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  1. I hope Miss Philippines, Miss Puerto Rico and Miss Colombia get the money they “loaned” to the pageant organizer who had to borrow money from them. Huge red flag when the pageant organizer starts to ask for loans from the candidates…

    Not to mention that big blowup in the hotel lobby when the proverbial sh*t finally hit the fan when meals and room service were denied the candidates due to unpaid hotel bills.

    Candidates have been relying on the kindness of strangers, including some of the candidates’ parents who happened to be there, as well as the employees of the Canadian embassy and some of the local folks from the barrio. At least they had something to eat, or worse thrown outside and spend the night at the town public square. The whole of Oaxaca is abuzz!

    Oh well, I hope all 6 candidates managed to get the hell out of Dodge safely and move on from this sad chapter in the world of pageantry. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for this pageant’s second edition in 2022!

      • Yup, right — no second edition. Wonder what happened to the pageant organizer? He’s probably counting his cash by now… and who is going to pay the hotel bills? Is that why the candidates can’t just up and leave?

        Any official word from the Philippine franchise holder?

    • @ Casper This pageant will most probably not have a second edition. That will be its one & only.

      And something must be done so that these people, if it is proven they have done similar things before, don’t resurface somewhere with yet another scam (if it could be called that).

      We await Gianna’s statement on the matter, which she said she would make. Take ur time, dear.

      In the meantime, it may be time again to check up on Tracy. If memory serves me right, MW begins on the 19th, which is just 10 days from now. And Taty should be seeing action by month’s end; it will ‘back to Egypt’ for us after Cinderella’s ball!

      • Yup, I agree Flor. Something must be done with these fly by night pageant scammers.

        More vetting of these organizations, e.g., verification of their credentials and financial standing, etc. need to be done before sending our reps would be a great start to mitigate this kind of crap.

    • @ Casper That’s another matter.

      If there were a local franchisee, we should have heard from them by now.

      I commented (deep below) that there are times candidates join on their own. But, yes. Let’s wait for Gianna to say her side.

      • @Flor – Yeah, I was wondering why the local franchisee (if one exists) has not yet put out an official statement. Hmmm.

        I did not know that there are times when candidates are able to join on their own and appoint themselves — which I assume would be at their own expense, and at their own risk — yikes!

        It would really be interesting to hear what Gianna has to say about her entire experience when she’s on safer ground!

  2. I do not mind sending the country’s representative to a lesser known pageant. But franchise holder or pageant camp should be prudent in checking its legitimacy.

  3. glamour international brouhaha is now picked up by mainstream media.. . all of a sudden, I smell a publicity stunt orchestrated by the organizers..if I’m wrong, at least I don’t have covid since my olfactory still functions..chos. this is their maiden edition right? hmmm

    • @ Marvin1978 — Yeah, right. Had it not been for this very public scandal including the hint of danger for the candidates, there would be very little media attention to this pageant, and very few of us would be discussing this pageant right now.

  4. Unpaid hotel accommodations and the last minute cancellation of the pageant with the organizers nowhere to be found, leaving the candidates to fend for themselves? I bet that’s just the tip of the iceberg…

  5. The result of the;
    Lust for a crown by pinay pageants girls + Greed of pinoy pageant orgs. and camps 🤷🏻‍♂️

    • Would you use the word lust when Pia and Catriona acted on their ambition to take the MU crown?

      I don’t think think so.

    • Pati beauty pageant hosted by the Taliban malamang patulan ng mga desperadang local pageant girls and “business oriented” local pageant groups 😅

  6. Why did she even choose to stay in the pageant with candidates?
    I prob would leave if there were less than 20 candidates.

  7. Any word on Gianna’s predicament?

    I feel sad that a dream to represent the PH in the international stage can turn into a nightmare for some Filipinas.

    Is it possible to vet these events for safety and legitimacy before sending our girls?

    Whether it is in an alpha or in a minor pageant, countless of bad things can happen to these girls when they are in a foreign land.

    I hope camps and organizations put the safety and well-being of the girls before crown and glory.

  8. While I commiserate with Gianna on her plight, let this be a lesson to pageant organizers not to simply send reps without a thorough scrutiny of the contest they are sending contestants to. Yes, we just have a surplus of beautiful world-class beauties, but that is not an excuse to send reps to just about any global pageant that mushrooms somewhere. The pageantry industry in the Philippines produces many high-caliber beauties yearly, and it should not drag down the quality of its “products” by taking them to “tiangge” outlets.

    • Why would anybody send a rep with just 6 contestants. I would have said no in joining. I will try to find a much better pageant which is much well known and who has more than six competitors. Philippines has just become greedy with sending reps even if it’s just a minor pageant.

      • @Mikama1, another basic question before sending a rep to a beauty pageant is the venue, and/or the homebase of the organizer. Just where is Oaxaca, Mexico? What is its reputation? Simple Google research will yield that Oaxaca’s notoriety is the massacre some years back of student-and-teacher-protesters, the disappearances and gunning down of protesters marking anniversaries of the massacre. Believed to be behind these? Drug cartels.

  9. Oh my, the PH Embassy should be alerted at once!

    Filipinos in CA should also step up the same way they do for MUPH candidates!

    Hoping for her safe return.

  10. This is not the time for pointing fingers. We can help by offering our prayers for her safety. We don’t know the kind of people who are behind this pageant. They might have connections (may kapit in case things go wrong) to silence people. Let us PRAY for their SAFETY. Nothing matters more now than their safety in a foreign country.

  11. This is very concerning. Latest news on line has it that the bogus organizers allegedly did not pay for cost of hotel accommodation which left the candidates to fend for themselves. Very shady organization indeed. This wouldn’t be the first time that something like this happened in Oaxaca, Mexico. I still recall the rather scandalous Miss Global 2019 competition held in the same Mexican state (that which was participated by Riza Santos as Miss Philippines). Hope our rep gets home safely soon. Certainly, local franchisees should thoroughly vet before fielding reps.

    • Kung totoo, didn’t they just appoint Shane Tormes to represent us sa Miss Global? Legit na ba ito now?

      • Miss Global has already earned its reputation in the pageant world and is participated by more than 50 countries.
        Their yearly pageant was just put on hold for a time due to covid.

      • @Anonymous, definitely a fact. The case of Miss Global 2019 was seemingly the fault of the Mexican host organization and the local sponsors. What happened there was a temporary fly in the ointment in it’s brand. The core organizer (Vietnamese-Canadian) had sent an apology and detailed explanation of what transpired to all national franchisees (you can fact check as info is still available on line if you search). Riza also posted her views on the matter as well as some other girls, including of course Miss Colombia who was a prime-mover in exposing the fraud in site.

      • @ Anonymous, @ JustPassingBy, & @ Beth Your chat reminded me of the somewhat similar development that occurred with the Thailand-based male counterpart contest, back in 2018 I think.

        No harm intended to parties concerned. Hope my sharing can be some source of positivity.

        Just as they were approaching their Finale, which also did not happen on the announced date, fans went worried. Eventually, it did but the explanation for the one- or two-day (parang initially dapat Saturday evening pero na-postpone to Monday) delay was that the organization was unable to pay a subcontractor for the event – or was it the show venue itself? – on time. You could imagine that if you were a candidate scheduled to go back home on Sunday so you could report back for work or school on Monday, the postponement may have been a bummer. Luckily, no one was reported to have backed out.

        Eventually, the organization put out an official apology and expressed commitment to ‘improving the brand’ in the years to come.

        The following year’s edition was visibly more toned-down.

        Then the pandemic struck, & they’ve not resumed since. But, there are already at least safely 15 national candidates named, including who else but of course yours truly, the Philippines.

      • Additionally @ Anonymous, @JustPassingby is correct in saying that Miss Global per se is a legitimate brand as it has been around for about 10 years now (having its inaugural edition was back 2011). In fact the Philippines had hosted 3 editions – i.e., in 2015, 2016 and 2018. Its design is actually more inclusive considering the age range of participation is wide from 18-35 years old and the fact that it accepts unwed mothers as participants. In dissecting the 2019 edition fiasco, we just need to clearly dissociate the core organization (based in the US) from the host country organization (Oaxaca-based) that year. As to some updates, this year’s Miss Global edition will be held in Bali, Indonesia so I guess the national directors/franchisees are willing to continue supporting this brand.

        Meanwhile, the circumstances surrounding this supposed Miss Glamour thingy is different. The core organization itself is spurious. Gianna has also posted an update earlier that she and the rest of the 5 other girls are being taken cared of by the family of one of them (no mention who). And that they are working the issue out with both the Philippine and Canadian embassies (since she’s a dual citizen). She also underscored that she (and the other girls) will issue detailed accounts of what happened once they arrive in their respective home countries (for safety reasons whatever that pertains to).

      • @Flor Tula, on the case of the Mister Global 2018 edition, Pradit, the president of the brand, also issued a public apology (still available on line for fact-checking) explaining why the competition was postponed for another day from its original scheduled finals. In brief, the organizers apparently partnered with another Thai company called Debut Co., Ltd. to organize and execute the competition. We also need to understand that although they’re both Thai-based, each has a distinct legal personality. A major chuck of such agreement with the partner organization included accommodations, media partnership, events production, etc. Unfortunately, a few days leading up to the finals, it was found out that the partner organization had been amiss on its payments on the hotel and competition venue. This was the main cause of the last minute cancellation of the finals.

      • @Beth…good to know naman. I was basically replying to you (lol…not realizing that you’re the same commenter who mentioned Riza’s sad fate, to only further qualify ITS legitimacy after my comment/concern). Tito Norms replied to an earlier post that Shane was appointed sa pageant na ito, kaya kinonnect ko lang sya. I like Shane so hoping na walang aberya na mangyayari sa kanya considering na may good reputation naman pala ang Miss Global and it’s a “legitimate” brand (as stated by justpassingby and confirmed by you, respectively). And the Riza brouhaha was just isolated.

        That being said, if google search is available, why not make it a resource (and beyond, and further, etc.) before we send these girls over? There should be a way to find out the legitimacy of the pageants. The directors and the camps should make these info their #1 priority.

        To reply to Fabian, too, “why did she even choose to stay in the pageant with (only 6) candidates?” Why even join the pageant to begin with? Hindi ba sila privy sa mga ganyang info before accepting (venue, #of entrants, reputation of the organizers, etc.)?

        I feel bad for Gianna. Praying for her safe return. True ba na Harvard graduate sya?

      • @Anonymous, I am just curious as you are as to how Gianna’s handlers knew and acceded to be part of that Miss Glamour competition. I hate speculating because if they are seasoned handlers, they should have known the basic ropes of background checking. There are even international companies that do background investigations (similar to credit card investigators). Anything can be done nowadays if you’re willing to shell out some money (they’re not that costly because legit companies are publicly listed). However, I would think her local handlers will issue an explanation once Gianna has returned. Probably in their minds, it’s too risky to agitate the Mexican organizers at this point (drug cartels are infamous in Mexico).

        As far as Gianna’s biographical sketch is concerned, the only information I could find are those from the Miss Earth organization – noting she was Miss Earth-Water 2020 (the year won by Roxanne Baeyens). You can consider her a pageant veteran as Gianna was also a Miss World Philippines 2018 candidate and Miss Mandaluyong 2019 runner-up. She was the winner of the MYX VJ competition circa 2014 and a former news reporter of the Philippines Canadian Inquirer (her crisp English accent and gift of gab are the give-aways). As far as her educational background is concerned, she professed that she graduated from Faith Academy in Cainta, Rizal, and then earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Communications at Ateneo de Manila University-Diliman. I’m not sure about the Harvard thing – it could just be some short training or a certificate course – I don’t know, really.

  12. Wouldn’t be surprised if a pageant was held in North Korea, Afghanistan or Chernobyl, kakagatin at sasalihan pa rin ng mga Pinoys 🤷🏻‍♂️
    Anyway, wishing her a safe journey back home.

  13. Lahat na lang kasi ng beauty pageant gustong patulan ng Pelepens!

    The pageant venue is Mexico pa!

    Filipino passport holder needs US visa to enter Mexico!

    I hope hindi siya na Samantha Lo incident diyan!


  14. Hinay hinay lang kasi mag appoint ng Miss Philippines.

    Kung ano ano nalang pinapatulan. Yes I am talking to you KF camp.

    Alam ko nahihirapan po kayo manalo sa MUP at MWP kasi ang organizers puro Aces

    pero wag naman po sana basta basta nalang magpadala kung saan saan


    • Ayyy. KF agad ang sisi?? Sila ba ang franchise holder?? Kaloka. Ambilis ibato sa KF pero pag #TeamAhasAndKweens kesyo ganito ganire. HAHAHAHA. Mga pesteng ahas and kweens headed by evil Mama J. Also, hindi sila nahihirapang manalo, ayaw lang silang panalunin ng nga demonyo.

    • Lol KF can train Indonesian queens and still succeed.marami na na runner up from Indonesia na trained in Kf sa supra, international and so on. Si miss universe Indonesia 2018 KF trained din Yun. They still can train Cambodia, Myanmar etc. Hindi naman limited lang sa Pilipinas ang pwedeng itrain.

  15. Wishing for her safety.

    However, however….

    Some lessons must be learned from this incident.

    A six-delegate “international pageant” smells rotten from the get-go. How can these adult women and their enablers fall for this scam- – With a tacky title called “glamour international?” Lol. Is it greed? Thirst for fame? Even if this pageant was legitimate and she wins, winning among six is hardly anything to croak about.

    Dear pageant organizers, patrons, enablers, and beauty queen wannabes, in the name of all things beautiful, decent and nice – – please wag nyo na patulan ang kung ano anong ek ek pageants,

    1/3 of me pities these girls. 1/3 of me is laughing. The remaining 1/3 — buti nga! Lol.

    World Peace.

  16. Her org and camp must coordinate with the Philippine embassy for her safety and well-being. We are not sure to whom this pageant owes its finances. The sound of fear in her statement is clear. Her plea must be addressed urgently. I don’t think it’s as simple as it sounds. She is being careful about her words. 🆘🇵🇭🙏🏼 Foreign Affairs would love to assist in these kinds of cases.

    • Mapapansin na sa wika natin siya nagpapahayag. Ibig sabihin mayroon siyang pangamba sa kanyang kalagayan. Kung sinoman sa kanyang org o cam ang mabilisang makakatulong, sana ay gawin na ito. Lumapit kaagad sila sa embassy o sa DFA.

    • Nagpapahayag sa wika natin
      Ibig sabihin mayroon siyang pangamba sa kanyang kalagayan. Kailangang lumapit kaagad ang org o camp sa embassy natin at sa DFA.

      • @ Norman Gud Mon AM, Uncle.

        (Umulan kasi dito. Basa ulit sinampay ko. Tuyo na, ‘eh. Kainis!)

        May ND/Filipinas franchisee ba ‘tong pageant na ‘to? Kasi, unlike ‘yung kay Samela (previous post), it’s clear who the personalities/entities are.

        ‘Yung kay Gianna, to the best of my knowledge parang she just took off on her own. The only departure photo I saw was of her at NAIA, alone (meaning, just her in the image). We know for a fact that it can happen that some candidates join on their own. Is that the case here? So, Gianna has no formal local organizational backing as far as participation in this pageant is concerned?

      • (Cont.)

        Uncle, when will your next ME post be? Dili po ba ay November ang Finale nila?

        I just caught their Fitness & Form and Beauty of Face Prelims on YouTube.

        Ang HIRAP pala mag-judge ng Fitness & Form ‘pag virtual. I can compare kasi napanood ko ‘yung local (MPE 2021, with Anita Rose Gomez’s 20-inch waistline becoming a legend). Ang problem, iba-iba kuha ng mga candidates. Some walk a lot, while some just stand… 😦

        But the Beauty of Face was easier. And because I had no pen-&-paper with me when I watched, my mind is forced to remember/not forget. So if I recall, she must REALLY be pretty in my eyes!

        (Before I give my 12-Pick, fyig YouTube placed ads at Netherlands & Russia. Advise MEO!)

        My ‘C’-group consisting of Chile, Canada (how is Intercontinental ‘Power of Beauty’ Kaitlyn Li related to Alice who was, in turn, ‘China’ at Supra last August?), Czechia, & either Colombia or Cuba (they could be sisters), Russia (I feel she will be the Telma Madeira of this batch), Denmark (I like her nose!), Kyrgyzstan, & Australia.

        My Elemental Court will have Northern Marianas, Belize, Belarus, &…. New Zealand because I imagine her to be a composite of two Filipina beauty queens!

        Facially, I prefer Malaysia (I’m sorry I missed her at the PN’s S6 Finale) to India.

        Compare Syria & Philippines (who is half-Syrian). Very interesting.

        (Puwede rin siguro switch Belarus & Russia, but that would depend on the Q&A Prelims, I guess.)

      • (Cont.1)

        Hhhmmm… I just saw the 2nd round of selection of a leading pageant page in my News Feed.

        I seem to be on the right track more or less. I have in common with them Belize, Belarus, Cuba, Canada, Chile, & New Zealand. That’s 6 out of my 12, or 50%.

        They have Chile in their 2nd-ish tier. Imo, anyone in that cluster can sneak up & make the Final Cut the moment a front-runner screws up. So yeah, I’ll ease out either New Zealand or Northern Marianas in my Elemental Court to accommodate the South American; the better of the two ‘Pacific Islanders’ will retain its slot!

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