11 comments on “Louw Breytenbach of South Africa wins Mr Gay World 2021

  1. Mexico is the Reina Hispano Americana 2021!

    Norman pasensya na. Pero mukha namang walang interesado sa post mo rito sa global gay winners.

    • Underwhelming naman kasi ang mr gay world. Pati yung 2020 edition eh clear winner ang Pinas. Yung mga contestants eh well, di naman kasibg taas nang caliber like Mr World

  2. 1 Mexico
    2 Panama
    3 Colombia
    4 Venezuela
    5 Philippines
    6 Brazil
    7 Portugal

    Spanish commentator had some very nice things to say about Miss Philippines throughout the evening. She made a great impression within the pageant and the observers.

    • Congratulations to our very own Ms. Vera!!! She held her own in some very stiff competition!!! We’re proud of you!!!

      Congratulations to Mexico on their back to back! Well deserved!

  3. Reina Hispanoamericana 2021 Mexico
    Virrreina Hispanoamericana 2021 Panama
    1st Runner-up Colombia
    2nd Runner-up Venezuela
    3rd Runner-up Philippines
    4th Runner-up Brazil
    5th Runner-up Portugal

  4. Reina Hispanoamericana 2021 Top 12

    Dominican Republic
    Puerto Rico

    • @ Gabriela Oh, wow! How appropriate. I’m listening to some Peruvian ‘chicha’ atm…

      (My Ecuador didn’t get in. Oh, well… At least she got Best ‘Traje Tipico’. And speaking of host Bolivia, I like their MU bet this year.)

      Back to this post…

      Tagal ko nang iniisip kung sinong kahawig nitong si Joel (‘Clive Christian’). Arthit ‘Seagame’ Merkarkard, Grand Winner of his 2016 Thai National*. That batch was superb! I think the entire court placed in the Top 5, if not Top 3, of their international assignments. Including two who were in Manila… (Yung rep nila sa MrGrandIntl, guapo kahit di katangkaran).

      * – was a straight male pageant.

      • (Cont.)

        Ratchada Hampanhon. 1st RU to Michaelangelo Skyllas (Greek-Australian). Looks like Jeron Teng.

        The other one was Khunpahn Suphachok, 3rd RU, ata, at the inaugural MrTW (hosted by Vigan City). TALL; won Photogenic at Mr National Thailand 2016. Nice body.

        Interestingly, my little sharing here just nicely reconnected with the theme of this post. The winner of this other pageant – from Myanmar – ‘came out’ a few years later. I think he had an American partner… Kalokah! Tsismosa pa ngayon peg ko. Natuwa pa sarili, lolzzz.

        (And again, I forgot… Wait, I just remembered! Okkar Minn Maung.)

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