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  1. I was thinking if she could have been styled like old Asian royalty, i.e. very well put together, very neat, modern but doesn’t scream designer brands. It’s the person that should look expensive beyond what she wears. Queenly in a way that doesn’t call attention to herself. Her style, aura & demeanor must just exude the confidence & allure of Royalty.

  2. Hopefully sa prelim at finals, yong hairstyle nya sa MUP. Mas maganda sya do’n.

    • i LIKE her with straight shoulder length hair or something like a bob cut with sharp edge???

  3. Not a big deal. But did Bea gain weight or had botox?

    Just noticed in her recent interviews that her cheekbones have gotten more defined.

    Anyway, I’m still craving to see a hair up look.

    • It’s possible
      That’s what Jonas is good at… like what they did to Shamcey who was transformed from gaunt to healthy

  4. I noticed that unlike last year wherein MUPO made it clear early on what prize package the winner stood to get, this year there is no mention. And I don’t recall anyone here bringing it up. ODD.

  5. Philippines making the semifinals cut this year will be a complete victory for it will set the tone for the new upcoming decade!

    Reaching the top 10 will be icing on the cake

    Landing in the top 5 and placing 2nd runner up will be the cherry on top !

    Winning the crown will be … oh we’re far off yet from that summit so let’s not get ahead of ourselves

  6. Philippines making the semifinals cut this year will be a complete victory for it will set the tone for the new upcoming decade!

    Making the top 10 will be icing on the cake

    Landing in the top 5 and placing 2nd runner up will be the cherry on top !

    Winning the crown will be … oh we’re far off yet from that summit so let’s not get ahead of ourselves

  7. Reading through these comments, Bea’s biggest and ultimate challenge is not winning the MU crown, nor getting that elusive 2nd runner up. Rather, it’s making the first cut as a semifinalist. For God forbid Philippines’ name is not called in as semifinalist, Bea will forever endure that dreadful stigma as the “girl who broke the impressive placement-streak.”

    Word of advice to Bea, consider every segment of the preliminary competition as if your life depends on it: no holding back.

    • I actually am excited na maputol ang streak ng Pilipinas. It happened with India and Venezuela. Sa Venezuela after 2004, nagplace naman 2005 2007-208, 2011-2015. Sana ganyan din sa atin.


      • Paquita X, it will happen eventually. Maybe in the next three years. Di din naman nagplaplace mexico Dari consistently eh major player na Telemundo non.

  8. The makeup application was “marumi” – I’m sorry to say. It’s either the quality of makeup they used or the technique of the MUA, or both, wasn’t good. I could still see her pores, imperfections and lines. The brows are too dark and hard; they even went too close to each other. Very strong brows makes her look too harsh & masculine. The face had too much contour shading, “marumi” tingnan. The colors they used were all too warm, and all in the same range, which makes a client’s look very flat and uninteresting. They didn’t study her features well. The upper third of Bea’s face is larger, and they are minimizing her eyes (her best assets) by crowding it out with a dark & strong set of brows. So her MUA needs to lengthen the lower thirds by creating a very smooth finish on her cheeks and jaws. No harsh nose & cheekbone contour shading. Too much shading/contouring would further shorten the lower part of her face. One could almost make a “balbas” out of the heavy& dirty contour shading. Her lips were badly drawn, one could still see where the liner and lip shade starts and ends. On the second picture, Her cheek highlights were low, and emphasized her pores (because of the application of the foundation underneath, or the quality of the highlighter). One could still see hair around her lip area. The bumps on her nose could still be seen, even a pimple mark on her forehead. The lip liner was badly disconnected from the upper lip. The nose tip & sides lacked foundation & powder coverage. The neck lines were almost laid bare. Her chest lacked makeup coverage, the skin there looked different from her face. Her mascara wasn’t evenly applied, one could still see powder on it. Those dark bushy brows make her look like a man. One could even see the line drawn above her brows. And even a portion of her attire was torn – may “nisnis”. Quite frustrating.

    Al in all, they failed to soften her features and bring out her best assets.

    • @ charlotte york Let’s see what @ Luke has to say. From a Marketing perspective.

      Koya, comment please. 🙂

      • Hi @Flor, you called me out so here’s my response. I understand where @charlotte york is coming from (she’s probably a makeup expert). You see what you see when you zoom in on those photos (they’re high res anyway). There’s not much digital material to work around and they’ve also posted that first photo on the MU website so no use commenting on it.

        For any marketing campaign, the photo should tell a story apt for the pre-determined purpose. For example, if this was a classic cover girl selection to promote a cosmetics line, Paraguay is the stand out among the lot. It’s not only because she’s facially stunning but because her shooting coach, styling team and photographer did things right. All elements work well – simple teal one-shouldered dress to complement Nadia’s skin tone and opens up her neckline, asymmetrical pose of her shoulder blades, charcoal grey background that pops her out, moderate lighting to eliminate shadows in jawlines and temples, light breezy hair flow, minimal jewelry, and unobstructed gaze with a hint of a squint. The girl also knows how to look straight at the camera with just a hint of playfulness (no toothy smiles) without being intimidating. One wonders what makeup is she wearing.

        Namibia is my choice for cover if the purpose is to promote cosmetics for darker skin. Interestingly, everything Chelsi did in that photo is very different than that of Nadia’s – extra ornate colorful ear and neck pieces, high contrast saturated lighting to bring out the gloss of her chocolate skin tone, and wide smile. Cropped hair works for Sub-Saharan African ladies like her but could be tricky for light skinned counterparts. All these “extra” exotic elements blend well to form a cohesive marketable cover.

        If I’m selecting a profile for a travel companion magazine, that of Italy is my preference. This is where an art director’s imagination works. I will be looking for a photo of a girl that tells a story “in a single gaze” and seems to be “thinking where to go” – looking far ahead, squinting of her eyes, positioning of the chin, slight tension in the forehead. I can visualize her holding on a luggage wearing that pin-stripped tan blazer inside an airport terminal.

        If this was a cover advert for say, a business proposition (e.g., banking and services), that of Miss Singapore fits the bill – simple and straightforward, no fuss no frills, determined smile.

        Just sharing my thoughts on a early breakfast Friday morning. TGIF.

  9. Miss Namibia’s photo made the strongest impression on me.

    Miss Iceland has really pretty face. Too soft makeup?

    Because I already had higher expectations of Miss Paraguay, her photo unfortunately didn’t make much impact.

    Miss Philippines still has one of the best headshots. I really want straight hair for Bea. But I completely understand why they went for lush big curls.

    • @ nunyabiz1991 Chelsi Shikongo is LOVE.

      From @ jaretwrightlover’s comment (below), I will assume MUIceland is ‘white as snow’, unlike the eye candy that is Birta Abiba Porhalsdottir. These Northwestern Europeans need to color up a bit! Puti ka na nga, ‘tas puti pa dress at make-up mo, ‘eh ‘di nagmukha kang papel.

      Nadia now needs to pace herself. She came in strong. Like they say, it’s marathon not sprint.

      • IMO, If Chelsi has the same confidence and depth as Zozi, it’s game over.

        Although I still feel they are going to give it to Europe this edition.

        Let’s see if Iceland’s persistence will pay off this year.

      • Have a look at Finland , Norway , Sweden , Denmark … & yes Iceland is lovely but from her prior pics , her body is not MU material …

  10. NEWSFLASH : The MU website has the pictures of the delegates and the official number is 80 !

    Scandinavia is back ! they all look like your tytpical Scandinavian beauty ! Albania looks like Angeline Jolie and Czech is Vavavoom !!

    India and Paraguay do not really look good in their pictures … Korea ! she is lovely , we still have to see USA, UAE & Russia …. Indonesia is officially not sending a delegate , Vietnam may be up there in the semis or just a spoiler … Bea is wearing the red dress , good choice !

    • Self-promote pa more #TeamAhasAndKweens. Watch out for Singapore kasi alaga ni Evil Mama J? LOL. Do the work mga Inday. Ang sama na ng reputasyon niyo. Act like a professional org. Wag kanalism please.


    Is Miss Universe UAE going ahead?
    Pageant opens voting site and leaves space for Emirates

    This week, the Miss Universe UAE coronation night was cancelled and a new date remains unannounced, but there is still time to crown a winner

    On Sunday, the planned coronation night for the first Miss Universe UAE pageant was cancelled owing to “time constraints”, according to a statement posted by organisers on their Instagram Stories.

    A new date has not been announced, but the submission deadline for national winners is still 10 days away.

    National directors are being given until Saturday, November 20, to crown their winners or name their candidates, and then upload headshots and biographies to the Miss Universe poll site.

    • @ ClaiRe IbbeTson ‘Eto na naman ‘tong mga unspecified reason/s. ‘Time constraints’, my (beep!). How could there be time constraints if they already laid out a schedule at the beginning? You either keep your schedule or you don’t & if you don’t there’s always a valid reason & they’re not saying… UNLESS, THIS IS A PUBLICITY STUNT. At the midnight hour, ‘tsaka sila magsasabi.

      But note that it is possible to ‘name their candidate’. Puwede mag-appoint! That makes it a LOT easier to get the numbers. Basta afford ang franchise, any ‘ND/sash/country’ can now join. G!

  12. By this time yung prelim gown at final eh tapos na dapat. Wala nang surprise surprise pa. May mga eklabo eklabo end up pangit kasi hindi fit sa kanya. Ipakita kaagad para yung mga critics na mga baklita eh maglabasan na 😂 Every year nalang namomoblema tayo sa rep natin keso ganito mukang bakla keso hindi marunong sa communication. Except nung year ni Catriona whole package ang ghurl. Taggapin na natin hindi sya kagandahan kung itatapat sa mga kalaban nya.Anung meron sya eh yung fanaticong pilipino na ipaglalaban sya. So goodluck 😀


    • ^up – another alternick of Mamang Paquito Butete X, angela perez butete!! Inggiterong mamang bakla!!! Hahahah!!!


  14. First thoughts are “Pwede na.” or “Maganda naman.” instead of, “Wow! Ang ganda!” 😅😜✌🏽

    But how often does the most beautiful (or most photogenic) face in a beauty pageant actually win the crown?

    • Rather than finds way of improving her, twisting valid criticisms ang mga pota. Di natin ikakapanalo yan. Makinig kayo #TeamAhasAndKweens. Wala kayong monopoly ng knowledge. Specially now na chakarot outputs niyo. Do not live in the past. You are no longer the Aces and Queens you used to be.

  15. Juice me. Ang madla, dili na maka-move on kay Rabiya. Siya pa rin ang frame of reference. Nag-post na nga si Uncle na mag-a-artista na siya. Sa madaling salita, GET OVER IT, PEOPLE. She’s history…

    If it’s true that we are among the top MU franchisees (in terms of rate), then precisely the worst thing you can do is to show it, that we are. We should, if we are wise~smart, look the opposite. Think about that.

  16. Madam Belo, isa ka mga judges na nagpanalo diyan, baka pwede mo namang remedyohan ang mga linya sa leeg ni Ms. PH.

  17. For now I’ve got Puerto Rico and Colombia in my top 5.
    I have yet to see Bea’s final transformation and press releases to see if I can include her in my top taking into consideration what MUPh had done for Rabiya which was a total fail from the 100 wardrobe from cheap palengke designers, the unnecessary cosmetic enhancements, the horrendous stylist duo, the despicable pasarela coach down to the ill-fitting and inappropriate prelims gown etc.

    • And oh not to forget that barangay-ish and outdated hairdo during the evening gown preliminary competition.

  18. She was prettiest in Miss Cebu. Of course, her makeup was slightly dated yet it emphasized her features better than any of the two looks above. And @FabianReyes is right, a ponytail suits her very well.

  19. I find her beautiful in photo #1.

    While beauty of the face is important, let us not be so fixated on it. Janine Togonon was not THAT stunning face-wise, and yet managed to get a decent placement.

    Bea is beautiful. Her handlers just need to find the perfect styling for her. My only advice :

    1) No fake obvious boobs and veneers please.
    2) Wag masyadong baklain ang itsura and styling nya. A lot of these pageant stylists are gays. There is tendency to unleash vicariously through the girls their inner fantasies (ex. Drag queen make-up, hair style, attire. Lol). Pinag lalaruan.

    Bea has other things to offer than mere beauty. Her confidence, being articulate, and her back stories (and there are many of them) will bode well her for her in Israel.

    World Peace.

    • Ang ganda kaya ni janine. Nakita ko na yan ng personal. Hindi lang sya photogenic and telegenic pero sa personal napakaganda nya. Pati nga si megan young aminadong na-intimidate sa ganda ni janine kaya di na itinuloy mag-join sa bb. at the next year nag-join sa miss world phil.

  20. A lot of Candidates from the Carribean look like above
    What’s wrong with a simple ponytail ?

  21. Grabe ang miss universe Brasil walang chakang kandidata. They are indeed the most beautiful woman in the universe. Ma black, mulatta, blonde, morena

    • Wow, I agree with you. Walang itulak kabigin sa Tough 5 nila 🙂 Lahat ay qualified, beauty-wise. **Pics lang ang nakita ko, not the performances.

      That said, I’m not sure about her (again, not knowing how she really performed, but obviously very well since she won). She’s indeed beautiful but ordinary. Between her and Miss Paraguay, I will choose the latter. Para lang may “it” factor sa akin si Paraguay (ang dami na nyang Instagram followers). But this is a very early opinion, and not a prediction at all.

      • Anonymous, many of Paraguay’s critics say that she’s a “TikTok generation” candidate, that is all beauty no substance. She is a TikTok star to begin with.

      • @ Diana Hayden If MU wants to penetrate China, then using TikTok is a good start!

        (Though I feel Nadia might be ‘el Tocuyo’d’. But if MUO needs someone who can effortlessly connect w/ today’s youth, she might be given a role of some sort. Let’s see what they’ll do w/ her.)

    • @ Diana Hayden Teresab (?) Santos of Ce’ara won. Province-mate ni Hendson Baltazar.

      A blonde Latina, so good (though I was rooting for Sergipe, who came in 2nd RU)! But to concur with @ Anonymous (above, who replied to you), Nadia Ferreira does register more exciting.

      Teresab looks mannish with her facial (bone) structure. Pasarela, though clean, is nothing to write home about (unlike Nutnicha’s ‘tornado’ though Cinderella snuffed her out). Palagay ko, nairaos sa Question Round. It was wonderful to see Monalysa Alcantara again!

      Source : Top Universe Queen.

      For now, only Puerto Rico & India are guaranteed for my Top 3.

  22. If I may suggest, I’d love to see Bea in a well-tanned skin tone. She’d look more Filipina by then. Bea is naturally beautiful. So, when it comes to look department, she can easily standout from the rest during the competition.

    I just hope that the MUP Team is on the right track in terms of Bea’s preparation. They have barely a month left to do everything, so they probably are more than half way there.

    Good luck, Bea and MUP Team!

    That’s all.

    • she’s out and proud of the community she’s in… move on na, isaisip mo n Pilipinas ang identity nya sa laban… kasama k… kaya mas maganda kung tutulong k n lng to “Inspire” her para palalakasin loob nya👸

      • WillYam, if she’s out and proud of the community she’s in, then by no means she should also be proud of her Tomboy walk o Tumba walk.

      • WillYam, if she’s out and proud of the community she’s in, then by all means she should also be proud of her Tomboy walk o Tumba walk.

  23. Oh God, talagang ready na sya to conquer the Universe. Nakaka-excite ang MU this year unlike nung 2020 na excessively exposed at overhyped si Rabiya na biglang nawala ang kanyang ningning sa finals! Go Bea, go go go Pilipinas! 🇵🇭

  24. I like her on the 1st photo. Beyond compare! Malayo sa 2nd make-up which is so ordinary.
    At a first glance, i thought u saw in her J-lo with her make up.

  25. I like her on the 1st photo. Beyond compare! Malayo sa 2nd make-up which is so ordinary.
    At a first glance, i thought u saw in her J-lo with her make up.

  26. I generally prefer Bea in lighter/brighter makeup. I’m actually liking many of her test looks recently. Hoping the experimentation will lead to great results.

  27. With Telemundo returning as a major player in Miss Universe and providing the pageant with larger financial resources, I sort of anticipate the pageant to tweak its algorithm in selecting their winners — expect more Latinas and Europeans in the forefronts, perhaps more emphasis on physical beauty that appeals to the Latin American audience which Telemundo hopes to recapture, and bigger more expensive pageant presentations.

    • @Casper, it is simple business economics. What else would trigger sales and resales of broadcasting rights, and replays and re-runs throughout the huge Latin American airwaves, except a Latina winner?

      • I agree, the big threats would be :

        Miss Brazil- Largest Portuguese speaking country, 2nd largest Market of Telemundo after Mexico & played a large role in the establishment of the State of Israel.

        Miss India- India-Israel relationship has been very close and warm under the premiership of Narendra Modi since 2014. India was the largest arms customer of Israel in 2017. Defence relations between the two countries are longstanding. And Indians is the largest minority group in Israel comprising of blue-collar workers…

        Miss USA- A close allie of Israel and has largest Jewish population in the world

        Miss Puerto Rico- base of Telemundo and territory/proxy of the US.

        Miss China- her country is one of Israel’s closest economic allies in East Asia.

      • @ Closer2Fame Top 3 sa MUBrazil 2021 ay Ce’ara, Sergipe, & Piaui. I’m rooting for Sergipe.

        That sounds like a promising Final 3 – India, Puerto Rico, & either USA or Brazil. Old-school MU.

        I REALLY hope China took MU more seriously. ‘Yung tipong Runner-up nila nung year ni Oksana Fedorova. Their rep this year again looks plain Jane-ish even by Chinese standards. Roxette Qiu of 2017 probably would have not been noticed had she not had her short mane; I think of her as a thoroughly oriental Kaci Fennel.

        Back to this post…

        The upper (official) photo I prefer. Something about that coppery eye-liner/shadow in the lower/second photo feels off… Parang, if she showed up at the Prelims Interview looking like that & I were a judge, I’d be inclined to score her low(er).

      • @Flor…

        I agree… China is actually the target of Miss Universe org as a venue and for sponsorship… If they send a
        well qualified representative who is at least fluent in English.. They could finaly win Miss Universe…

  28. Madali lang manalo sa MU. Look like a queen. Talk like a queen. Walk like a queen. A sweetheart to the press and audience. A woman of substance. Confidently beautiful but not necessarily the most beautiful contestant. Can talk anything under the sun, etc. etc.🙂

  29. I just wish one of the photos has her hair up so that we can differentiate more between two looks …
    She looks better in the red dress


  31. I like the 1st look. Bea, don’t worry about those negative baklas here. Puro puna, walang namang ambag. They are bitter that their candidates lost, and even more bitter that they have useless balls haha!

  32. Ok lang. Not super-excited but also not too underwhelmed. With Bea, unlike Rabiya, I feel a fighting spirit inside of her. And she’s a naturally smart girl. I think she will excel come pageant time.

    The good thing is, wala pa aqng nakitang uber gorgeous candidate (thus far, 1/2 pa lang ang loaded) sa official MU link/website na masasabi kong better than Bea. Underwhelming ang official portraits of Colombia, Curaçao, Venezuela, South Africa, to name a few. ‘Still waiting sa USA. I am really hoping that they send a total upgrade than last year’s 🙂

  33. Bea on the top photo is simply gorgeous. I have said it before that big curly hair compliments her chiseled facial features. That makes her more elegant.

    While we’ve spotted poorly styled Bea in the past few days (that Mega cover is the unfashionably fashion look of Bea), I thought it is a part of the make up style training of Bea that the MUP team are hardly working on.

    I have no doubt on Bea. Her beauty is chameleonic, so she would easily be styled a la Hollywood glam or a runway diva. Ergo, I believe on her chances in Miss Universe.

    That’s all.

    • #TeamAhasAndKweens, tigilan na self-promotion niyo. Do the work and makinig sa criticisms. Napag-iwanan na ng panahon nga styles and atake niyo. Please lang. Open your eyes to the reality. Tapos na ang Venus to Pia era niyo.

  34. The look that suits her right now is the look wherein she’s looking for another stylist and make-up artist..✌

  35. Maigsi at maraming lines ang leeg. Hindi kaayaayang tingnan. Maganda sana kapag swanlike. Hungag ug ilong. The beauty of face is so ordinary at hindi pang beauty queen material. Trying so hard to look fierce. Hindi maganda ang posture. Masyado malaki ang balakang. Kapag naglalakad na ay parang nachuchukchakan. Flat chested. Nakakasagot ng mga tanong pero walang depth. At 18, Sushmita is far more intelligent than her.

    • lines on the neck similar to those of Chat Silayan (RIP) who landed in the top 5 MU1980 ,,,

  36. I choose the first photo
    Gone are the days that beauty queens always don a pusod 80s 90s

  37. Wala naman bearing sa score ang portrait photo diba?

    Ne hindi na nga sila naga-award ng Miss Photogenic diba?

    So, que ver!

    Ang mahalaga saken, kahit hindi ko ganung ka-gusto si Beatrice eh magaling at maganda ang communication skills niya! Konting fierce lang, Inday! Kaya mo yan! Ipakita mo sa kanila ang pagiging Cebuana mo! From Dindi to Emmanuelle to Maureen to Cindy, puro sila “dalagang Filipina” puro mahihinhin!

    Ganun din sa pasarela, konting fierceness and konting landi lang, Makakabalik tayo sa Top 3! Makuha mo lang Inday ang 2nd Runner up Finish masaya na ko!

  38. Weak talaga mga mamshie. Evil Mama J, do your magic. Yung ginawa mo kay Venus to Pia. Have you lost your touch??

    • sinabi ko “my winner” bakit k ng thumbsdown… di ko sinabing “we” , i hope you comprehend 😄😂

      • If I may suggest, I’d love to see Bea in a well-tanned skin tone. She’d look more Filipina by then. Bea is naturally beautiful. So, when it comes to look department, she can easily standout from the rest during the competition.

        I just hope that the MUP Team is on the right track in terms of Bea’s preparation. They have barely a month left to do everything, so they probably are more than half way there.

        Good luck, Bea and MUP Team!

        That’s all.

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