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  1. Laughed out loud after seeing a pageant vlogger seriously suggest a Balut costume, complete with a sketch of a sticky gooey Bea coming out as the unfertilized egg of the Balut . LOooooOL. First of all, Balut is not kosher. “In Judaism, the embryo of a chick inside an egg of a bird, even a kosher bird, is forbidden for consumption. … Because balut is an egg containing a partly-developed embryo, this makes it ‘haram’, or ‘forbidden’.”

  2. She looks very plain for an Asian. Like not glamazonic like Riyo Kurara and Miyako. Ganun ang peg ko sa Oriental beauties.

  3. MISS UNIVERSE 12/12/2021 Eliat, Israel
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  4. She looks “kuba”. Hindi magandang tingnan. Wala man lang finess.
    Tapos mukhang matanda n kasi yung pisngi parang nag sa sag na. Can someone help her?

  5. Bea might pick up some styling tips from a Binibini – Maureen. Her face is always refreshingly made up for Miss Globe events And she also does very pro makeup when the event calls for it. Emphasis on one (or two) facial features makes for good makeup. It’s dizzying when all facial features are switched on and lit up to full. The viewer can’t decide where to focus his attention. 😆 It makes looking at one’s face confusing 😂

  6. Odelon Simpao’s tip on the natcos is to make it visual & relatable to the host country. What could be relatable to Israel? The women of the Torah? Israel’s thriving urban art? Pride in struggle & identity? The dividing of the Red Sea? Kibbutz community spirit? Gal Gadot?

    • @ charlotte york Urban art, please! IMAGINE the form that NatCos could take.

      (Makes me want to surf~browse on what that art scene is like… And who its luminaries are.)

      The ‘Bakunawa’ with frilly purple trousers is a good starting point. But the final product must not be so avante-garde that it comes across as grotesque. And if there will be a head piece, it should NOT conceal the face! ABSOLUTELY NO BACK PIECE, for ease of movement & packing/transport.

      Kimberley Ann Tiques(2x)’s NatCos at BBP 2021 came to mind. She looked like she was a bird in a floral cage. But the entire ensemble moved with surprising ease, didn’t look cumbersome at all despite the fact that it probably was.

      Gabby Basiano’s ‘kalesa’ could be reinterpreted (in an Old Testament way, maybe?), Gold pa rin?

      • Yes @Flor_Tula, the urban art scene is quite alive in Israel. Street/Graffiti art is next level. Interesting if it could be translated into a beautiful & mind-blowing NatCos. Kim Tiquestiques’s floral cage costume was big yet easy on the eye. Gab Basiano’s calesa natcos needed something to make it slightly less Halloween/NewYear/DragRace…lol.

        Bea would look great in red. Pink might be refreshing on her. Blue isn’t really her color, but she might glow in aqua. Black & gold are really her colors IMO. She comes across as having a tribal essence to her. Sounds funny but it’s true.fiercebut quiet, always observing, that’s how her personality comes across. Better express it instead of shrouding her in Swarovski crystals though it doesn’t suit her. Lol. Just saying.

      • @ charlotte york I learned in a documentary long ago that all the gold on Earth came in via the meteorites (‘falling stars’) that ever-so-slowly drizzled the planet. Unlike more common elements like iron or silicon, it wasn’t here from the beginning… Quite literally, manna from the heavens!

        Gold accessories or embellishment on an all-black garment piece works every time; the blackness can represent outer space, the gold something timeless~boundless~priceless.

        Red & pink & blue (aqua~turquoise) together is very high-fashion. It will require a seasoned eye to be able to bring the three together so that the blend is cohesive. Nudibranch, graffiti-style! I highly suggest separates – a trench coat or bolero a’ la ‘The Matrix’, her existing ‘Bakunawa’ trousers, & maybe a backpack that can serve as anchor~foundation for some sort of reveal~transformation.

      • @Flor_Tula … I seem to remember that when Yvonne Craig auditioned as TV’s Batgirl, she flipped her bonnet into a cowl/mask, and flipped her coat over into a cape. So something that easily transforms and surprises. Lol.

  7. Poor styling. Magkasunod sila nung MUSpain sa misso page, both are magazine covers, nagmukhang ewan si inday Beatrice Luigi.

  8. Ayun exotic ang peg… Big eyes plump lips… tapos pa golden brown skin… I love it! she’ll be a total standout at Israel… Lakas ng laban natin since the venue is an asset… I want her to gain the favor of the Filipino masses sana… more dynamic…
    If she can make the whole world fall in love with her… There is a great chance that she could win our 5th crown…. so excited!

    • C2f, Why not send a black woman if that’s your set of criteria for a winning girl ???At least , it’s all natural

      • @ Fabian Reyes Well, for that matter we had the likes of Apriel, Skelly, & recently the Fil-Ghanaian from UP now working for a wind energy company, Afiah Yeboah (who, imo, was underwhelming in the Interview Challenge leading up to the 30-Cut).

        We keep saying we should send a black Pinay to represent us somewhere. I really hope it does happen, para matapos na. For one thing, there’s still Chelsea Manalo (not ‘black per se’ but with Aeta extraction). It would be like Sirilux winning MUT over Amanda Obdam.

      • Chelsea Manalo is half African-American…
        She doesn’t have direct Aeta ancestry.

    • Bakit ang daming nag thumbs down? YOU GUYS DONT BELIEVE THAT BEA COULD WIN OUR 5TH CROWN???

  9. The hand behind the red fabric touching her waist to make it look smaller and curvier was not necessary.

  10. Ang Hirap pala manalo ng MUP, dami critics, bawal magkamali sa looks, styling at iba pa. Kaya pala na mental breakdown si Rabiya. Di kinaya ng dalaga.

    Mas chill pala manalo ng MWP, less expectation plus One Month Free Vacation sa International Pageant.


    • Bea is tough & confident in her own skin, a result of her army background.
      Rabiya tried to play confident during her reign but broke down during the MU finals.

  11. She is alluring. She just needs a different hairstyle when she competes in MU. A little volume rather than flat at the top. The later makes her face more rounded.

  12. If Bea is able to keep the streak going by landing a spot in the semifinals, I will be celebrating like it’s a decade long Christmas season , because it will set the tone for this new upcoming decade … I am no longer dreaming of a 5th MU crown ( like I did with Gazini and Rabiya ) but if it happens for Bea, it should be declared as a special holiday in Pinas for historical reasons , it’s the 5th MU crown and she’s the 1st openly lesbian winner in MU history !

  13. A bit tacky in my opinion. Sana expensive looking ang concept ng shoot, tulad ng mga pasavogue ni Steffi. Still not sold.. The recent pics where Bea was in a lime dress showed a lot of improvement though.

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