14 comments on “Miss Intercontinental 2021 Cindy Obeñita: Ready for her reign

  1. Maybe I just do not know much about Miss Intercontinental as a pageant organization. But I am not aware of its advocacy-related activities, global or local, especially during the reign of Karen Gallman. What then will Cindy be ready for? I hope the organization will make full use of her intelligence and competence.

    • Miss Intercontinental campaign is for the promotion of continents TOURISM (but i stand to be corrected)🙏

    • @ scorg At her CNN Philippines interview, Karen said she would have wanted to work with the Department of Education in distributing instructional materials to needy public schools for her post-pageant advocacy. But that did not seem to have happened… In any case & as we found out here, she eventually went back to Australia, married, & had a baby (who was 8-months premature but last I heard from Uncle is perfectly fine) girl.

      You probably also like Bianca Guidotti, our BBP-International 2014, who is very intellectual like yourself. May balita ka kung may baby na sila?…Mag-investigate ka naman para ‘di lagi si Uncle.

  2. Jojo Bragais should design a glass shoes under Cinderella!!! A tribute to all women who dream, believe and survive!!!! Chos! hihihihih

    I am serious about the glass shoes though.

  3. Jojo Bragais should design a glass shoe named Cinderalla. A tribute to those to dream, believe and survive!!! Chos! hihihihih

    • @ 4M JB should seek, then, the expertise & wisdom of (Ramon) Orlina Glass Works on this material. I ran into their FB page some time ago… Of course, glass sculpture usually is for the design of trophies but this sounds exciting at the very least! Kahit pam-publicity shots lang.

  4. Naglabasan na yung mga sore Losers ng Miss Intercontinental like Miss Cuba!

    Fraud Pageant daw!

    Pekang-peka naman performance ni Cindy! Puede ba!

  5. Uncle, what is her/their (after consultation with Boss Atty. S) decision?

    Base in Europe? Or, serve her reign in MisOr? The former may require logistics of OOTD’s, among other things… Sagot ng org living arrangements niya, I presume. Like Ann Colis, no?

    MAGKIKITA KAYO? U will meet up after Maureen’s is done? UPDATES. WE ARE EXCITED NA, po.

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