9 comments on “Emmanuelle Vera: Sizzling + Red-Hot

  1. Make it a winning streak for 2021 Emmanuelle. Don’t lose energy on finals night. Make it matter where it counts most, the Q&A. Muchas bendiciones 💕 para ti.

  2. It looks like the faves are Brazil Mexico Colombia etc
    The most important is that , win or lose , she did her best . And Vera seems to be doing her best
    Good luck to her !

    • Her performance is slightly lukewarm. Of course, it’s just my opinion If she has other opportunities in mind, at 26 she may still have around 4 major pageants to consider.

    • Emmanuelle Vera could be the next Reina Hispanoamericana. Bolivia loves Emmanuelle!!! ❤

  3. Oh, my goodness. That’s at the Altiplano!

    (Someone’s holding up her train, in the second photo. Hihihihihh…)

    I’m looking at either Colombia or Ecuador to win. Both have a virginal quality to them.

    Look at Vera, here & now. What works to her advantage is her showmanship, a result of her show business~social media presence~activities. I reckon magka-height lang sila ni Corinne Abalos. But the latter has a better body, knows Madrid Spanish, & has ‘alta’ pedigree. With her MUP experience as arsenal, ALV now knows who to APPOINT for a future edition. Anyway, ‘Mandaluyong City’ said in an interview that she grew up somewhat sheltered (perhaps partly due to her scoliosis, which she mentioned in same interview) and joining pageantry was a way to open up (so to speak). Her ASEAN beauty will be a HIT with the locals! DO IT, twimc. Make it happen.

    (Knowing now ALV’s political affiliation/s, whether that will be an impediment to convincing the lady, I hope not. It’s a beauty contest, not a presidential election.)

    • The Uyuni Salt Flat photos were fab. done by a photographer named David Condori.

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