16 comments on “Next Attraction: The Miss Globe 2021 Finals

  1. No Brainer:

    First runner up head to head.
    First runner up Swimsuit.
    Top 1 or 2 in Poll voting.
    Talent finalist (while the ukulele playing was mediocre and basic, her desire to perform earnestly should have some points).
    And clearly deserving to win, physical beauty wise.

    If the judges and the organizers have some brains, the law of averages will make Maureen a clear winner — miles away from Malaysia and Guyana.

    World Peace.

  2. Good luck Maureen! I believe that you can take the crown back to our country. God bless.

  3. Looking at and listening to each of The Miss Globe contestants, Maureen already stands out as a clear winner. Malaysia is her closest contender. Let’s pray for all the winning elements to converge so that the organization and the judges may grant her the crown. Let’s heed the plea of Mias Pilar-Alcantara to keep the online comments clean and polite so as not to offend the organization. 👑🙋🏼🕊 GO FOR THE GLOBE MAUREEN 💐

  4. miss guyana that won “miss bikini” looks and walks like the supermodel noime campbell… i think she has a big shot for the crown 🙏

  5. Almost every year, the Philippines sends a candidate to Miss Globe who could have fared well in higher tier pageants. We often get rewarded for this, with most of our reps ending as runners up. But I think Maureen is probably the highest calibre queen we’ve sent to MG, and it would really be MG’s loss if they let this opportunity slip.

    Hoping the stars align for Maureen on coronation night.

  6. She is doing very well in Albania. All we have to do is to wish for the stars to align for her during the coronation night.

  7. I cannot watch … I just want to know that she won … I hope they don’t make her wear a gown like the one worn by Dindy Pajares at the Supra Finals … this is my biggest fear because she will do very well in swimsuit and very very well in Q&A , but if they make her wear the wrong kind of gown, that’s it, she is going to lose …

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