17 comments on “The Samantha Panlilio Send-Off to Miss Grand International 2021

  1. It would be a tall order to one up Sam Bernardo’s placement and win the very first MGI crown for Pinas

  2. Hoy huwag ninyong tirahin si Samantha Panlilio dahil pamangkin siya ni Norman. Ano ba naman kayo. He, he, he…

  3. Sam/P must be keeping her cards close to her chest. We haven’t been getting as much exciting posts about her preparations. Guess the Sam/P project will be unveiled fully at the pageant itself, complete with all its pasavogues to catch our attention. Fingers crossed.

  4. At this point, it seems many Filipinos have already reached the MGI fatigue after what happened at the past editions. I’ve noticed that this time, they’re no longer walking a mile longer in numbers in the voting process. Even the criticisms and “bashing” are now comparatively scarce. In a positive sense and for her part, SamB can compete largely on her own merits with more subtle supporters.

    SamB is what she is (even myopics can see that) and no amount of smoke, mirrors or filters can hide her physical attributes. But she is articulate (with a neutral English accent) and restraint in her thoughts (as opposed to loquacious), classy, socially immersed, a relatively deep thinker and has keen business acumen. Unfortunately based on past winners, we know MGI isn’t looking for those qualities. And yet in a curious way, I’ll still give my support to this lady no matter what happens. After all and even with my misgivings on MGI, she is Miss Philippines.

    • I just realized I typed SamB instead of SamP on my comments above. My bad. Thank goodness Norman’s readers are smart people so I guess they’re not hating.

  5. Miss Grand International is a very ostentatious pageant!

    Either it is obvious in your physical beauty or you don’t have it at all!

    Honestly, I don’t see her winning!

    She looks so “Auntie” for me!

    She is not the prototype that Nawat is looking for!

    Now, if she wins then good for her!

    I don’t mind being bash here or be given a hundred thumbs down! It’s not convertible to cash anyway!

  6. All I can say is Gab or Meiji would have been a better choice for MGI. Best of luck though!

  7. To be honest she looks old for her age. Even the styling makes her look even older. She is not the type Uncle is looking for. She is not that pretty at the same time she seems not going to be popular one. If she will give more energy and enjoy the pageant she might exude a younger vibe. I’m not also sure ho she moves or if it improve well compare to her BBP stint. In order for her to be notice she must have a good movement. Her pasarela must be lively and I hope she can dance well. Sam B. is a tough act to follow.

    PS. Tito Norman were you able to catch Sam B.’s PBB clips. How will it affect Philippines chances in MGI after her pasabog revelation.

  8. Sam 3.0 is giving Chantarapadit Namphon vibe. Which I think is good…

    Her silver Finale dress with feather boa was outstanding. And she was a friendly host delegate.

    Guys, nakita niyo ‘yung IG (?) statement ni Angkol wherein he describes what it takes to win MGI? Juice me. Na-all ang mga katangian; Superwoman ang hinahanap! But most importantly, ‘must be willing to work for the organization’. Ano naman kayang trabaho ang ipagagawa niya? Gusto niya, sunud-sunuran ‘do not question me & do as I tell you’ type?

    Imo, what Angkol is hoping for is a winner that can bring in PLENTY of bookings from fellow Thais. Parang hindi pa nangyari ‘yun, na any of his queens became HUGE celebrities there. For reference, look at Natalie Glebova.

    But a Natalie Glebova is one who not only is physically beautiful but has the sophistication of a seasoned traveler. Watch the NHK World Japan documentaries to get an idea what this type of foreigner is. But in any case, I think he is hoping for someone who can make him feel proud.

  9. Sutheast Asian candidates are gorgeous with towering heights but I am sure Philippines will bring home the crown she has all the qualities, beautiful, talented, and tall 5′ 5″ (barefoot height). Mabuhay Philippines

  10. She has to give her best shot. Most realistic placement is top ten but who knows, stars would align for her during the coronation night.

  11. She needs all the luck she can get. Dito pa lang sa photo with fellow queens, hindi na siya lumilitaw. Huwag taasan ang expectations sa Miss Grand. Unless gagamitin ni Angkol ang yaman niya. But then again, mananalo siya dahil sa yaman niya at hindi dahil maganda siya. 🙊

  12. Good luck Sam. I really hope MGI will look past physical beauty and give more importance to confidence, substance and being articulate.

    World Peace.

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