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  1. Kung any any-ano Sinabi sa announcement. Ang gulo, sanga sanga. Wala jang maintindihan!
    Hindi ko tinapos basahin. First sentence pa lang alam mo na ba Bali skill! Allergic ako sa mga ganyan!

  2. Ayan gurl bida bida ka kasi dapat si Buknoy Glamour ang ipapadala dito nabudol ka tuloy. Habol ka nalang sa Magandang Filipinas o kaya sa Hiyas ng Filipinas ni Mam Eba.

  3. I just learned from @Beth’s comment in previous blogs that Oaxaca Mexico is the same venue where Miss Global had problems involving the local host organizing committee, so serious that it hounds the pageant’s reputation until now. It seems that glamour events and beauty contests cannot deodorize the city’s notoriety for massacres, political assassinations and drug cartel wars.

    • @scorg — Yup, that was the Miss Global 2019 scandal, held in January 2020 in Oaxaca. From an article I read, all the judges walked out on coronation night because the Miss Global president Van Pham suddenly decided to handpick the winners by a singular decision, absent of the judges’ final approval.

      Shortly after the coronation, the contestants were told to leave their hotel immediately and they were rushed to the airport due to “safety concerns” that were never fully explained. The pageant’s 2020 edition was scheduled for September 2020 in Bali, Indonesia. It was cancelled due to the covid pandemic.

      • @Casper, is the “safety concerns” during the 2019 Miss Global scandal the same reason behind the rather anemic and lame Official Statement issued by the Miss Glamour International candidates?

      • @scorg — The ‘safety concerns’ shortly after the Miss Global 2019 coronation was probably a ruse to get the candidates out of their hotel LOL. Miss Zimbabwe in an interview said Miss Mexico’s boyfriend was a major sponsor in Oaxaca, so when she lost, I guess that became a ‘concern’. Add to that Miss Colombia’s very public breakdown onstage. So the organizers had the Mexicans and the Colombians pissed off! Not good.

        Back to Miss Glamour — this collective ‘official statement’ above by the candidates mentions ‘badly planned logistics’ and ‘lack of fulfillment of promises’ by a ‘poorly led organization’ — well, we already knew that! I wish the statement could have been more specific as to what really happened.

  4. Bakit hindi na lang sila Ang nagpaligsahan doon sa Mexico. Sila Ang mag organize paano Ang selection of winners. Lahat sila winners 🙂
    Madali lang kumuha ng instant sponsor doon. Siguro naman may hotel at TV network na mag sponsor. Gamitan Basta may bayad lahat ng contestants 🤭😆 LOL
    Kung ako nandyan, yan Ang gagawin kung tulong sa mga participants na na scam😊
    TV guesting etc para bongga Ang kanilang show 😱🙂

  5. Korak!

    Lesson learned, huwag patola sa mga pageant na nagsusulputang parang kabute kung saan-saan! Para silang mga squatter, kung saan-saan naglipana!

    Hindi porque inaugural edition eh con todo participacion agad-agad ang Pelepenis!

    Kaya nga nagkameron ng Big 4 pageant dahil sila yung proven na may track record in pageantry! May lineage! May credibility! May advocacy! Hindi yung kung anek-anek lang! My Gosh abelgash!

  6. Nyek!

    (Kaya ako, lesson learned din. All along, I knew it was going to be an uphill climb. I just ended up all stressed out by the thought. So, I got rid of it in one fell swoop. What remnant will eventually be extinguished by the cold crush of the gentle-but-steady snow.)

    • (Cont.)

      I’ll bet a lawyer friend of theirs helped draft this. Also, maybe police authorities may have advised them to go easy, to aid in flushing out or finding the accused. Sometimes, to hear the mouse you have to stay quiet as a graveyard. Since, as Kevin Costner said in that film he starred in with Woody Harellson, ‘criminals & mustangs always come home’. So with enough patience, diligence, & vigilance, they can be corralled.

  7. I have learned from one of my bosses that a good communication statement is one that you need not further explain.

    The official statement above is an example of a bad communication statement. It begs more questions. I don’t want to add more insult to injury. However, please take note of the following:

    1) “For reasons beyond our control” = entrusting a poorly led organization was beyond your control? Naman. Shouldn’t you have done some due diligence or at the very least investigate the organization?

    2) The “contestants unanimously DECIDED to not continue” – Really? From your FB post just hours before the pageant, you were so excited and asking for prayers pa nga di ba? There are even YouTube videos (I am sure it can only come from you), about your escapades in Mexico.

    3). Yes, provide a PERSONAL TESTIMONY. It is needed.

    This post is not to further embarrass the girls or specifically Gianna. Let us be clear, the organizer is the bad guy. But come on Gianna, you entered the contest with eyes wide open. I am not even sure if you appointed yourself to join a six-delegate “international” pageant. Own up to at least a small part of the blame.

    Let this be a lesson to organizers, camps, girls and enablers.

    World Peace.

      • @ Norman Gud Wed AM.

        Remember I asked about the results of MUUAE, originally scheduled for 7 Nov (last Sun)?

        There’s a post on Miss Universe 2021 FB page that it was cancelled. No reason was given.


        (Kailan po ba lipad ni Bea pa-Israel? Will she leave early? Any updates on the MWP campaigns?)

    • @Thomas – Thank you for noticing that the girls’ supposed official statement left more questions than gave answers.

      The “statement” makes me wonder if the girls simply want to be pressed for details (Ano ba talaga ang nangyari?) or if they believe that they were being clear (like a colleague who writes a kilometric incident report that goes nowhere).

      Girls, not women, the Miss Glamour candidates are if six of them could only muster ambiguity.

      Gianna, ano ba talaga nangyari?

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