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  1. Hope Pinoy social media followers would be heedful of polite online behavior during The Miss Globe 2021. Mias Pilar-Alcantara already gave this tip to avoid displeasing the TMG executives. 🙋🏻🙏🏼🇵🇭👑

  2. Enjoy it Maureen. You have the experience and skill to take the crown. Malaysia or USA might attempt to take it from you, just be heedful. Don’t settle for a standard answer. Give your performance that Binibini magic. 👑🕊️🌺💐

  3. Either Miss Globe title or 2nd Runner up!

    Pero utang na loob! Huwag lang 1st Runner up!

    She looks like Ana Maria Perez de Tagle though!

  4. I hope Maureen will surpass the achievement of Miss Rowena Lucero Sasuluya of the Philippines who won Miss Globe 2020 Fourth Runner-up .

  5. everything’s all set … but I am nervous … she is the one to beat , but I hope she lets loose on Finals night and do not get stiff and tight , keep a smile on that face , be confident , project a winner walk like how a winner would walk , win over the judges !

  6. She deserves to win
    But it all depends on the judges
    I wish she had Joined MUP instead . She could have won there and realized her dream to rep the Philippines at MU
    I hope one day the MUPO will be more fair and let a panel of judges decide who wins . The winner in the two editions had been determined even before the finals . It was too unfair to the girls who spent so much time and money

    • Galawang Evil Mama J. Lumaki na ulo ni bekle. Akala mo na kung sino. Nawala na galing nila simula ng tumaas tingin sa ilong este sarili niya. Look at the results na kontrolado niya na lahat ng preps. Ang KALAT Mamshie. Pag bekle talaga pinag-lead mo ng org 100% freely, ang kalaaaaat!

    • @ Fabian Reyes You keep insisting that she should have aimed for MUP/BBPU… But we also know circumstances were not in her favor; every move she made, the DREAM eluded her each time. You mention ‘predetermination’ (aka, dapat, gusto ka ng organization para manalo). IS IT POSSIBLE MUPO NEVER LIKED HER (for whatever reason) to begin with? At baka nakarating sa kanya.

      The transfer to KF alone is tantalizing. We never got a satisfactory explanation for it here.

      Maureen Montagne looks & sounds like a smart girl, the type who can take care of herself & can ‘read the room’. Granted that time frame wherein she had a chance to join MUP, she may have sensed ‘conditions weren’t favorable’. Trust instinct, the most reliable compass (Chanel)!

      She may also be pragmatic. And that’s not a bad thing to be. There’s surely ‘things at play’ here.

      Maureen, ALL THE VERY BEST. WIN IT. CLAIM IT. But as @ jaret (above) said, PERSPECTIVE.

  7. She has what it takes to be the next ambassador of this organisation. Same gut feeling few days Cindy Obeñita won.

  8. Hello Tito Norms, pareho po tayo ng observation. She could have topped the swimwear and head2head challenge. Pero tito, I have a weird feeling po na baka siguro hindi ibinigay kay Maureen yung mga iyon kasi sya talaga ang napipisil na manalo ng organization. For me kasi, honestly, kung ako ang org, hindi ko pwdng sayangin ang credentials ni Maureen. Confident ako na siya ang mananalong The Miss Globe. It will be an upset kapag hindi sya ang nanalo and it will also be a great loss to the organization kung hindi sa Mau ang pipiliin nila. 🙂

      • @ Norman Oh, no! The tone of the post says it loud & clear – I’M NOT GOING TO ALBANIA.

        ‘Di nakahabol visa? Or, walang makuhang flight?… Or, meron kaya lang alanganin…?… So sad.

      • yes Tito, ipagdadasal ko talaga na maiuuwi ni Maureen Montagne ang 2nd The Miss Globe crown. :)))

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