15 comments on “Shane Tormes is Miss Global Philippines 2021

  1. Miss Global, unfortunately, has had its share of scandal.

    From an article I read, the 2019 edition of Miss Global was held in Oaxaca of all places. The scandal involved all the judges literally walking out on coronation night because they claimed Miss Global president Van Pham suddenly decided to handpick the winners by a singular decision, absent of the judges’ final approval.

    According to the article, shortly after the coronation, the contestants were told to leave their hotel immediately that same night, and they were rushed to the airport due to “safety concerns” that were never fully explained by the organizers.

    The pageant’s 2020 edition scheduled for September 2020 in Bali, Indonesia, was cancelled due to the covid pandemic.

  2. Another no-name, D-list pageant.
    Yup! Philippine pageantry is like a woman na lahat na ng manliligaw niya (big & cheap international pageants) ay di-nate at pinatulan niya.
    Disregarding all standards.
    Anything for a crown 🥴

  3. I think pageants (including Miss Universe) should raise their age limits to 21-30yo. Better for some to enter teen pageants first. For example, before there was a Miss Teen International title for Binibini. 👑💐🕊️🌎

  4. I don’t want to sound presumptuous, but I sometimes have an uncanny feeling that new pageants sprouting everywhere in the world invite the participation of the Philippines and other pageant powerhouses as part of their promotional strategy. The participation of these countries obviously add legitimacy to the contest, and creates a bandwagon effect for other countries to join too. It is not far-fetched if even the winner is chosen according to their strategic playbook. In pageantry business, it is Marketing 101 indeed.

  5. She needs to find the right styling
    What is to do with the nose and the hair especially ?
    If looks like this has been the major problem that prevented her from doing well at Binibini?

  6. Oh excellent choice… I am sure she will do very very well , or might even claim victory !

    I think this is the pageant that is open to higher age groups …

  7. I hope the international franchisor, Miss Global, is legit. It pains me to see our world-class beauties being sent to international beauty contests that turn out to be fly-by-night.

    • @ scorg You may refer to the thread begun by @ Beth in the previous post on Gianna Llanes regarding legitimacy of the MGlobal organization. Plenty there. You be the judge, Sir. 🙂

      • @Flor: ok, Miss Global seems legit, based on the narrative ny @Beth. The only brouhaha that seems to hound its image was the edition that was held in Oaxaca Mexico some years back, involving the local organizing committee. Yes, the same venue of this year’s Miss Glamour imbroglio. It seems that beauty contests cannot deodorize Oaxaca’s notoriety for massacres and political and drug-related assassinations.

  8. Auguri! In bocca al lupo.

    She is from Atimonan, no Uncle? Town mate with Ahtisa & that Sarmiento guy who was our bet at Mr Global 2018?

    This will be an exciting journey to follow! And that of Sam 3.0.

    (Patrizia Garcia was a co-applicant at BBP 2018, said tagged article. Can she try still for MUP?)

    (I also wonder if Praeww can be appointed to rep Thailand in Bali. She’s ~30 now, & with the new MUT Court sana naman puwede na siya i-release sa contract with TPN. Ms Global is up to 35!)

    • Really Flor, 35 yo puede sa miss global. Dapat mag apply na Yung 28- 30 yrs old na dating beauty pageant contestants at pagpipilian nlang online by votes, each contestants present themselves in video. 40% people’s choice + 60% judges/owner votes🙂

    • (Cont.)

      Good Tue AM, Uncle.

      I reviewed the MPE 2020 results (Wikipedia), in line with Shane’s performance.

      Three ladies, in particular, look promising to ‘try again’.

      Does Tsina Jade Chu want to give M(Ilo)2x a try? Her over-all profile suggests ‘successor to Ann Palmares’.

      Hannah Bithia Merino (Sta. Rosa City) & Arielle Jazmin Roque (Gen. Santos City, para may ‘Jasmine’ ulit sa MUP!) are from HUCC’s which should easily have AP’s (Mariel Pascua’s for the latter?).

      @ bong700 Hello! Yes. 35 is their age ceiling.

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