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  1. Off Topic: Miss Laos has just been crowned , and she is very very charming. Tall, well-spoken in her native language, and she was chosen as Miss Congeniality in their pageant … I am sure she will become very popular among the delegates in MU

    Miss Laos is again another blockade in Asia that Bea has to overcome… so far we have India, Thailand, Korea, … Israel & UAE … and not counting the Africa ladies ; Miss China will be chosen very shortly … we’ll watch out again …

    • @ jaretwrightlover Sana mahalata this time, kasi last year so many swooned over Sarita Reth (Cambodia), Cristina Lassasima (Laos), & Anshika Sharma (Nepal).

      • it all boils down to interview … job interview … most likely the three you mentioned above did not impress the judges in a good way during their preliminary interviews

    • I beg to disagree about the interview. Miss Nepal and Cambodia last year are very well spoken. It all boils down to sash factor too.

  2. Sana sa MW na lang pinadala si Emanuelle, I think she will do better than Tracy. And Tracy sa Reina….Oh well, pwede pa ba ulit sumali si Emmanuelle?

  3. When – 2016 or 2017 – did we see Bruna Zanardo at ME? Tamad mag-Google me. Spoon-feed, pls!

    • Bruna Zanardo 29 yo, 5′ 11″

      2016- Miss Fire at Miss Earth 2016 but she was dethroned .
      2017 – Miss Sao Paulo 2017 First Runner-up
      2017- Miss International 2017 unplaced
      2021- Reina Hispanoamericana 2021 4th Runner-up

      • Vhaks…maremember ko na itong si Bruna, kaya na-dethrone kasi nagdecide na magjoin ang bakla sa Miss International 2017. So, pinagpalit nya ang pagiging title holder nya sa Miss Earth doon sa Miss international. Eh, sa kasawiang palad, unplaced sya at ngayon ay naligwak rin sya ni Emman.

  4. Miss Intercontinental 2021 – Winner
    Miss Aura International 2021 – Winner
    Mister Gay World 2021 – 1st Runner Up
    Reina Hipano Americana – 3rd Runner Up
    Miss Globe 2021 –

  5. Kayo mga baklesh? Anong sagot niyo sa tanong na,

    la pregunta es,

    ¿Creas que redes sociales causar una influencia positiva o negativa en menor de edad?


    • @ ClaiRe IbbeTson I will attempt, now, to make an utter fool of myself ‘coz ‘no entiende/comprendo’.

      Social media, imo, has been largely beneficial to children. I think the problem that did arise was a fixation to gaming. The pandemic may have exacerbated it, as kids were unable to go out. We really just need to get them all back in school as soon as possible. That’s it. Arigatu gozaimasu!

      (People in my past liked to confuse me by asking something in Spanish. I would counter with the seven-letter word in pseudo-Spanish staring with ‘P’. That silenced them. We all ended up laughing. LOLZ.)

  6. Emmanuel deserved to try pageant one more time, Her performance is uber awesome given the very short preparation.


  7. Reina Hispanoamericana (RHA) could possibly upgrade into a major pageant given its production quality and values. As a thirty yr old pageant, it is already established. It seems to be more consistent and worthy of respect than MGI or Miss Intercontinental – which couldn’t even hold a stable live broadcast of its pageant. I loved how different its opening number was which carried themes of love of country, pride rooted in tradition, also inclusivity. Though the stage was not big, and it was beautifully lit and uniquely and vibrantly designed. The LED stage backdrops changed not one the set design but also the mood for every segment. It was both elegant and festive. The hosts were on cue, always professional. The show wasn’t overly long, no dead air, a tight production. No shots of underdressed audiences eating fries at front row seats. 🤣 Though there was no interpreter this time, a candidate performed her extra task equally well. It’s like RHA was proclaiming it is ready to join the world of big pageants.

    Our national (and international) pageants must aspire for this, as well. 💐👑🙋🏼🕊

    • @ Jmgonzalesme I saw Luis Portelles’ take on the pageant. He was underwhelmed with the translation. Not a critique of the Miss of Dominican Republic (he also acknowledged her magnanimity), but he said that if Emman’s (English) answer were a 10, the Spanish was a 6.0. For example, he explained that the translation went ‘for everyone out there’ (in general?) when what Emman meant was ‘countrymen’ – ‘paisanos’, which I imagine should have come out – concerning many Filipinos who did not have as much opportunity as she got/had during the pandemic. In other words, Luis repeated what we said during MI 2019 when the speeches of Jolene & Patch were perceived to not have been properly translated. GET/HIRE GOOD TRANSLATORS.

      I somehow ended up reviewing the crowning moment at MI 2014, when Valerie Hernandez of Puerto Rico won. She gave her acceptance speech in Spanish. But apparently MIO did not have a Spanish-to-Japanese interpreter at the time. So, the host asks her to say something in English, too. Valerie obliges. But uttering ‘oh, my god’ a few times (out of gratitude), it made me wonder if that expression even has an equivalent in Nihon-go (with due respect to the Imperial Family). I find it a bit assuming… What came out was what seemed to be a quick summary of Valerie’s points.

      There are so many European expatriates in Japan. Couldn’t MIO ask for their kind help?

      Why is it so hard for many pageant organizations to just hire professional translators the way MUO has always done? Mahal ba rates nila? Even at (The)Globe (now) & Supranational (2019)!

      • Hi Flor. Thank you for your inputs. Yes, I just saw his YouTube vlog this morning. I was kinda disappointed too after having seen his reaction. Thanks to Luis we have an honest review of that portion of the pageant. I thought Emmanuelle deserved a better placing, at least second or first, but that’s how things turned out.

        I remember the funniest if not most embarrassing moments of translation occur at Miss Earth. At least ten face-palm emojis for that permanent mark on their pageant history.

        Wondering too if there is an app which pageants can use for such purposes. Also wondering if RHA Filipinas needs a separate pageant. 🕊👑🙋🏽

      • @ Jmgonzalesme I agree on that dedicated selection/casting for Reina Hispano-Filipinas! Like the Miss Bikini- & Talent- Show sub-events at (The)MissGlobe, it can a complementary process at every MWP edition, focusing on a core group of candidates. For example, we learn in Uncle’s July article for Rappler – his picks for MWP 2021 – that Gwendolyn Fourniol is a French teacher! While that’s not Spanish, it proves we just have to be creative & keep our eyes open at all times… Because who knows who could suddenly walk in?!!

        Regarding that app, I recall something seemingly similar used in some male pageants. The guys in question literally have their devices with them both in the Interview Room & on-stage! And at least in one case, it may have helped because he advanced just short of the Winners’ Court; he wasn’t bad-looking at all, and not a few fans were a bit saddened that his journey ended so.

        * – Kim Alexis Babao was born & spent her early years in Italy. Now I wonder if a ‘Filipinas’ rep good at any other ‘Romansch’ language would be easier for host Bolivia to translate. After all, I think even today some Italian is spoken in Argentina and certainly Brazilians will tell you that they could be in a group with Portuguese, Spanish, & other Latin American neighbors and while their tongues are not everywhere identical they are mutually intelligible, much like Cebuanos & Ilonggos understanding one another.

      • Re: RHA Filipinas . . . Yes, I agree @Flor_Tula. By this decade, this could be second generation of pageant-qualified ladies born from the generation of Filipinos who started working in other countries (and some who eventually migrated) from the late 70s-mid 80s, continuing to the present. We have a significant population in Spain, quite a few in Brazil and some in Mexico. Our Filipino population in these places would go pageant crazy if they find out about this search. And training camps could (?) have satellite offices. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Who knows if a young lady of Filipino heritage in Switzerland would endeavor to study the language of the conquistadores.

        Re: translation apps . . . It depends, I guess, on the accuracy of the app to capture nuances in the language. Even customer experience AI tools are still evolving on this aspect. Exciting when you think of the possibility. Let’s see how things develop. 🙋🏼

  8. Sana mag Spanish lesson for a year ang representative natin to RHA. Like appoint someone for next year soon ang mag lesson.

  9. three things n naisip ko after Emmanuelle’s runner-up finish.

    1. Her aura is similar to that of Heart Evangelista.
    2. That yellow gown could have been a great choice of gown for Rabiya kung yellow lang din naman ang gusto nila.
    3. Imagine kung si Cindy ang sumabak jan at dire-direcho ung sagot nya… paano n ang interpreter? (i have nothing against Cindy… love n love ko siya actually.)
    Having said that, sana mag-invest din ang RH pageant ng mga translator n professional tlga para maconvey tlga ng mas maayos ung gustong sabihin ng mga contestants. Paano kung wlang Miss Domican Republic kanina n willing gawin un?

    Anyways… congratulations to Emmanuelle! well-deserved! ito ung mga tipo ng kandidata n alam mong invested sila sa ginagawa nila.

  10. Congrats!
    In the future, the Philippine organizer should send a Spanish speaking representative.
    It’s a Latina pageant, geesh! 🤦🏻‍♂️

  11. Miss Venezuela in this pageant is a beautiful black woman. Pwedeng pwede sa miss u. Pero bakit ganun lahat ng “black” miss venezuela na nanalo is mixed race, unlike Colombia who sent a girl in 2002. Ayaw ba ni Osmel sa nga itim? I think keysi sayago is the last “partially black” na kandidata. They are missing a lot of beauties.

  12. Love her or not, Andrea of Mexico was a standout from the start. Andrea was over-the-top, as expected in these regional pageants in contrast, Emmanuelle was a study on focus and composure. Though the odds were stacked against our participation, she just blew everyone out of their expectations – though mahiyain pa ang ating representate.💁🏻‍♀️. Fantastic performance. With the physique, skills and talent Emmanuelle has, she must represent us in another worthy pageant. 🌎👑💐

  13. First of all, Congrats to Ms Vera. Superb performance. Second, a heartfelt thank you to Miss Dominican Republic.
    On the other hand, I think its time to stop sending representative to this pageant. This is obviously a regional-ethnic pageant for the Latinas.

    • @ Lireo We could pull out anytime, I guess.

      But we do give their ‘regional’ the global traction it needed. Sans ‘Filipinas’, no one beyond their part of the world would notice their existence. Besides, I think we enjoy the underdog status, the ‘maingay ang maliit, baka matapakan dahil baka hindi mapansin’ persona. PAPANSIN TAYO.

      Besides, if Ruffa Nava is to end her pageantry with PLENTY of caffeine, we need to start sowing some Latino/a love as early as now. And Gianna Llanesis is already there (in Mexico) being glamorous!

      (I also don’t want to lose United Continents. Mawawala na lang ba lahat ng pinagsikapan ni Jeslyn Santos? This seems to be a regional pageant circuit that eventually connects to the BIG4; we can be a regular here, something our Asian/ASEAN rivals~neighbors can only dream of!)

  14. Panama deserved to win , not Mexico … congrats to Pinas for placing 5th and defeating Brazil who was a major crown favorite but who looks like a washed up old ‘contrabida sa pelikula’ …

  15. Mga veks!

    May back to back rin naman tayo at 12 hours lang ang interval!

    12 hours after ma-coronahan si Karen Ibasco nanalo naman si Win Marquez! Oh jeeeva!

  16. O-M-G!

    Kaya pala in-love na in-love ako kay Colombia…

    SHE IS NO LESS THAN MARIA ALEJANDRA VENGOECHEA, the young Cindy Kurleto Runner-up to Bint Sireethorn Leearamwat.

    PUSO, PUSO!!!


    I said either Vera or Krishnan should get the Bolivian assignment. Vindication is. Felicidades!

    • (Cont.)

      (Si Evelyn Namatovu, pala, Missosology Timeless Beauty for 2019…)

      @ paul Dong, advise Atty. Magtanong to join MWP next year. FORGET MUP, por favor!

      EITHER SUPRA OR RHA. Never mind the MWP title, too much issue/controversy goes with it.


      • Korak Madame Flor! Pwedeng-pwede rin si Patch Magtanong sa MWP! Supra, RHA or other titles she is qualified age wise. He, he, he… Thanks my dear.

      • Huh !?!?!
        Patch is not a performer
        She’s definitely not for RHA
        World? She does not have the face needed. Look at Laura is super articulate and yet failed to advance beyond top 40
        And Supra ? Oh no !
        Let her concentrate on her law career pls

      • @ Fabian Reyes Imo, Atty. M is a performer. Review her ‘antics’ & stance at MI…

        What is important is that she has proven that she can ‘bring on the heat’ if & when necessary.

        Go read Virginia Woolf’s ‘Angel In The House’. It calls on women to step up and CLAIM.

    • (Cont.1)

      Ang hawig ni Emmanuelle, si Sigrid Grace Flores!

      I think Sigrid is taller than Emmanuelle, so the former could be seen as the stretch limo version of the latter.

      Naisip ko tuloy ang mga reina ng Bicol – Rachel, Galeria, Sigrid, Kayesha, Jashmin, Venus, Melody (+), Janela, Cat (of course)… Uncle, you really need to feature a Region 5 pageant org next season on PN’s!

  17. After the pandemic has given us second chance. What did you do now and why?

    Felipinas: I stand before you here today receiving my second chance, the pandemic rendered me jobless and hopeless but through faith and perseverance I rose again. But I realized that many Filipinos, countless Filipinos did not have the same opportunities as I did. I have the privilege of volunteering raising funds and serving the less fortunate in my country. I witness their situations and I realized that I will never be the same and now because of pandemic I choose to see people thru the lens of empathy. I give them kindness and act genuine selfless love and to live a life that serve the purpose that is bigger that myself, and give service to my fellowman.

    This is the best answer Miss Philippines. Next stop Bb. Pilipinas please,

  18. It is still an incredible run for Emmanuele!

    Placing in strong field of candidates in the Latin American turf is no small feat.


  19. Really have to give huge kudos to Emmanuelle, she held her own against very stiff competition. Based on final answers, I think she should have finished above Venezuela, possibly Colombia as well. However, Panama and Mexico, in my humble opinion, nailed their answers. I think Mexico’s slight advantage was her delivery of her answer. Muchas, muchas gracias to Miss Dominican Republic for doing a great job interpreting for Miss Portugal and our Emmanuelle.

    Thank you Emmanuelle for being a great representative of The Philippines!!! Congratulations Philippines!!!

  20. BTW , it seemed like a 15-min show . Is it worth sending our girls to this pageant ? .

  21. I would have chosen Vera over Mexico
    If Vera had only enough time to find the right hair and make up for her , she could have won given her great comm skills . Why she chose to have a ‘bare face’ for the finals , I do not know . It only emphasized her very Asian features

    • @ Fabian Reyes You do not outdo Latinas in their own turf, style-wise. To do so is sure-fire way to incur their wrath.

      They know & accept that we are ‘Chine’ (from the Far East). They expect someone who looks the part. More to the point, they expect the ‘FILIPINAS’ brand.

      For one thing, for reasons of all sorts, the color ‘amarillo’ has become synonymous with us. Just recall Arida’s Barazza evening dress for the Finale in Russia back in 2013.

      And while they also do not expect us to understand Spanish (anymore), as any gracious first-time visitor we make an effort to learn a bit of our host before we go. The effort~gesture is appreciated, especially in a pageant that seeks to unite on traditional, long-held (Hispanic) values. Courtesy, si!

  22. I hope Mr. Arnold will send a representative. someone who can speak fluently in Spanish to the pageant. We are sending smart, beautiful and tall representative to the pageant but it is not enough to capture the crown. Felicidades Miss Filipinas!

    • Linguam specificam puto non magni momenti in Miss RHA vel in aliquo spectaculo. Quamdiu substantia est mulier benigno corde et sincera in actionibus suis amantibus, tunc erit mirificus legatus. Charot!😅

    • I concur,

      That’s why, Corrine Abalos should consider joining MWP next year!

  23. Her answer per se was great,
    but it would have been more impactful
    had she not used an interpreter.

    Thanks to Ms. Dominican Republic
    and kudos to Emmanuelle still! 👏🏻

    • Stop asking for Spanish speaking candidate. My goodness. They accept and love Filipinas for who they are regardless of their ability to comprehend and converse in Spanish. We have done well so far. Congrats to Emmanuelle. I think she should try for BbP and try to win the MGI crown for us. She has the Latina vibe and the body that Nawat would really like to see from our representative.

      • Stop asking people to provide constructive criticisms. My goodness!
        They will accept and love Filipinas even more if they saw and heard a Filipina candidate speaking their tongue in their Latin pageant.

      • @ 4M Speaking of MGI, malapit na. Una ‘ata next month. Then, World. Last, Universe.

        We should begin scrutinizing Sam 3.0! Baka a few weeks to go na lang before she flies to BKK.

        Nito’ng weekend, nag-Homecoming si Tracy. Bukas, si Bea nemen…

        Taty is December, too! May schedule na, ‘eh… Baka nga Nov din ang simula, not incredibly sure.

        Giana Llanes in Mexico & Montagne in Albania, atm. Shannon Tampon, Dec din ba siya? Elite.

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