15 comments on “Time to start getting excited about the 70th Anniversary of Miss World

  1. Naging money raising contest. para tanghaling muse, kailangan siya yung maraming naibentang ticket. hello sa contributions ng China at Puerto Rico.

    • @ Lireo Mabuti nga sana were it that simple.

      Imagine how the fans of a MUP 2021 candidate felt when after forking out considerable cash to keep her afloat through the serial elimination process through repeated rounds of polling their girl didn’t make the Final Cut. I am not questioning the results. But please, next time do the voting only once & within the time frame given, not a continually-adjusting goalpost. Looks greedy (refer back to most recent post regarding a now-suspected to be a dubious/scam pageant in Mexico).

  2. Sayang naman if the Miss World Organisation fails to embrace change on its 70th year. 👩🏻‍🏭💡🕊

  3. Nothing to be excited about fraud and cooking shows. Really, the end does not justify the means. 🖕🖕🖕

  4. In its 70th anniversary, what is there to be excited about MW? What is the purpose of the beauty it is drumbeating about? Its global activities seem like centered on fund raisers for charity. We know that charity and donations often help the recipients put a “band-aid” over their true problems. But it causes the recipients to become dependent on aid and inhibit the self-sufficiency that they are capable of and can be empowered to attain. I think it is time now to move to the next level—from charity to advocacy.

    • If a five-year project to provide clean water to 10,000 Haitians and better living conditions in an orphanage in Ghana in addition to mass-producing menstrual kits in India (Manushi’s project) and being recognized by the Brazilian government for helping to get the Amazon reforested are band-aid solutions to you, how should the MWO have done it?

      You seem to imply that ME’s approach is more effective? May I ask for concrete results of their efforts similar to what MW has done above?

  5. 120 contestants, grabe almost 2 times sa Miss Universe.

    Let us wish Tracy the best, at the end of the day she is Miss Philippines!


      • @ Padede Boy I would like to add…

        Sa palagay niyo, the franchise rate should be standard/fixed, or negotiable~flexible?

        On one hand, you can have something like MW na dahil comparatively more affordable therefore mas marami ang participation. And to MW’s credit, the no-Swim approach has been encouraging. But this is OK only if the organization is financially robust!

        On the other hand, you can have a situation wherein a select/core handful of countries (which, more often than not, are those where pageantry is big~vibrant & referred to as ‘strong sash’) pay more but get better results on average but what they give is enough to effectively subsidize ‘lesser’ countries’ participation, let alone help that organization stay afloat/pay utility bills/office rent.

        I think we will require the opinion of a banker for this question.

    • @ Paul Dong, dili ko na na-retrieve ‘yung comment mo sa (The)MissGlobe, na seemingly Pinoy fans were apparently questioning why the organization was obliging votes to advance candidates into the semifinals, comprising a sizable chunk (percentage) of each lady’s cumulative score leading into the Finale.

      Mdme. Mias Pilar-Alcantara hit the nail on the head. Pageantry is a business & needs to make money to make these events possible. AND THAT OTHER PAGEANTS HAVE DONE IT, TOO.

      And at least ‘yung sa kanila, one round of voting lang in a fixed interval of time. Unlike (beep!).

      My point : the free-of-charge Popularity Poll is becoming a thing of the past. We should expect it from now on. If we opt out, then if our girl wins then at least she does so on her own merits. At least that’s the idea. Nothing we can do.

      Kung sa bagay, kung naaalala mo, noon naman by SMS/text ang voting. That wasn’t free, too. 🙂

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