And I get the impression Paula Shugart is just literally going with the flow. We neither see nor hear any concrete plan of action from her as far as keeping her pageant brand viable even into the near future. At least si Angkol, sinabi niya very clearly na he wants MGI to be a BIG (source is one of those interviews he gave to that Thai pageant Admin while the 2020 edition was under way).

      • @Flor, I admire your vigorous defense of your dear sweet Angkol. However, I can see you missed my point. My whole point is: why is it that some governments and civil society groups are concerned about their citizens carrying their country’s sash at MU, and not on other pageants like MGI? The political link is the slogan, the branding tool that basically provides a brand’s emotional links to the public. It appears that they consider this year’s MU venue as repugnant to the “confidently beautiful” message it preaches. What this boils down to is that MU’s message resonates to the global community, which cannot be said about MGI. And, as you admit your doubt about “anybody car[ing] about MGI’s “Stop the war” slogan, does this presuppose that the world does not take MGI as seriously as it does with MU? Does this mean that the MU brand imagery has seeped into the global psyche more than this annual “spectacle” called MGI?

        It is MGI’s undoing that it adopted an audacious, daring and pointed slogan “Stop the War” without any solid advocacy grounding. That’s why when juxtaposed against real wars, even by next door, it puts itself in a very awkward position.

      • @ scorg Fair enough.

        But I still say Paula Shugart’s decision to take the pageant to Israel only complicated matters. This 70th MU is now just as controversial~colorful as any MGI edition! Talk about publicity. 🙂

        (I now want to explore Israeli BRANDS. Like that flourishing street art scene one of us mentioned.)

  5. Good luck Samantha!!! Laban lang girl!!! Dedma na lang sa mga bashers!!! Laban for the Philippines’ first MGI crown!!! ❤👑

  6. Usapang wardrobe planning lang!

    Yang mga high waist flare bottom pants intended yan para ma-elongate yung legs ng isang babae! Nauso yung mga ganyang klase ng pantalon back in the 70’s/80’s (Norman’s Wild days? World Peace!) Ang opposite niyan sa lalaki is bootcut! Kaya Kung mapapansin niyo yung pasarela trainer ng AQ na is Ian, madalas ganyang klase ng pantalon ang suot kasi proven naman talaga na mukhang mahaba ang legs! Nag-work kay Rabiya yung ganyang styling!

    The other type of pants is the square pants which is also wide at the bottom! Ang pinagkaiba lang continous yung widening from hips to the feet! Katulad nung suot ni Catriona on her way to Miss Universe! Pero dahil matangkad na siya, ti-tone down lang a little by using dark color which is black and nag-work talaga sa kanya!

    For Blazer, ang maximum length niyan dapat hanggang pekpek lang otherwise it defeats the purpose of making you look tall!

    Nowadays, nauso sa mga lalaki na tineternohan ang tuxedo with a skinny type of pants kaya ang labas mga mukha silang manok! Whereas, kung gusto mo maging timeless, dapat straight cut yung terno! Check niyo suot ni Vince Pinto (tatay ni Jasmine) sa Manhunt pageant!

    Pero sino tatalo sa suot ni Ruffa Gutierrez on the way to South Africa? Fuchsia Versace close neck blazer with black mini skirt paired with oversized hat! Stand out ang lola niyo!

  7. Jusko she look bonsay, hindi bet ni madam nawat ang short short ….but i hope hindi ligwak hahaha

  8. Wishing Sam the very best in her MGI pageant journey. Go Sam, go Phils. 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

    • Agreed, or could it be because she really is short? In that picture, knee below is concerning.

  9. So , next week we might see MU arrival of delegates in Israel … we will finally see them outside of those . sometimes ridiculous and totally unnecessary photo shoots and actually see them move , walk , talk , engage …

    • @ jaretwrightlover I have high hopes that Nadia Ferreira will prove The Sovereign wrong, that there is nothing (substantial) to justify the front-runner status Paraguay is enjoying.

      And as TL mentions, part of the attraction may be that Paraguay does not come to most folks’ mind as far as ‘strong sash country’ is concerned.

      (I tend to agree. Right now, all I’m getting is a TikTok/IG fame whore vibe. But myself being a fart, I admit these two social media formats have become profitable alternatives to old-school ways of celebrity. Honestly, I felt similarly of Maureen Montagne initially & am glad to be proven wrong.)

      You are right. We will see who will burn out & who will burn slowly. The peaked & still-peaking.

      Haarnaz Sandhu got an early start! ‘Andun na ‘ata siya last week pa. Did MUO/host ask her over?

      • Flor kami ni Angkol Fabian bet namin si Haarnaz Sandhu na maging Miss U 21. Join ka sa amin my dear? Ty.

      • @ paul I’d be happy to contribute my voce to your ‘social movement’. 🙂

        Despite concerns that India might be over-hyped (again), sayang ‘yung momentum nila since 2019 when they placed again! I would love for Haarnaz to be this year’s Janick at the very least.

        And I feel better~brighter about Anchilee than Amanda. The former is less ‘gigil’, more subtle, which is good. I would even say I feel better about Ann than I did of Paweensuda! That being said, I am optimistic of Ms. Drouin’s prospects in Puerto Rico.

        Speaking of Puerto Rico, UNCLE, ANO NA SI TRACY?! Y no updates? 😦

      • Okay Flor. Team India din ako sa Miss World. As to Ann, I hope she can make it the top 10 or even top 5 in MU. With Paweensuda, I wish she can make it to the top 3 in MW if India cannot reach the winners’ circle. Also, sana tanggalin na ni JM yung continental grouping/competition to the top 5, 6 or 7. Thanks my dear.

    • I say this every d*mned year but I want a new country to win or a country that has only had one winner or else, I want Pinas to win or place 2nd ru … but if Bea makes semifinals, I will fully celebrate

      So, Paraguay is ok for me to win but I am beginning to sour on her … India and Thailand are overhyped again this year … I don’t think neither of them will win … there are some really low-profile countries this year that might surprise at the end of Finals night … one of them is Cayman Islands , of course we have not seen UAE yet … many strong ones again this year but I am happy that the Latinas are outshined by the countries in Scandinavia and Eastern and Southern Europe, actually Europe in general … look at Ireland , reminds me of Ireland MU2010

      • Great Britain caught my attention, too.

        I agree, there are many ridiculously beautiful girls in this batch, but many of them are cookie-cutter types.

        Nadia has been campaigning relentlessly. Like Peru last year, Paraguay has one good shot this year, it may never come again in decades.

      • I mean, why not give her the crown if she’s the most beautiful? After all, this is a beauty contest.

      • @ nunyabiz1991 Then implore the gods MUO doesn’t get judges who think like me. Hihihihh…

        (Meaning, hopefully she doesn’t meet with folks who see active social media presence~promotion as superficiality. It may help to get those who fully understand the psychology behind this now-global activity so that she is properly assessed at the Preliminary Interview.)

        (Now I feel thoroughly Ice Age. LOLZZZZZ.)

      • In Miss USA 2021 later this month , there are a lot of very strong possible winners who will be a strong bet in the MU 2021 semifinals …

      • Flor, that’s true.

        With or without social media promotion, I question the sincerity of models and celebs who suddenly got involved in charity work only to join a major pageant the following year.

        Vanessa Ponce of Mexico, MW2018 is a notable example. She said she stopped modeling in 2017 to do charity but decided to join MW less than a year later.

        It is like oh I want to be like Mother Teresa, and then deep into your charity work, the Angel Gabriel showed up and told you to join MU or MW. Duh?!

        And here is where I applaud our very own, Beatrice Luigi Gomez 🇵🇭 . I know that she really is passionate about community work.

      • @ nunyabiz1991 I guess even in her function as an Army (or Navy?) reservist, there will be occasions for public service at the very least.

        I know that technology has made it ever easier to make our lives known publicly. But I think if you’re really busy with worthwhile endeavor, there’s no time to announce it to the world. It might not even occur to you to do so! The moment is everything.

  10. Samantha’s classiness has the Elizabeth Clenci’s mark. They both look expensive. However, Sam’s rampadorang bakla move is definitely a duplicate of Sam Bernardo. It’s very KF pasarela stamp. I just hope MGI won’t get over with that kabaklaan ramp on stage.

    In all fairness to Sam, she has prepared well for this pageant. Her va va voom body is to-die-for. She really looks hot and fabulous. If she wins the crown, I would be happy for her and feel proud as Filipina at the same time.

    Bring home the bacon and Mario Maurer, Sam! 😊

    That’s all.

  11. Uncle & Admin, good vibes lang ‘to, ‘ah. Huwag niyo i-quarantine; wala ako’ng SARS-CoV2… 🙂

    Ngayon lang ‘ata ako nakakita ng departure photos na may photobomber. Dalawa pa.

    I see 6 pieces of luggage, all marked ‘Philippines’. Were there one for every island in our archipelago, Sam would pay hefty over-baggage for 7400+… But if they were lost at Phuket, at least their provenance is immediately known!

    (Speaking of Phuket, dili ba ay diyan nag-work si Megan Roa Digal before joining MUP 2021?)

    Guys, magaganda mga kalaban kahit iilan lang ang participants this year. I’m excited!

    I recall Miss Grand Scotland 2020. She had a medical condition that made competition hard for her but she was a trouper throughout. Also worth remembering forever are Aurra Karishma’s ‘cha-cha-cha’ moves, Lala Guedes’ fast Sthefany, & the ethereal Ivana Batchelor of Guatemala.

    • (Cont.)

      Pito (7) pala.

      (To date, it seems Maddison Anderson-Berios is Angkol’s most illustrious alumna, seeing herself to the Last2Standing with Zozi in 2019. Am still hopeful for Ivana Batchelor to go BIG-time.)

  12. Once a pageant officially starts, all we can give is support, good vibes and prayer for our candidate.

    Good Luck Sam!

    World Peace.

    • Ganito dapat ang tamang pag uugali. Supportaan natin ang kandidata natin instead ng laitin ng laitin.

  13. Bakit ba ang hihilig ng candidates natin magsuot ng ganyan.
    That is so passe!
    Wala to! Wal akong nararamdaman.
    Sorry po!

    • That is the traditional pageant girl “uniform” 😅
      Blazer ✅
      Pants hiding giant platform shoes ✅
      Minus point for not wearing a scarf 😝

    • I remember even Miriam wears this kind of thing the blazer etcetera in her departure in 1999 or something like this. Hahahaha parang nakasanayan lang.

  14. Well, mukhang tuyot, haggard at lalo siyang nagmukhang bansot sa ensemble niya. Ipagdasal niyo ito. She needs all the help she can get.

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