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    • @ Ver It was a Sunday afternoon, po, I think, that Cinderella finally flew home to MisOr. She arrived at day’s end. She had a dinner appointment with the provincial governor in Opol town, which if I’m right based on @ paul’s description below & my own memories of the place is on the opposite end of the province, the new Laguindingan airport being far from Cagayan de Oro city central… My point, GAHOL SA ORAS KAYA MABILISAN.

      But, there should be nothing to prevent more intimate interaction with fans in the days that follow, provided that pandemic safety guidelines remain complied with. After all, she is not due to return to either Manila or wherever MIntercon organization wants her next anytime soon; Uncle said so in his Fb co-post on the subject (‘…would probably spend Christmas at home’…similar).

      • Cindy will return to Manila by Nov 20 or 21 just in time for the twin victory presscon for her and Maureen next week

      • @ Norman Then this coming weekend will be H-E-C-T-I-C. PN’s resumes jumping straight in to the cauldron of year-end pageant pillage. YOU REALLY MUST NOW GET AN ASSISTANT.

        ME Finale. Deadline of name submissions for MU 2021. That Joint Press event at BPCI. Season 7!

      • (Cont.)

        Uncle, good Wed PM. OT. Dito ko na lang ilalagay. Hirap makahanap ng reply niyo lately… 🙂

        From Makuit Ph, we learn that Miah Llanes was in the Top 3 of a ‘top model’ pageant in UAE. It made me think that Emirati prefer eastern Europe types. So, advise Mr. Josh Yugen & Mdme. Maggie Wilson to crown Emilia Dobreva (who proved friendlier than Gabrielle Basiano in China).

  1. The reception counter of Mis Or Prov Tourism Office is gorgeous
    The float is cute.
    It is a homecoming fit for a Queen.

  2. I haven’t been to MisOr in quite a while. The motorcade could have been done in the CDO city proper & yes definitely you can easily get numbers. But last I saw, streets were rather narrow single-lane-on-either-side affairs & even on a weekend traffic can grind to a crawl. Besides, this is PROVINCE; Cinderella represents ALL. And bear in mind that she had a dinner appointment with the Governor. The last thing you want to be is to arrive late. 🙂

    I like that trim of leaves on her ‘carriage’, with the marginal variegation. Reminds me of hostas.

    The weather cooperated, apparently. No rain. Very good!

    I wholeheartedly agree. Onward to MWP~MW~second Blue Crown for Philippines. Maybe a 1- or 2-year break before jumping in (again). Hopefully, no age ceiling issues by then.

    Congratulations again. Enjoy the year. Thanks to MIntercon org for the renewed trust! And to BPCI for that wild card that set everything into motion.

    • (Cont.)

      I have to get this out. I can’t move on… THAT FLOAT IS UTTERLY FANTASTIC. Just do away with the faux carriage reference (‘karitela’ wheels); I don’t think it was necessary to LITERALLY reference the fairy tale because this is a wonderful story in & of itself. Kudos to the designer!

      I like that ‘blocked’/sectioned look – a white-&-gold canopy, the ‘jungle’ SUV w/ purple ‘ube’ vine, & the bumper trim of variegated foliage. Even that pair of yellow-orange headlight giving just a touch of sunset warmth (motorcade was in the late afternoon, which is evident in the bottom photo) was brilliant! More on that canopy…

      Notice how while white on the outside, a mellow gold glow bathes the interior, as if Cinderella is cloaked in the Pharaoh’s riches. It reminded me of a local orchid similarly colored – buds white for the most part, betraying nothing of the splendid colors underneath, revealed only when the blossoms unfold.


    • Good morning/evening kol. More than 50 K talaga kol. Hindi lang nahagip ng camera. Many are on the top of the hills. Laguindingan airport is around an hour from Cagayan de Oro City. Nasa national highway ang caravan.

      Anyway, let’s celebrate the pageant success of Cindy.

      • @ paul Maayong aga, Dong.

        One hour away from city proper?! Ang layo pala… 😦

        But as I understand, this new tarmac~terminal is along the coast, right? Unlike Lumbia which is up in the hills.

      • Yes Flor. Malapit sa coastline ang Laguindingan Airport. May vlog si Becoming Filipino sa isang beach resort near the airport. And from that town ang dami mo pang madadaanang LGUs at matraffic na, so aabutin ka talaga ng isang oras to CDO proper.
        Maayong buntag Flor. Gloomy Davao morning. Ty.

      • Paul , pageants maybe popular in the Philippines… but still not that popular
        Out of 10 kids in the family , I am the only one who seems very interested in pageants … going home early from school or even missing school just to watch Miss Universe Live
        The other ones could careless

      • Kol among rich kids like you beauty pageants are less popular. Pero sa katulad naming mahihirap popular talaga ang beauty pageants. Kaliwa’t kanan. Umaga hanggang madaling araw my beauty pageants. Even in our dreams.

        Bea Patricia Magtanong, 28, Philippines!

      • @ paul Maayong buntag, Dong.

        (Why didn’t I just Google-Map? I’m so silly…)

        Nadaanan ko pala ‘tong Laguindingan (town) because I was in the area in 2010 or 2011… The airport was built a few years later though, so I missed it.

        Malapit lang pala, kung ganoon, dun sa dinner venue with Gov. Bambi Emano. Laktaw lang ng isang town – El Salvador (or City?).

        I was totally wrong all along. Akala ko, this Laguindingan was on the Butuan side of MisOr.

        Now, I wonder if provision was made for 24/7 rail service to & from CDO City so that residents pressed for time can avoid traffic & not miss their flight/s. This being an international tarmac, it reminds me of those terminals I’ve seen/entered abroad. All of them have it, whether on land, elevated, or even subterranean. Just present flight boarding pass & it’s minimal fee, if not free (somehow, I assume the fare is imputed in your plane ticket).

  3. She will be perfect for Miss World Philippines 2022 or 2023 … not so much for MU

    She can also be perfect for ME and the other issue-oriented pageants …

  4. It is heartwarming to see a decent amount of beloved followers of Cindy lining up in the street despite of the strict protocol of Covid 19.

  5. laguindingan (airport) to Apple Tree Resort is like the soon-to-be-build bulacan airport to bocaue..or its like along a mac arthur hi way..or along edsa..its not like taft avenue or ayala.

  6. Guys! You can’t expect her pathway to be filled with people the way Catriona and Pia did. Those days are pre-pandemic!

    We are still in the middle of pandemic and social distancing is still widely implemented! The cases in Europe are once again elevating!

    The mere fact that people are taking picture of her still means that they recognize her! You also need to consider the logistics behind the event!

    • Exactly my point, despite of the pandemic, ganyan pa din karami ang sumalubong. Meron lang ibang tao na kumuda agad without understanding my point.

      Of course you cant expect the same crowd during Pia’s time dahil nga sa sitwasyon ngayon, and yng mga taong yan, marami na yan actually more than expected na yan dahil nga sa pandemic.

      May mga tao lang kasi na mka react OA, mali naman interpretation

      • Stop just stop…maloloko mo kami pero hindi ang intention mo at ang universe.

      • @ Baby Nica, your first post was pretty clear. So don’t take people as fools, as you are getting more and more stuck in your own muck. Just saying…

  7. Let the Universe and the Law of Cause and Effect take over. You can always fool us but never your intention and the universe. ❤

    • Baks, anong intensyon mo para sabihin yan? Anyway, sayo naman babalik yan. Baklaan pa more!

      • Jonalyn, I dont know you and I dont know why my comment bothers you so much. I dont know what you’re talking about, ikaw ikaw amg mg stop. Shut up and learn how to mind your own business. Pakialamera!

    • It bothers me because it promotes negativity considering the success of Cindy. How could you? Baks, life is short…

      • I dont see anything negative in my comment, ikaw lang ang nkakita ng negative, so ikaw ang negative. Ang toxic mo! Nanahimik ako and you will pester me with your baseless, nonsense and toxic comments. Do you own this blog? masyado kang feeling ha

      • very devilish. haha. Ok lang sana kung yung karma sayo eh pano kung sa family mo?

      • Because you are full of your ego…always insecure…always afraid…always in compare…kaya stop!!! Baby Nica…you’re not a baby anymore…wag mo akong gamitan ng mga play of words mo…bahala na ang kapalaran sayo.

    • OMG what are you talking about?? What happened to you??? Anyway, no point of replying back to you, seems like you’re not getting the point. Who are you to begin with?? i did not even mention you in my comment, bigla ka na lang jan lumabas at parang asong ulol na ng cocomment. Hay anglunkot siguro ng buhay mo. I wish you well.

      • Careful what you say. You might just mirroring yourself…I am an empath kaya ramdam na ramdam ko na ikaw ang may malungkot na buhay. Stop it Nica…stop or else it will be a disastrous 2022 for you.

      • I pity you. Ang aga aga ngkakaganyan ka. Hay, buti na lang mabait ako. Stop your nonsense and please try to mind your own business para sumaya ang buhay mo.

        I will never wish ill yo anyone, only unhappy people do that. I wish you well.

      • Lokohin mo sarili mo baks….watch…wait mo lang within the next week…comment pa more.

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