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  1. Water Birth ba is recommended when the baby was created via Water Sex? Lol.

    You know, like sex in a shower, in a bathtub, beach, swimming pool, or under a heavy rain or thunderstorm.

    I doubt if warm water really increases elasticity ek ek when giving birth, when we all know that water washes off natural body oils, moisture, lubricants (natural or man-made Lol) that make giving birth easier and sex more pleasurable. Lol. Maybe someone can validate?

    Congratulations to the couple!

    World Peace.

    • @ THOMAS Naisip ko tuloy ang mga fish. Kasi, sabi mo nga na water washes away or dilutes bodily fluids. So, the Daddy fish compensates either by releasing copious amount of semen (the water turns milky!) or releases milt directly on the eggs. If you’ve closely watched tropical fish breed, you’ll be intrigued… Doesn’t get more watery.

      At ‘yang s_x under heavy rain, panoorin mo ‘yung pelikula ni DZ at RV. Initials na lang, baka ma-trigger na naman ‘tong si Admin natin… Sa beach nila ginawa. Gabi. Uumulan. Noong 1990’s.

      (And the videos past Fb friends of mine shared. Dili pa strict Fb noon. Wala pang Twitter. Lolz!)

      (Paumanhin sa may-akda at paksa ng post na ito. ‘Eto kasing si @ THOMAS, provocateur.)

      • Dear Flor Tulo,

        Diana Zubiri and …. Ronaldo Valdez, Roi Vinzon, Rey Valera? RoRoy Villame? Lol. Sirit.

        Mahirap sa ulan ba ma pulmonya. Sa bagyo, baka makid-latan . Sa beach naman, sakit ng buhangin pag pumasok sa mga crevices. Sa pool, mahapdi ang chlorine. Sa bathtub naman, limited movement. Ano suggestion mo Flor?

        World Peace.

      • @ THOMAS You got the girl! But, you missed the guy. 🙂

        Last na ‘to, kasi malapit na ako lumipad ulit… ‘Yang ‘sa pool’, nung bata ako, my father brought me to watch ‘S_x In The Animal Kingdom’ at a cinematheque in Makati. In retrospect, he probably thought it was the best way to make his daughter aware of such a thing. The mating of elephants & orangutans were particularly memorable; to this day, the IMAGES are vivid~palpable.

        Anyway, as we made our way down the escalator afterwards, I overheard an elderly couple who had seen it, too. Wife tells husband, ‘that’s why people do it in the swimming pool’. That was the very instant I found out that underwater s_x was possible in Homo sapiens without ‘flooding in’.

        (Again, Norman’s Blog readers extend their best wishes to the new family.)

      • Flor naman, you are dating yourself. “Cinemateque”, “sex in the animal kingdom?” Early 70s ba yan? Lol.

        But what I find disturbing is that a father brining his daughter to watch a sex movie.

        Sirit na kung sino si RV. Rodelna Val? Ricky Velmonte?

        World Peace.

    • @C2F. Warm water where the pelvic region of the expectant mother is immersed while on labor relaxes and increases the elasticity of the perineum thus decreasing the incidence of severe tearing

  2. Ang Taray! Naka-water birth delivery! Yayamanin! Nasa 100k yata yan sa Asian Hospital!

    Nevertheless, Congratulations!

  3. cute baby from cute parents ! congrats !! still, I feel the injustice in MW2018 , though the eventual winner has earned it , Katarina should have been in the top 12 easily ….

    • @ paul Dzai, wagi.

      Akala ko, ‘welcome to the motherhood club’ kasi nagluwal ka na rin. Ahah-hahahhaa….

      Huwag ka mapipikon, ‘ah. Pampa-good vibes lang. 🙂

      Back to this post…

      Si VVV, when will begin her work as MUP-Charity with Save The Children Foundation? Kasi, I recall ‘eto rin ‘yung advocacy group ni Katarina, which she supports.

      (This, pala, is the businessman Barbers na partner~spouse ni Katarina. Wish the new family well!)

      • Basta ikaw Flor takot ako. He, he, he…
        VVV should enlist NEXT YEAR either sa BPP or sa MWP. Pahinga muna sa MUP, balik siya after 2 years.

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