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  1. This is slightly OT but probably the closest in terms of subject matter (related to MU/MUP). And with all due respects to Bea…

    I saw yesterday (I think) an episode on EZ X FLACKO, two Latino-American guys who started watching the Swim Finale of MUP last year (how Pinoy pageant fans found them I don’t know).

    Some of us emphasize how, after Catriona especially, we should re-explore the ‘native’ (not ‘pure’) Pinay beauty to represent us ‘again’ at MU. This year, we have Bea (here) & Katrina as example.

    They begin by saying that contemporary (to them) Filipinos are a ‘mix’ of races owing to colonization. I realize that perhaps we have been very good at repeatedly emphasizing our ‘ethnic jumble’ (a term from a Fil-Am Playboy playmate in an issue I got hold of in the mid-1980’s). I wonder if the Thais elicit a similar impression from Americans in general, given that quite a few Thais nowadays are biracial. Is that because Thai-Americans don’t see/feel the need to say so?

    Anyway, the two went bonkers for ‘Romblon’ (Sasha Tajaran) & ‘Taguig City’ (Sandra Lemonon, who we all know is Fil-French) last year. This year, they zeroed in on three contestants, all clearly not ‘native/pure’.

    Maureen Wroblewitz – ‘She’s really pretty. Nice smile.’
    Chella Falconer – ‘She’s not Filipina’! Meaning, she is clearly not the ‘native/pure’ type. Their fave!
    VVV – To wit, ‘her walk is a Miss Universe walk.’ And many of us said her pasarela needs work…

    (They also liked Ingrid, who I think with her clearly Mestiza features is, again, not ‘native/pure’. And Leren!)

    They had little to say of Katrina, which makes me think by American standards her type of brown beauty is now quite commonplace in the USA.

    And of Bea, their thoughts were on whether or not her tattoo might meet with disapproval with MU judges. Her look was not striking~noteworthy enough…?…

    My point : perhaps we SHOULD FULLY EXPLORE NOW this biracial/mixed bias. Inevitable. The thing is, ‘pag Pinoy parang expected na nila na may halo’ng ibang lahi. If it’s a market trend, G!

  2. This lesbian MUP winner generates so much NEGATIVE energies. Why, why & why?

    From 2019 to this year, nakakawalang gana manood ng MU. Parang gusto mo na lang kalimutan ang coronation day ng MU

    Miss India for Miss Universee 2021!

    • Naku manang, di ko rin siya bet as Miss PH pero pwede namang sabihing “this person or woman” instead of “this lesbian.”
      Pinagdiinan pa talaga yung lesbian ha.
      Disgusting homophobic witch! 🥴

  3. Underwhelming and she looks old.
    Good luck na lang 🍀
    Hindi siya pwede umasa sa fan votes, mas agresibo na bumoto ang mga taga ibang bansa sa MU.

  4. They better do something about her facial beauty and shoulders … and her smile

  5. Bakit kaya wala syang winner’s glow. Ang dull ng laban natin this year. Kulang sa beauty. Kulang sa energy. Kulang sa vitamins! Haha

    • More of kulang sa personality. Very Rachel peters. Pero as a gay myself ganyan talaga mga lesbiana very meek ang personality. May mga mangilan ngilan na tomboy na bakla ang personality which I love.

      • @ Gul Tama lang naman. Kasi, if the gay man will ‘devour life’*, then his opposite – the lesbian woman – should cancel him out, as a pacifist. That’s BALANCE.

        Now that you mentioned it, honga. ALL the ‘tiburcio’ I’ve come across are Clark Kent mild-manner. Kung sa bagay, naalala mo na nung kabataan noon, ang sabi sa kanila ng mga matatanda, ang tunay na lalake tahimik lang at kalmado at kung ma-boka~madaldal then baka bakla. Maybe this is how lesbians reinforce their masculinity (we really require a psychologist atm!), by being that ‘silent-water-runs-deep’ type of guy. Or, simply that gay men at least in our society appropriated vociferousness, leaving lesbian women no other choice but to be ‘cool’.

        (FAO Schwarz recently opened their Milano store, and featured was a Barbie ‘Ken’ in a wheelchair. I think that this was a brilliant way to make young people aware of ‘life in general’. Just sharing.)

        Nakita mo si Jesi Corcuera, ‘yung dating Starstruck? My gosh! Her transformation is SUPERB. Ganda nang babae dati, maganda ring lalake ngayon! Ma-i-in-love ka.

        * – from a high-end international fashion band.

      • Yes flor tiburcios are not know for their personality, unlike gays. I think I can only say Ellen DeGeneres.

  6. Bea Luigi Gomez, Sumatra Utara!!!!! Or Jawa Timur!!!!! Mukha nga syang puteri candidate (syempre ying high tier na candidate).

    • Some netizens pointed out that she looks like Anindya Putri, the 2015 girl. Some say she looks like Anggun ( I agree) the Indonesian singer. Meaning, she looks very Malay or southeast Asian.

    • Hanggang bewang Lang nya si Judy Ann
      At diba parang nanay nya na si Judy Ann?
      Mukhang mas kamukha sya ni Jonas

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