11 comments on “Miss Culture International Philippines 2021 Samela Aubrey Godin

  1. Another no-name pageant.
    Philippine pageantry is like a woman na lahat na yata ng manliligaw niya (big and cheap international pageants) eh di-nate at pinatulan niya 🥴

  2. Any update on ‘iss Glamour International?
    I assume she did not do well or we would have head something by now

    • @ Fabian Reyes Gianna responded to concerns raised by her supporters that the Finale had not proceeded as scheduled. She said she’s OK & that she would ‘give an official statement’ & that she ‘love(s) (us) all’.

      I don’t know if I’m at liberty to divulge names/pages; baka ‘di dapat magsalita… But yes, Gianna is still in Mexico.

      I-message mo na lang kaya si Uncle? Friend niya ‘yung isang member ng support team ni Gianna.

  3. Sana Yung mga beteranang pa good bye na sa pageant Ang ipadala Basta belong pa rin sa maximum age requirement. Naaawa lang ako sa kanila 🤭🤪walang cherette

    • @ bong700 To be fair to KF (or any camp for that matter), it seems they try. 🙂

      Other factors also come into play. Like si… Sino nga ba ‘yun? ‘Yung lone Cebu rep this year sa BBP na naka-confine (still?) ang mother sa isang hospital sa Hong Kong due to kidney issues. She was appointed Miss Grand Hong Kong & will go up against our own Sam 3.0 next month.

      Or, if your passport has been strengthened by frequent travel & powerful visas (Dindi Pajares & Rowee Lucero-Sasaluya come to mind).

      And like @ Closer2Fame likes to emphasize, dual citizenship passports help.

      Perhaps Samela, here, has been to South Africa before.

  4. Mabilis lang. Parang one week all-in. 26 Nov (departure) – 4 Dec (Finale). Inaugural edition. Hope we finish strong, if not win. AUGURI!

    Uncle, how does KF find these ‘smaller’ pageants? Have they already put together an extensive database of pageant organizations as to be so well-connected? Or, is it a case of any Filipino who acquires the franchise of any pageant being entitled to avail of their services (subject to terms, of course)? Kasi, kahit ang HnP (through Eva Patalinjug) & that ICSM-IP-PGQ went through KF…

    (Speaking of HnP, Shannon Tampon was appointed as advance rep to MElite. After MCI siya?)

    Bakit po ito, makakapag-live pageant? Sina Kody at Joe na Sud Africa din, virtual? Nag-relax na ba ng restrictions sa Johannesburg? The ‘South African variant’ of SARS-CoV2 is now contained?

    • (Cont.)


      That’s a legit approach~business model. CREATE THE CONDITIONS IN WHICH YOU THRIVE.

      Does KF now have overseas bureaus? Where are they? Are OFW’s involved? Please, tell them to give Italy, Nepal, & Myanmar or Laos their first BIG crowns!

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