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  1. It is so annoying watching these lower tier pageants , not because of the candidates … but more often that not , the hosts or hostesses are so very annoying , plus the format of the contest does not help either …

  2. The crop of candidates this year is outstanding
    So many facially gorgeous girls.

  3. This is the only the second time I caught the pageant stream coronation. The other one was Kylie back in 2016.

    Dapat pala, natataunan ko ‘yung crowning moment. Nananalo tayo. Lolzzz.

    Nigeria, I liked her answer. And beautiful! ‘Pag nag-live na ulit ang ME, have her sent over, please. Pati si Janick.

    KF, I repeat. Train Canada. Then have her sent to MI 202_.

    And we learn from Turkiyah that in her country the maternity leave is not always granted.

    Omedatou gozaimashita, 2M!

    AT LEAST ONE MORE CROWN BEFORE WE CAP 2021. More battles to come before Christmas. Let’s beat the three we got in 2013. A good omen is revealed. A gentle giant is visiting our seas again after two centuries.

  4. Saturday dawned brightly by good news. Miss Maureen Montagne of the Philippines won as Ms. Globe 2021! Congratulations Maureen. Your long wait is indeed worthwhile!

    • The accurate name of the title is THE Miss Globe. Just giving my two cents. There is another copycat hence the addition of The to the title indicatng this is the REAL ONE.

  5. As I’ve said firmly in my previous comment here, Maureen and Cindy will win their respective pageants just like when I said Mexico will win MU2020.
    That’s all.

  6. Congrats Maureen for the hardwork in bringing home our 2nd crown.

    Ngayon lang ako nakadama ng sure win aura including yung kay Cindy Obeñita.

  7. CONGRATULATIONS, MAUREEN! A most deserving Miss Globe 2021 and the second for the Philippines!

  8. Maureen is clearly the most facially beautiful with the most curvaceous elegance and regal bearing among the Top 5 in all their golden finery. It now boils down to her handling of the final Q&A for her to bring home the second Miss Globe crown for our country.

    And I believe she already sealed the deal unless some of the judges think otherwise.

  9. Madam Pilar made it known that if we have negative comments we should keep it to ourselves. I jam not criticizing. I am just relating that I put off the live streaming at 4:00 a.m., slept, woke up at 6:30 a.m. and it was still on. The top 12-or-whatever are still sashaying in the “runaway”. I hope they don’t beat MWP’s record of a 7-hour show. Its a great pastime during home quarantines with nothing to do.

    • By 6:40 a.m. the Top 5 was announced and I must say that the idea of having the Q&A questions asked by former winners is something refreshing.

  10. No. It’s not actually in the bag for Maureen. There were still a lot of equally gorgeous girls in the semifinals.

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