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  1. MIO seems to be impressed with Cindy. She brought home the real crown (she was provided with security). She was also asked to host MIss Intercontinental – ala Megan we’re guessing. Wow 👑💐🕊️✨Good job Cindy.

  2. Dapat may magazine cover din si Cindy because she brought home honors for the country. Metro, Tatler, etc.

  3. Matalino ka tlaga flor. At hindi kyang intindihin palagi ng mga katulad naming mortal. He,he,he…

  4. Cindy deserves the numerous positive comments posted in this blog site.

    Hindi katulad ni… Miss Tumbalata.

  5. Cindy set a good example by being a proper candidate, a true Filipina. Instead of giving in to that social media itch to post everything she observed, she chose to strategize and keep her focus on the crown. I hope our younger users of social media would appreciate this example. It is prudent to think of our candidate and the country she represents in everything we post. There is little need to engage in fisticuffs with another country 😂 over a pageant. In the end you will be canceling each other out. Pageant orgs notice this online behavior and it will surely drag our candidates down along with the toxic and bitter online exchanges. 💐👑🕊️🌺

  6. I love Cindy but her team should stop the “straight hairstyle.” Go for the curls.

    • sa fashion dapat STRAIGHT HAIR para sa taong may pagka bilog ang mukha… kaya tama lang ang buhok na straight kay Cindy..

      • She looks very ordinary with straight hair. Dami niyang kamukha sa kalsada… very pedestrian looking.

      • @ Paul Nung Press Meet (with the other four), she had curls, ta’s daming nagsabi na di daw bagay sa kanya. Kesyo lumiit (said @ Fabian) or lumaki ang mukha… Ano ba talaga??!!

        Napatanong tuloy ako, ano ba talaga ang norm/ideal? Small face? Big face? Or, depends on the situation? May nag-reply sa ‘kin, pero sabi niya kulang daw kasi materials dito, dapat sa IG daw tumingin… I think it was @ Ana Winter-Lund who said… Anyway, what’s really important is that she chooses her styling at MU so that not only does she look dynamite but also that she achieves the look easily/not requiring too much work/time para dili siya stressed out. Kasi, I think the beauticians at MU do not listen to what the ladies ask them, and just fire away at will, mga loca…

        (The beauticians are loca. Not the candidates.)

  7. It’s COLD in the dessert at night. I wonder how the ladies felt…

    Cinderella at 6,35… Earlier at 6,00 is a BEAUTY, too; was that Nutnicha? Hawig ni Polfah Punika!

    (Does that mean Thai reps are stuck in a common~predictable styling rut?)

    ‘Power of Beauty’ Kaitlyn Li of Canada is ‘beautiful, easy to work with, & a m/billionaire’ (said host). She reminds me of Dindi’s room mate in Poland – MSChina – who edged her out in Top Model (but since the two were friends, it was all cool). Similar lady is now/currently MECanada. Same person? Or, relations?

    Uncle, now that the 2020-2021 MisOr & CDO queens are all ‘battle-tested’, when will MK 2021~22 happen? You should probably go & visit again, like old times. Or, MCDO ang priority niyo?

      • @ paul Good Thu AM, Dear.

        Style ko ‘yan. EVERYTHING I SEE/NOTICE, makes an impression, reminds me of something, I unload in one go. I want to maximize every comment I make. I don’t want to be redundant by repeating the obvious or what everyone else has (already) said. I believe in giving each reply VALUE like a multifaceted gem. It can get bewildering, but like a deluge of candy you just choose which you like. That being said, it will be impossible to please everybody and in the time I’ve been in Norman’s Blog I’ve probably made as many enemies as friends, if not more so. There does not need to be a point. Just take whatever fancies you, & discard the rest/excess.

        That, or I’m just plain silly~cerebral. LOLZ.

      • You are really celebral, flor. Di ba molecular bio and biotechnology ang undergrad mo? he, he…

    • I just wonder if there should be titles given for “Power of Beauty”. Shouldn’t that candidate be the winner of Miss Intercontinental? After all, it’s the brand of the pageant, like “Beauty with a Purpose” should be Miss World. I dunno. Just thinking out loud. Anyone’s opinions?

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