7 comments on “Pageantry Norms Season 6 Finale: Four Colors of Miss Earth 2021

  1. I love watching the eco videos of Miss Earth.
    So powerful and impactful.
    Long live Miss Earth!

  2. Why aren’t more people excited about Miss Earth?

    It’s the best virtual pageant in the world.

    No other pageant can even compete with it.

    • @ SQ I like the virtual way in that it has its charms. Definitely a different animal altogether!

      National costumes and ‘trajes tipicos’ are shown to their best being in their ‘natural habitat’. The labor of love that comes with elaborate backgrounds, sometimes involving the entire village & ‘cloaking the lady in eternal Spring’*. Best is when she is announced/declared one of the winners, causing her support staff/family to very suddenly erupt in ecstasy after staying hidden throughout.

      With the pandemic’s taming in sight, it had a brief run but may still be an option in difficult times to come. The more important thing is MEO has shown/proven it is doable, even fun. Commendations!

      * – credited to someone else, not my own making.

    • @SQ, @Flor Tula: I agree with your observations. As a Filipino, I am proud of our home-grown pageant’s relevant advocacy and audacity to mount innovative concepts to pageantry. However, while virtual pageant was an unavoidable format amidst the pandemic, I would have hoped they have used their legendary creative juices to explore other ways to mount a semblance of a real in-person spectator show. I couldn’t blame the fans’ unenthusiastic response: how would you like to watch a boxing bout where one corner is in Asia and another corner is in the Americas? Online debates and its back-and-forth rebuttals can be witnessed in real-time, and that at least approximates an in-person debate. In other words, MEO has not maximized technology enough to present a real-time-despite-the-distance encounter. Else, it could have braved the difficulties of presenting an out-of-town show the way MS, MGI, MG, and MIntercon did. Or –we don’t have to look farther– the way MUP did.

  3. I Enjoyed the conversation. Among the 4, Thailand has the strongest chance of winning ME crown.

    • @ serge Baitong has a high bar to clear! The Thai Earth standard is no less than the two-time international Runner-up, Punika Kulsoorntornrut. But yes, the bubbly personality is a plus.

  4. Australia is high-end. Thailand is bubbly. India is… is… – Uncle.

    Re Australia : I understand that there was a need to be more accommodating to walk-in customers as far as luxury brands are concerned. But, really, when it all started the idea was that these clients are so busy and/or discrete that it was necessary to first set an appointment to map out exactly what she/he was looking for/interested in so that when she/he got there no time is wasted. Hence, the ‘culture’ of aversion/snottiness to walk-in customers perceived to be ‘cannot afford even the cheapest item’. But yes. Like Phoebe said, the really rich nowadays may opt to not look rich.

    Re Thailand : Wow! Fifteen (15) times already. And I thought my seven (7) was a big deal, lolz. Max (Jareerat’s jowa) is Canadian-Thai? Ask her for a photo; maybe he can be good for MrST*. Thanks to Google, we see that Chumpohn (did I spell right?) shares border with Myanmar or at least the mountains inland… (I wonder if this was through here that some Burmese anti-government activists/politicians/refugees fled earlier this year). In any case, seafood is yummy!

    Re India : Amanda Dudamel (the newly-crowned MUVenezuela), Rhiana Pangindian, & Rashmi Madhuri are of the same facial mold.

    Uncle, two (2) week break… SUSUNOD PO KAYO SA ALBANIA? Mdme. Mias is expecting you. Sayang ‘yung ‘prin-nomise’ niya. Alam mo ‘yan… Hihihihihh… As Jareerat said, ‘sana all’. 🙂

    * – Mister Supranational Thailand.

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