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  1. OFF TOPIC: Violeta Naluz vs. Carla Balinigit ? To me, Carla Gay Balingit is one of the most underappreciated BbPU beauties in all the years of its history … Remember how she was very prominent in the opening number of MU2003 ? … camera loves her and her moves …

    • True yan beb. I saw her nung BbP parade nila. Very charming si Carla Balangit at hindi suplada. Kabatch niya si Anna Marie Falcon “Francine Prieto”. ❤

      • Gusto ko yung preliminary performance nya in swimsuit. Tinaas niya ang KANYANG kamay. Nakakaloka very reminiscent of the early 2000s bikini open mania here.

  2. I don’t understand the comparison between Bea and Alaiza
    I’m Alaiza’s fan and would have been happy if she had represented us at MU . Alaiza Was very streamlined from head to toe and everything on her face had just the right size and shape.

    I cannot say the same about Bea

    • ako yata iyon @fabian. haha. it just came to mind. i am alaiza’s fan too in her mup final presentation 2020. ( i would have loved to see her alongside billy and bellla last year ) hers was clean smooth and flawless, even in her photos. bea and her team can just perhaps take some notes from them. it is just a good thing to try esp the hairstyle since we havent seen much variety in that department from bea.

      it is like shamsey and mj seemed to have similar (facial) features but still different. not everything will work.

  3. I just saw the Fashion Show of Michael Leyva,

    Ang ganda nung gown na pinasuot kay Steffi! Parang Wendy Fitzwilliam gown, tipong may overlay na silk coat pero likod large ribbon!

    I wonder why Katrina is not present during the fashion show?

  4. I have seen Miss Chile’s live on Instagram with Colombia, Thailand, and Bea.
    Bea seems very charming and looks pretty too.
    I feel that this year, the Philippines will be back at top 5.

  5. the looks of alaiza malinao during the mup finals 2020 came to mind.. bun clean white evening dress (or pink perhaps) and smize.. hmmm.. that could probably as work bea and alaiza seem to have similar features, too.

  6. Kahit ang karamihan dito ang choice nila ay ibang candidates from other countries, ako kay Bea pa rin no matter what. Go Bea, go Philippines! 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

    • Ganun dapat besh! Pinoy tayo eh!
      Pano standard ng kagandahan ng karamihan meztisa. Pero kung half nmn ang manalo sa MUP maghahanap ng pure pinay. Nakakaloka dba?!
      Go Bea! Matalo, manalo bsta ikaw ang MUP namin.

  7. Wala pa ring spark. KD pa rin Hanggang Ngayon sa totoo lang. Parang college student council lang Ang peg. But Katrina radiates power and control in a room or any certain place 😱🤭😊
    I need to see the confidence, the conviction that she’s the MU2021 wherever she goes without uttering a word🎄 Merry Christmas 🌲

  8. GoodLuck na lang as gown niya,,, the designer is known for pang Ninang gowns.Not really a good designer. Very plain and basic.

  9. I was thinking her style peg could have been like Southeast Asian royalty, i.e. very well put together, very neat, modern but doesn’t scream designer brands from head to toe. It’s the person that looks expensive beyond what she wears. Queenly in a way that doesn’t crave attention and call it to herself. Her style, aura & demeanor just exudes the confidence & allure of royalty. I guess that’s not their peg and it would be hard for a month’s preparation. 👑💐✨🕊️

  10. India for Miss Universe 2021!

    India is coming back as the Asian beauty superpower this decade.

    India as well for Miss World 2021! Another year of back to back win for India.

      • Paul , I hate it though
        Anytime India or Thailand has a strong candidate, I am nervous
        And it makes me not want to watch MU anymore

      • Harnaaz’ crowning reminded me of how I felt towards Demi when she was crowned Miss SA. Arresting facial beauty and very youthful aura. They repackaged Demi to make her appear more mature and striking.

        I liked Demi better with her dark hair and sweet face. But I guess the transformation worked to her advantage.

        Let’s see if or how Harnaaz will transform.

  11. This is a good start, informing fans who will design her national costume and evening gown

    Axel Que (from the IG posts – it seems we might be seeing a modern Filipiniana costume for Bea)

    Francis Libiran (his gowns for Kylie, Megan and Michelle were stunning).

    Not like in the 2020 edition with the ‘pasavogue’ ek-ek then turns out to be a dud.

  12. Tito Norman, what is your height? I can imagine you are not below 5’10”.
    I would like to see Bea on a pony tail to emphasize her small face like that of Janine Tugonon.

      • @ Norman Gud Sat PM, Uncle.

        (First of all, believe it or not, yesterday was my first time to return to an SM mall since the pandemic struck.)

        Makulit PH canale reports that Multinational will resume 16~26 March 2022. But, si Isabelle Daza de Leon daw. What of Rebortera, po?

        Cinderella will have her MisOr homecoming tomorrow. Ta’s, January daw ang MK 2022. You will go?

        Next week, pageant activity resumes. Sam 3.0 will leave for Thailand Mon or Tue? Bea will have her Send-Off; we can expect all five MUP queens to be present? And isn’t Taty’s scheduled for latter half of November; may Egypt visa na siya?

        Finally, do give us your initial & final picks for Fit Philippines & Earth, respectively. Tyvmftbooh!

  13. I was hoping and praying that they don’t enhance Bea’s teeth because they are already very nice.

    Well, obviously they did it.

    I saw some recent footages and I can’t help but notice how Bea struggles to contain her much enlarged incisors as if she’s wearing dentures.

    There’s even very noticeable gap when she clenches her teeth which probably is also affecting her pronunciation.

    💔 💔 💔

    • @ Fabian Reyes Did you watch Heyadamg’s recent chat with Chile, Colombia, Thailand, & Phl?

      You were right. Beauty-wise, she does not stand out. Looks ‘india’ Latina. But I think we are not seeing the accurate picture. She may look better in the flesh. Hopefully, she does.

      I think she should be ‘asia-fied’, to look more like Kylie. And now that Francis Libiran is in her arsenal, maybe he can work wonders for her as he did for our sixth Miss International. 🙂

      • Kylie is beautiful even without make up on
        Bea reminds me of those trans-kids who parade on the street with super high heels

      • (Cont.)

        Ang ganda ni Anchilee! My girl crush. Lakas maka-Chella (Falconer).

        Antonia Cristal, daw, is getting help from RL.

        But right now, among those that Adam has featured, the greatest revelation was Bolivia. I liked her poolside pasarela in Pipe’s volg; nice long lean body & moved with fluidity. At napakagaaan ng dating on video! Very pleasant voice & delivery, dili yung vivacious-borderline-plastic. 🙂

        I hope I’ll be able to hear Teresa Santos (Brazil) talk soon.

        I’m on the fence with Valeria Ayos (Colombia). Folks say she’s good onstage. But facially for me she looks overdone-‘gigil’. Wala ‘yung subtlety nina Carolina Gomez at Taliana Vargas. 😦

      • (Cont.1)

        Bea reminds you of the Parodivas? They’re not transgenders, po. My fave one is the chubby; he has the best runway skill!

      • Flor , not necessarily the Parodivas
        Just those skinny little kids in red High heels displaying their pasarela on the street

  14. I’m more interested what would be her national costume… I wonder if the MUPh org would exceed the level of disapointment that was achieve by the last one.. God I hate that cheap Victoria’s Secret Vegas Showgirl American flag knockoff… A perfect portrayal of our country’s colonial mentality and how much of an underdog our people to the Americans who abused our our people and natural resources and yet here we are glorifying their culture while disregarding our own as if ours was always inferior to theirs… Whoever conceptualized it should be executed as a traitor to our country! HOW CAN OTHER NATIONS RESPECT OUR CULTURE WHEN WE OURSELVES ARE NOT SHOWCASING IT TO THE WORLD… ALL THEY COULD SEE IS HOW MUCH OF A KISS-ASS FILIPINOS ARE JUST TO GAIN WHAT THEY WANT!

    Bea if you want to bring shame to you, your family and your people just copy what they did the last time… 🙄

  15. Most realistic placement is top 5 but this is beauty contest in which luck has a significant role in determinining the outcome of the competetion. We can never really tell. I wish her luck.

  16. Bea may not be the most facially beautiful Miss Universe candidate in Eilat, I have no doubt that she is going to raise our flag high come MU pageant night.

    The MUP Team has been focusing more on Bea’s preparations for the pageant, given the little amount of time to pull off everything since Bea bagged the MUP crown and the pressure not to lose our momentous streak in the semi-finals (the longest so far for any country in MU).

    They have learned well from whatever mistakes they had in Rabiya’s journey. For one, I noticed that they discarded unnecessary left and right pictorials to tease pageant fans about improvements and style of our rep. That alone has saved Bea from wasting precious times to focus on her core.

    Based on the updates made by the people around her, she has been frequenting the gym to do her workout routine with fitness coach John Cuay, who was responsible in making the winning form of Shamcey, Ariella, and Pia in MU. She has also been working hard on her pasarela and, of course, the important QnA.

    I commend MUP Team to have picked a few yet great local designers who will dress Bea in the pageant. I think having Francis Libiran in the roster would assure us that Bea could simply stun us in her evening gowns in MU. Francis is well-known in his intricate and elegant designs. (Oh, I will not forget that remarkable Megan Young’s dress in Miss World.) I just hope that Sir Francis will create (or has created) a fabulous and shimmery pageant gown that will boost Bea’s confidence on stage. It’s Sir Francis’ time to showcase his talent to the world, the universe rather, thus, I expect the pasavogue couture dress from him.

    But of course, I won’t promise not to give my honest criticism on Bea’s style and mistakes in the pageant. I think the MUP Team needs our constructive criticism on how they fare well on Bea this time around.

    That’s all.

      • I have already raised that matter as soon as MUUAE released its set of people composing its pageant organization in which Furne One is included. It would look like conflict of interest is ensuing should Furne One design Bea’s dresses.

        That’s all.

    • Ana, you have to review pageant history. If you mean longest active streak, yes we are. Pero Venezuela had a21 year streak only to be broken by Ana Añez, 2004.

    • @AWL: yes, Bea “may not be the most facially beautiful MU candidate in Eilat” but isn’t it that MU is looking for the most “confidently beautiful” woman, facial beauty being culturally-defined and therefore very subjective? Moreover, her being openly gay can add a new– and strategic– dimension to the concept of “confidently beautiful” person, the imagery currently projected by Ellen deGeneres and Martina Navratilova, to name a few. From this perspective alone, I am positive Bea has a good chance of winning the crown.

  17. ‘Ay, nakakain na ‘ko diyan. Masarap naman (the fish!). ‘Yun nga lang, unlike Illustrado (the MUP 2021 Isabelle Jazmine Umali introduction/tourism video post), the circumstances were less rosy.

    But in this case, ‘Cebu City’ vanquished imperial ‘City of Manila’. 🙂

    I like dresses of both ladies. In particular, Bea’s print seems to be the rage for Yuletide 2021 (I think only in Manila do fashion designers put out a ‘Holiday/Christmas collection’), a liquid, surreal, virtual (as in, app-generated) animal print. As though ‘imitating nature in order to surpass it, the ultimate luxury’.

    (* – Takashi Amano)

  18. I saw here interview with Dyan,

    Positive points,

    Ang ganda ng katawan niya!

    Ang haba ng mga biyas niya!

    Maganda cleavage niya! Very normal!

    Maganda rin pasarela niya even if she’s on sneakers! Partida!

    And tama yung sinabi niya “Be yourself”

    Don’t pretend or assume to be a prototype of another person! Pia won on her own merit! Catriona won without being Pia! So, tama yan!

    She said they are still working for her final look,

    My suggestion,

    Bun! All brush up like that of Pia but not low or top like Megan? Just at the back of the head below the cowlick!

    And then same type of gown she worn at MUP (one shoulder) but a white one na parang ala-Minorka Mercado! Then light make up lang! Diwata ang labas nun!

    • the looks of alaiza malinao during the mup finals 2020 came to mind.. bun clean white evening dress and smize.. hmmm.. that could probably as work bea and alaiza seem to have similar features, too.

  19. Ang tangkad pala ni Tito Norman
    With your towering height , puede ka palang beauty queen

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