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  1. A plain-looking mestiza who is tall and smiling will ALWAYS be better looking than a plain, short, dried, constipated-dionesia-wannabe.

    World Peace.

      • Thanks for confirming that she’s a Dionesia wannabe.

        ( if by bongga, you mean rich. The real Dionesia might be even richer than all the panlilios combined). Lol.

        World Peace.

    • I doubt that the original dionesia is richer than all of panlilio’s wealth combined. I will pick her anytime of the day comparing to Hannah. Hannah’s beauty is like a regular white woman from Iowa. I also harbored the feeling na maganda ang mestiza but when nag ofw ako dun ka naappeciate ang ganda ng Pinay. I will tell you ang mestiza na hindi plain, si Nadia Hutagalung. Mga mestizang artista here is just another woman you see in the streets in the Midwest.

      • @ Lymaraina Oh, yes. Nadia Hutagalung looks like Liv Tyler, said Mike Kasem (KC Kasem’s son) when he was still with the-then Singapore-aired MTV Asia cable channel.

        Maganda rin ‘yung Sonia Couling, the biracial Brit-Thai veejay. Then, of course, Donita Rose. 🙂

      • Agree Flor.

        Donita is aging gracefully. A little heavier now but still untouched by science. And what makes her even beautiful is her simplicity as compared to Ruffa and Aiko that look like science projects already and full of fading star affectations.

        World Peace.

      • @ THOMAS Speaking of Ruffa, one of us said gusto daw nung dalawa niyang daughters na mag-bq.

        Magsabay sila! Parang yung Fil-Dubai brothers nitong nakaraang MoF 2021. One got the top prize, the other got a Special Award… Also, that AnTM season with twins. I will assume they are TALL like mum. Either BBP or MUP, please!

      • Flor,

        Let’s be kind and just say, they did not inherit the beauty, height and kikay charm of Ruffa. =)

        World Peace.

  2. Sorry, but looking at these photos, I don’t see it with Hannah Arnold — except that she’s a mestiza and I suppose that’s good enough for many. Except for whoever that Binibining Araneta is, I find Hannah to be the most plain-Jane in this group. Sorry, not sorry.

  3. I am sorry to ask this but does anyone really find Samantha Panlilio beautiful , face-wise? She looks, I am sorry to use the word, “dried” to me. She can pass-off as the younger sister of Mommy Dionesia. Lol.

    I am sure she is articulate, well-bred, classy…but her face is quite ordinary to me. Just look at all her photos.

    World Peace.

    • Glad to know I am not alone. Hindi ako nagagandahan sa kanya. Pandak pa. Hindi rin naman talaga smart, Inglisera lang talaga siya kasi US-bred. Panlilio nga kasi. May Bb. Pilipinas history. Iyan lang naman dahilan bakit nanalo iyan. Pero wala talaga. Huwag umasa sa Miss Grand this year.

      • “Hindi naman talaga smart” lol of you. Makakapasok ba yan sa UC Irvine Business School Kong boba sya. Duh bitter lang kayo mayaman sila. Of all candidates I know in recent memory sya lang ang bumili ng evening gown from Dubai. Yes binili niya not pinasuot lang or sponsored.

      • Hindi sya US bred bakla. Doon lang sya nag aral ng university dahil marami silang pera. Dito yan lumaki at nagkaisip.

    • Samantha panlilio is a waste opportunity for MUP. Jonas and friends can easily leech into her considering their wealth and resort properties.

      • Hi WR,

        My orig comment had nothing to do with Samantha’s wealth, education and pedigree. It was a simple comment na “hindi sya maganda”. Ang tuyot nya tignan at yung pa-fierce look nya which makes her look constipated and dionesia-ish. Lol. Just look at her solo photo above. I am sure pinag pilian na yang mga shots na yan, and that’s her best shot.

        I even mentioned that “I am sure she’s classy and articulate”.

        Then some commenters started arguing , citing her education, wealth..lol. And in the process saying, mas pangit si Hannah, and also belittling Aling Dionesia. Lol.

        O sige patulan natin ang mga madaling masilaw sa mga last names na tunog mayaman — noon! Lol. Fe Panililio was a Marcos crony, a blue lady of then FL, Madame Marcos. The daughter, Trish Panlilio, a loser in some supermodel contest ek ek was involved in pepper-spraying scandal in one of the sosy clubs years ago, over a —- man.

        The two sons of Fe, convicted of robbery and murder. Those are all google-able.

        Sam, if she’s a graduate of UC Irvine ek ek….then good for her! But the fact remains, “hindi sya maganda” . She looks like the daughter of the megastar c/o Kiko Matsing.

        World Peace.

    • Thomas, just to add Samantha panlilio’s father is a Wharton graduate. And the ones you mentioned na controversies, of course! They are powerful. Walang wala ang mga issue nyan sa mga Vanderbilts and Gettys.

  4. Isa pa ‘yang si Meiji na pa-overage… I don’t know if she can try for (The)Globe still & even then would Mdme. Mias Sta. Ana Pilar Alcantara like her? Otherwise, KF can appoint her for Global as they did with Shane, considering the quite roomy age bracket (up to 35 years).

    BPCI stays true to its traditions! Which means the 2022 BBP edition is sure as the coming of Spring. Hannah, being the top BB of 2021 & having beaten Deliart’s reigning queen (who is not at this event) is the logical follow-up. Besides, sinabi na nga ni Mdme. Mias na gusto niya si Hannah so why should we complicate matters? 🙂

    Japan will get a new Binibini after all. Ms. Arnold, embrace your destiny.

    BPCI, KEEP IT LOFTY. (Aka, strictly implement your height barrier. Barefoot. NO tiptoeing. 5’7″!)

  5. Gabrielle is ready … for MUP 2022 & MU2022, & I hope she wears the gown she wore in BbP2021 !

  6. BPCI always amaze us with the transformation of their title holders unlike others sad to say no improvement. Kahit ilang kilo ng make-up ang itapal sa mukha ng wala pa rin pagbabago hindi gaya sa BPCI lahat ng kanilang title holders ay mukhang mamahalin. May pera talaga si Madam Stella sa pampaayos.

  7. The Araneta City Christmas tree lighting is a time-honored tradition involving the reigning Bb Pilipinas queens.

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