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  1. To quote Mias Pilar-Alcantara, “Number one ability that they are looking for is a good social media.” She may have meant it in a bigger context, but at the root of that statement is the quality of the candidate’s following. Her implied message is that the organization would not be inclined to crown and support a lady with a raucous social media following. TMG wants to spread its initiatives and causes through social media. So one way of helping out Maureen (and the rest of our candidates) is by upgrading our collective social media behavior. And we can do that so easily. 💕🕊️🇵🇭🙏🏼👑💐

    (DMs na lang tayo sa mga isa’t-isa kapag may pintas tayo 😂🤭😆 )

    • She has already made it crystal clear. “Why would an organizer want to deal with a country that will be a headache for them for the whole year. Focus on your delegate… Don’t say something critical for other delegates; that’s none of your business. And second to the organization, because it just shows what country you are from… It will affect the contestant when you make statements that are not nice.” Mias Pilar-Alcantara 👑💐🕊️🇵🇭
      She also reminded to vote until 2 minutes before the announcement of the top 15.

      • So the bases for judging are the attitude/behavior and social media activities of the candidates’ online followers and NOT the candidates themselves. So anong klaseng beauty contest to? Dapat ang tawag sa contest na ito ay Best Online Pageant Fans Contest. Hindi nakabatay sa performances ni Maureen kundi sa kanyang online Filipino followers. Naunsa naman ni uy!

    • I think what they meant was quite clear. Maureen explains it best in her latest Missosology interview. “When we compete we don’t wear our names, we wear our country. ” 🧡🕊️👑💐

  2. The costume is just okay to me but I’m going to say I like it because Patrick Isorena is fire asf.

  3. Mme Stella Marquez-Araneta has just waved her magic wand again✨ showering Maureen with the love and support of her organization, along with the Filipino people. That’s how it’s done. 🙋🏻 Go for the Globe Maureen 🌍💐👑

  4. GORGEOUS ! I hope she is not again the runner up to the NatCos competition, this is so lit !

  5. Uncle, please add/attach a video. I have a sense this moves much better than it looks…

    Photographed like this, it looks flat~two-dimensional despite all the detail. If we could see it lateral (from the side) & ventral (from the back)? I hope that pair of ‘flower wings’ is as sumptuous in the flesh as it seems. I like the subtle trim of sampaguita foliage!

    What options are available to add volume without resorting to capes, trains, wings, & back-/head- pieces? And without resorting to props* as well?

    * – fortification/temple/castle, mode of transport, food, wildlife.

    (Did Paolo Ballesteros make a sampaguita-theme NatCos for Honey Cartasano at some point?)

    • (Cont.)

      Oh, wow! That was fast. Thanks so much, Admin. 🙂

      First of all fyig Admin, an ad for a popular Philippines cake company accompanied the video. So, came to mind… pandan cake! Not bad. I get the connection.

      Pandan cake with sampaguita/jasmine essence. Y-U-M-M-Y-!

      Very nice how the foliage shimmy-ed as Maureen walked. OK na rin.

      (I have an idea how this could have been better. But never mind. This was a good effort. All d’ best.)

  6. The flowers are obviously fake. But are those Japanese watermelons real? Maureen’s Mountains indeed. Lol and wow.

    World Peace.

    • This is funny. For an obvious reason the sampaguitas are fake. I haven’t seen a giant sampaguita.

      • @ Bimbo Well now that you mentioned it, perhaps they (Patrick Isorena, 2M, & team) had the ‘double petal’ cultivar in mind. So the flower looks fuller. Google niyo na lang if you like…

      • @Paul Mukhang mabango, maputi at makinis ang sampaguita nya pati na ang mga papaya 😉😜

  7. Wow!.. Now that is a show stopper!

    I am speechless…

    I wish there are more hints of a Filipiniana like butterfly sleeves… and replicas of our native butterfly species here and there… and the choice of gold instead of silver specially for the rays of the sun on the headress…. but t I totally love this showgirl Victoria’s secret inspired costume even if its not as avant garde as I want it to be.


    • I’m fine with this. I think the team has no intention to incorporate any hint of filipiniana or Philippine flag in the costume. They want to focus on Sampaguita only but on a sexy way. The color combo of green and white with silver with crystals is perfect. It’s cool in the eyes unlike costume with too much color. Also in the picture it seems light and easy to carry. I hope Maureen will be able to display/ramp it in the stage beautifully.

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