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  1. Classic Clean beauty is what they should go for
    They need to stop copying Zendaya or some slutty pop star or internet sensation like Kim Kardashian. Or that midget with a pony tail.
    Right now , I am not seeing any improvement . She doesn’t have the MU smile yet . Her shoulders are too week. And facially. She is very wanting . If their goal is to look like Jonas , Bea has succeeded immensely .
    I will be cheering for her on finals night .. but not right now

    • @ Fabian Reyes And you will switch the TV off if our bet does not make the First Cut. Ugali. 🙂

      Kuya, halimbawa pinagkaloob ng Maykapal ang iyong hiling at pinagsabay Niya ang tatlong ito sa MUP, paano mo sila ihahanay (meaning, winner and 1st & 2nd Runners-up)?

      Bella Ysmael, Katrina Dimaranan, & Maureen Montagne.

      • At ito naman si Aling Bella Flores, binibigyan ng importansya ang impertinenteng hukluban na chimpanzee. Magka uri ba kayo lolabels?

    • Wala na pag asang magbago ang hitad na chimpanzee. Nakapunta na ako sa Zurich, natawid ko na ang Danube River at nabaybay ko na ang Trafalgar Square ganun pa rin ang ugali ng amoy lupang butiki!!!!

  2. I hope MUP has learned from Rabiya’s experiences. They have a long preparation last year and yet dumating sila sa MU ng hindi prepared! There should be a NatCos and all wardrobes rehearsals before leaving the country… Tama na yang mga pa-surprise surprise ek ek… Para at least mas prepared.

    • I concur on this comment. Enough of the drama on the costume, unless the team is well-convinced that Bea’a costume is an absolute pasavogue at kaabang-abang. Ang mga Pinoy fans pa naman, kapag pinasabik ng todo tapos palpak lang ang kanilang hinintay, okray to the max ang ending. Bash kung bash!

      That’s all.

    • TRUE!!!!!

      Pahype-hype pa nung costume ni Rabiya… e nabwisit lang ako nung nakita ko.. Kacheapan!!!

  3. She’s so lovely! 100% support to her bid for MU crown! Go Bea, go Phils! 🇵🇭♥️♥️♥️

  4. Beatrice Luigi Gomez, please focus on the training after this homecoming. You really dont have much time to prepare.

    MUP – please do all the business related engagement after MU. She has plenty of time to do that after MU. That way you can keep her busy until 2022 MUP.

  5. Totoo ba yung CHICHI sa kabilang bakod na break na sila ng GF niya at may bago na siyang BF??? So di siya Lesbiana kundi BI nakakalokah !!!

      • No I believe she is lesbian , not bisexual… there is a world of difference ; lesbian will never have sexual relationship with a male ( she is said it in a personal interview … ‘I am a proud lesbian” )

  6. Rewind 2014, marami nagsabi na halos walang nakasagot ng tama sa final Q&A and kung sagot lang din naman ang basehan, mas karapat-dapat nanalo si Kaci Fennell!

    Then recently nanalo Mexico sa Reina Hispanoamericana pero,

    Kung i-splice niyo yung sagot niya, hindi rin niya nasagot ng eksakto yung tanong. Ang tanong sa kanya in English, DO you believe that social media has a positive or negative impact on minors?

    Ang bungad na sagot niya agad-agad, “Definitely!” which is ano yung definitely na yon, OO may positive impact or OO may negative impact. Then her next statement was ang social media also causes anguish but it connects family and friends and so on and so forth.

    But the way she delivered her statement was with conviction na as if mame-mesmerize ka na parang nasagot niya ng tama yung tanong!

    Again, rewind 2013, nasagot din ng tama ni Ara Arida yung tanong but the way she delivers it is like parang kinabisado or like parang nangungumpisal siya sa pari,

    What I’m saying is itong mga taga alam niyo na,

    Ang forte nila is “It’s not the content of your answer but how you say it”

    Pero sa ating mga Pinoy, pagka medio confident ka, mayabang na ang dating mo! Very thin yung borderline between confidence and arrogance!

    Now, Beatrice already have that gift of jab! She also has that chameleon beauty na she can be casual on this day then came so fresh the next day which is good dahil nalilinlang mo yung kalaban mo! Ang kailangan lang niya is just to make her statement impactful to those judges! Other than that, she’s ready!

    • You are one of the reasons why Bea should lay off social media! Butete ka hahahah!

      • @Smooth Bae what’s wrong with Karen Ibasco, she is Miss Earth 🌍 and bumubula ang bibig sa qudaan !!!! Baklang Toh!

    • @ PAQUITA butete: I never put down Ibasco. It is YOU I’m calling out for constantly putting down Bea. Butete ka kase!

  7. I saw an interview in Cebu na sinabi ni Bea na hindi daw importante ang social media engagement dahil hindi din naman daw majujudge yun. Lol to her. Ano to 2005? Yun lang.

    • I agree with her. She should actually lay low on her social media engagement and just let the bashers and fans clash by themselves. Rabiya got too involved with social media last year and it affected her too much. So yes, great decision! She needs to get focused and preserve her mental/emotional well being.

      • Well I agree with the bashing part but you have to be social media savvy being a miss universe in this crazy times since malamang tambay sa apartment ang drama nito.

      • @ Yna Mahiya naman ang MUO! At the pandemic’s height last year, it was understandable if Zozi was effectively ‘imprisoned’. But this year and as we saw, Andrea was able to put some miles in… I’m referring to the upcoming/new titlist, not Bea.

        We should expect MU 2021 to be making the rounds again! Trabahuhin nila (MUO).

        As for Bea, and echoing calls (here) that she focus on preparations, yes she may have to cocoon. Kasi last year, ginawang online seller si Rabiya not long after winning (kin-nareer), tas ‘yung matters directly pertaining to MU, bandang huli na inatupag. Nag-cram tuloy. And as we saw, so much unraveled & screwed up.

        Kung hindi naman kailangang pumunta ng maaga/in advance ni Bea sa Israel, huwag muna. My point : RABIYA’S ATTACK STRATEGY MAY NOT NECESSARILY ALSO WORK WITH BEA.

        But back to this post….

        Congratulations again to you! Your school must be so proud, they even gave you ‘pageant grant’!

  8. Miss Universe in Eilat, Israel is fast-approaching. All I hope at this time is that Beatrice and the MUP Team are preparing extensively for the MU beauty pageant, so that the moment she sets foot in the Land of Promise, there is no stone unturned for her.

    I know that Bea has a limited time within which she has to squeeze bits and pieces of her preparation for the pageant, but that fact alone shall never be an excuse for an unfavorable result. Good thing, she needs a little to work on her communication skills. But her pasarela, posture, and pageantmark strut have to be mastered well. Logistics and what have you shall also be smoothly done. Gowns and National Costume are among the highly critical dresses that cannot escape Pinoy pageant fans’ eyes. I just wish that the people assigned to dressing Bea will do their homework pretty well, otherwise, they shall endure bashings from fans.

    To sum it up, the MUP Team should have Catriona’s preparation for Miss Universe as its barometer. If not, then only heavens know how our lovely Bea will fare in Eilat.

    P.S. I have intentionally not commented on Cindy Obeñita’s recent victory in Miss Intercontinental in order for me to avoid causing embarrassment to the pageant fans. A simple “congratulations” perhaps would do.

    That’s all.

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