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  1. Para along nagawa talaga kay Luigi kasi daming negatrons. I haven’t seen her in Personal so i really don’t know what she looks like. Pero sa mga video at pictures nya Medyo walang chance na Makapasok sya sa semi. Hays tapos mag yung gown nya gagawing surprise effect nanaman yun pala pangit tama na yung surprise efffect.

      • Hmmm ewan baka sa akin lang pero wala talaga ako ng makita na may edge sya sa iba Buford sa sash na Philippines.

    • Bea is attracting lots of feedback due to her difference from the current mold of Miss Universe representatives we’ve been sending. It is mostly the facial features which attract a lot of observation. Her apparent plainness contributes more to the negative feedback. Her physical assets overshadow her advocacies and achievements in a negative way.

  2. Top 5 atleast for those remaining reps. The pressure is also on for the remaining reps on their journey to bag major crowns. Godbless us all PH.

  3. TheMissGlobe 🌎 was a collective learning curve in terms of how social media behavior affects pageant results. It’s exciting how we Filipinos cooperated to ensure Bb Montagne won. Maureen explained it best in her latest interview. “When we compete we don’t wear our names, we wear our country. ” 🧡🕊️👑💐

  4. Sir Norman, please feature the recent campaign videos by Sam P.!

    She’s on fire! (Nawat will for sure notice!)

    I want to know what everybody else thinks.

  5. I don’t think there’s anyone here who is haughty or feeling invincible . People are simply that our 2 delegates won the crown.
    There’s Bigger challenge ahead with MU MW and MGI . I’m not sure our future is bright with the first 2 .But I hope they prove everyone wrong

  6. Nigeria was a scare! After the Q&A, I had resigned to the idea that Nigeria might win given her more impactful Q&A performance .
    But definitely , Maureen deserved the crown since she was very consistent throughout the whole competition.

    • Were u not scared of your fez and your poop chimp? Mas nakakatakot yon. Kung ano ano na lang kinocomment as if relevant yang point of view mo. Tsupi!!!!!! Ambaho baho mo!!!!??

    • Even before the Q n A, I think they already have tallied who the winners were. Maureen truly nailed all aspects of the competition. ❤

    • @ Fabian Reyes & @ themermaidtravels I think that final Q&A was just formality.

      The way the results were so immediately announced afterwards may mean fates were already sealed.

      I also thought Nigeria would win. Looks alone, superior to Guyana (who won Miss Bikini Show).

      And besides, if the organization likes you – which was the feeling with Maureen as her co-candidates rushed forward to embrace/greet her upon coronation – no one would dare dispute.

      • Flor , I didn’t see that part where the candidates rushed to Maureen after the coronation. . Glad to hear that . She seems to be a real nice person

    • Ako ito chimp. Nobody nobody but me – Chezka. Wag mo idamay si Anna Winter at nasa cloud 9 pa ang hitad ngayon dahil sa laki ng arms ng fafa nya. O inggit ka na naman?

      • @ Chezka Dear, ‘yan ang kailangan ko ngayon! Strong arms. 🙂

        (Listen to ‘Kiliti’ by ‘D Bodies.)

  7. If Panlilio were much taller like 5’81/2 or so , she can easily snatch the MGI crown gorgeously from the other MGI delegates …. her Q&A skill is outstanding

  8. Congratulations for a well-deserved win, Ms. Maureen Montagne! After all the hurdles you have been through, the sweetest victory came in at the finish line. You were glowing the whole duration of the coronation night. The crown really was destined to your head.

    I would say Madam Stella Marquez Araneta’s message of support to you worked on your favor. She knew that you were gonna make it. Who else but truly a queen with an exquisite eye for beauty can predict your fate in the pageant.

    With that said, the next girls in line will have the same blessings from SMA, and I am sure pressure won’t play well in Hanna’s and Sam’s heads. Instead, they will enjoy their respective journeys. After all, win or lose, we’ll all be proud of these beauties for raising our flag high in Japan and in Thailand.

    That’s all.

  9. congratulations to Maureen! and advance congratulations to Hannah and Sam. let us claim it! what a sweep!!.epic achievement of BBP sans the MU franchise.

  10. The learning curves of other pageant orgs are getting smaller by observing our candidates perform and win. That’s a good thing for us too so that we avoid repeating ourselves and making ourselves staid. 🙋🏼‍♀️💐👑🕊️

  11. sa part ng mga BBP winners or even sa BPCI mismo… wala ng pressure! ang mas dapat kabahan ay iyong ibang organizations like MUP and MWP… look at the preparations na ginagawa ng mga BBP winners and their respective teams kahit pa tingin ng iba eh mga minor pageants ung mga sinalihan nila.

    with Sam Panlilio …
    i hate to say this pero kung wais si Ankol… papanalunin nya si Samantha Panlilio para if ever, magamit nya ung mga connections ni Sam sa mga future venues ng pageant nya. tsaka Samantha is also very pretty.
    kasi sa 22o lang, kahit pa paglaruan ni Ankol ang Pinas… ang makukuwestiyon eh ung pageant nya… for not having a Pinay or an Indian winner.

    with Hannah…
    feeling ko malakas talaga siya sa Miss International. siya ung representation ni Pia n ndi natin naibigay sa MI.

    to conclude… just when we all thought na end of the road na para sa BPCI… mukhang sila lang ang org sa Pinas n sure n sure sa mga pinanalo… very impressive indeed!

      • Grabe ka naman. Miss USA nga nanalo over Sam B, eh. Sa ganda ka ba tumitingin? MGI po yan. Kung sino ang pinakahalimaw kahit mukhang poodle nanalo diyan. Basta paistariray ka diyan, wagi ka.

  12. For the remaining crowns, only Hanna has the 80% chance to win. Others need to be smart and diplomatic/strategic with their plans. They need also to be physically and mentally prepared. Fabulous wardrobes that fits their personality. Prelim and Final evening gown na pasaVogue also.😊

  13. 2015 Binibining Pilipinas Record

    Miss Globe – Winner
    Miss Intercontinental – 1st Runner up
    Miss Grand International – 3rd Runner Up
    Miss International – Top 10

    • Ay niligwak mo si Miss Universe 2015 – Winner

      2013 Supra -Winner
      International – Winner

      2016 International – Winner

      2018 Universe – Winner
      Intercontinental – Winner

      2021 Intercontinental – Winner
      Globe – Winner

      Di ko na sinama mga Semifinalists at Runner Ups


  14. I know the pressure is on for the remaining two! But I’m sort of pessimistic with them too!

    Lalong mananadista si Anne Cole lalo na kay Sam! We have to lower our expectations as early as now! First, hindi siya ganun katangkaran which is opposite sa typical Glamazon na hinahanap ni baklush! Kung si Nicole eh matangkad at makuda na eh hindi pa rin niya pinanalo! Ganun din kay Sam B na 200% na yung effort na binigay during the competition!

    50/50 din ako kay Hannah! Personality ang hinahanap ng mga Hapon! Sabi nga sa interview nung pinoy sa MI diba? Yung Diaz apellido? cada araw naka-report ang mga bilat ng behavior nila which is equivalent sa chaperone score ng Miss Earth! I know maganda personality ni Hannah pero kasi matindi ang loyalty ng mga hapon sa Motherland nila and hindi mo alam kung yung pagigin bi-racial ni Hannah eh maging issue sa kanila?

    Manapa, bakit kaya hindi i-switch ng Binibini yung crown? Send Hannah to MGI and Samantha to MI? I feel that would be more strategic!

    • Can’t we just be happy for these girls representing us with all their hard work and perseverance?

      I’m sure, they will strive hard and give their utmost best in the competition, win or lose!

      Huwag na yung mas magagaling pa tayo sa mga judges who selected these girls!

      Support them and if we can’t…. just keep our mouth shut!

  15. “Let us be humble so that we can continue embracing the positivity that these successes bring”, Seems like Sir Norman’s homily to the Filipino pageant fans… Let us remember that our bets get the crown because they are selected to be the global role model. Let our behaviour as pageant enthusiasts be equally commendable. We may express divergent views without the negativity and toxicity. The reputable Philippine brand in global pageantry is not only built by our outstanding queens. It is to a large extent brought by fans who should also be perceived as positive models of good behaviour.

  16. Off topic: Hungary is back in MU2021 after placing in the semifinals during MU2018 … and now , both Malaysia and Indonesia will not be joining MU2021 , not a surprise as far as I am concerned given the host country Israel …

    It looks like there will be 75 delegates , just one delegate more than MU2020 last May … but I still hope it reaches 80 with more designated or assigned candidates from some more countries ( where is Switzerland , New Zealand , US Virgin Islands , Guam , Ireland … ? )

    • @ jaretwrightlover If MUHungary will be as gorgeous as Fanni Miko, G!

      Dili ba puwedeng Miss Suisse Francophone org ang magpadala ng rep? Dili ba sila ang may hawak ng Swiss franchise for Supra? Baka puwedeng sila na lang…

      NZ. Well, there’s Franki Russell… But I guess it would be MUUAEO’s prerogative. Maybe they’ll have to come to some sort of agreement with MUNZO.

      Speaking of Ireland, naalala ko ‘yung kinatawan nila nung 2019 na biracial, na may PhD ‘ata. Many thought she would make First Cut. Ligwak din.

      • Fanni Miko , the one who crowned Cinderella , … yes she is gorgeous

        Also, the Kosovo who crowned Maureen , she is gorgeous too , perhaps for MU2022 …

      • @ jaretwrightlover I just saw a Missosology interview with Lorinda (?) Kolgeci, the outgoing.

        Mag-a-acting/show business daw siya, when asked what’s next for her.

        Fanni Miko, if Anne Cole* is ready to crown a European & her pasarela is killer, G.

        * – c/o @ ClaiRe IbbeTson

  17. Congrats Maureen, you did it with class. 🧡 Pageant fans got served a valuable lesson: that crowns and titles don’t get served on a silver platter.✌🏼
    All that tension and wait taught us that patience and some faith is worth having. Mme Stella, BPCI and Maureen worked hard for the crown. In turn, we have to value that just as much. Huwag natin sayangin ang kanilang pinaghirapan sa maling asal online. 👑💐🕊️ Wow, what a day! 🙋🏻‍♀️🇵🇭✨

  18. Winning the MI crown would be a walk in the park for Hannah.
    Honestly, it is Sam P who I believe should work doubly hard. The most realistic placement for her is top ten. But then again, winning a crown entails both hardwork and luck. Who knows, the stars will align for Sam P during the coronation night. I will keep my fingers crossed.

  19. According my crystal ball we are expecting one crown from the rest of the winners of Bb. Pilipinas 2021. Geez it is hard to tell. They are both beautiful and talented. I hope my crystal ball is wrong.

  20. Indeed it is ! I wish Hannah and Sam the best of luck ! I’m sure they will give their all to make us all proud !

  21. BBP 2021 batch has 2 crowns na, which makes them one of the best batches. 2013 has two, 2015 has two and 2018 has two.

    if Hannah or Sam wins, kahit Isa lang sa kanila, that makes them the most Successful Batch ever?


  22. Malakas ang laban natin sa MI. Hana is doll-like, feminine, at humble na katangiang hanap ng MIO.

  23. I hope that Ruffa Nava wins her international beauty pageant !

    (the almost’s winners earlier this year … Sam Bernardo , Dindi Pajares , Emmanuelle Vera , others? )

  24. Sir Norm, I am totally confused. Isn’t the Miss International competition cancelled this year?

    So when will Hannah compete?

      • @ Norman Good Sat AM, Uncle.

        Aaahhh… I get it.


        BBP 2022 will push through. BUT, BAKA TATLO (3) lang ang corona. Hannah will be assigned for the fourth. Definitely, a new Bb for Japan will be named (one of the three)!

        Which means Ms. Arnold will either be tasked with the back-to-back at Intercon or (The)Globe, or as far as Grand is concerned will depend on how Sam 3.0 fares & if Angkol even likes her (Hannah).

        Mayroon akong napupusuan for BBP-International. Na-feature niyo na po siya sa Fb page niyo. She’s also biracial. Very fresh face, a’ la Tyra Goldman! Looking forward to the Screening. When?

      • @Flor

        Daisha Jimenez… who’s grandparents are all Filipino mestizos would be perfect for Miss International.

      • Uncle, I looked through your 2017 archive.

        May Henna Santos from that KF batch, kasabay nina Daisha Jimenez, Christagale Borja, & Shane Tormes. Anyare sa kanya, po?

        There’s a subtle~cheery Leren vibe going on with her…. Would she still be OK age-wise? Try muli?

        Also, bukas na Finale ng MUUAE, right? Madaling araw na naman sa atin? Oh, my. Puyat on a Monday morning… At least break muna ang PN’s. Freshness for our dear Uncle! 🙂

    • @ JSM Yeah. But, I wonder if that pressure is the same throughout regardless of MACHINERY.

      Let’s admit. Not all national winners benefit from things like (and I’m NOT implying anything negative towards these four Binibini’s) a deep personal pocket, hefty LGU backing, a prominent~illustrious clan/name, or sheer volume of following that attracts ‘investors’. What if that winner has none of these? What if all she has is a passport, a round-trip plane ticket, rented pretty dresses, & borrowed shoes? Is that pressure of EXPECTATION less or more for her? I imagine her to be a real Cinderella in the truest sense!

      (Kasi, what I have in mind, she should at least be able to afford that dress rental. At least sa male pageants ‘ata, mas straightforward ang pag-renta ng barong or suit.)

      Machinery does go a long way. But if what one of us said earlier is true, that MIO is really more interested in PERSONALITY (and this is not the first time I heard this), then that’s something inherent in the individual, she/he might not even have it & if so too bad for her/him because no amount of ‘support’ will guarantee the crown for her/him, & for certain we know both (The)Globe & Intercontinental organizations picked the right winners this year!

      But ‘personality’ is NOT necessarily just about intellect or eloquence. Uncle already touched on this in his pilot/test episode (il prima volta) for PN’s. That’s probably now so deeply buried in the bowels of the Internet. But if you have a long memory like me, it can still feel fresh when you recall.

      • (Cont.)

        Or, since na-drag na rin si Bea dito (even though the post was intended for BBP queens), given two queens each with ‘machinery’ (Hannah & Bea), who feels the pressure more?

        Hannah, whom most everybody expects to be a shoo-in for our seventh Mikimoto crown? IF she will even get the chance… Let’s admit. Though we are hopeful, this remains grey area.

        Or Bea whom everybody likes to nitpick & quite few (like @ WilYam) expect to bag our fifth MU title so that kahit improvement on Rabiya’s placement will be enough?

        (Had ‘Taguig City’ won MUP, I’m quite sure she’d be placed on a pedestal on the same level as Hannah, as if she could do absolutely no wrong… Is ‘pressure’ equivalent to ‘expectation’?)

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