9 comments on “Cindy Obeñita is primed up for the Miss Intercontinental 2021 Finals

  1. Philippines is now in Top 6, Miss Intercontinental Asia and Oceania, it is now Q an A

    • Nuestra belleza Peruana on IG. Haay, nagkakalat na naman yung mga iba roon. Please stop the cheapness. 🤦🏽

  2. Mme Stella Marquez-Araneta just tweeted and posted a message on IG and Facebook for Cindy Obeñita. Wow, what a powerful and inspiring show of support, especially during these times. 💐👑🕊💓 That’s how it is done.

  3. Cindy will be a good pick for the respective organisation as she is smart. She could bring our 2nd crown.

  4. Cindy better work on that smokey eye makeup to emphasize her eyes and stand out more among the Europeans. If she could work in an 80s disco bump into her pasarela routine, it would help. LOL This is no Filipino pageant where you stand out easily with a brainy answer. Hihihi.

  5. That first image (in pink dress) brings to mind the first GUESS ad of Claudia Schiffer I saw…

    Over-all, I think BPCI has done well for this franchise. A gold with Gallman and two silvers with McGarry & Janson, probably only (The)Globe has been better performance-wise. Not even Supra!

    For me, Patraporn Wang & Lara Dutta are the names synonymous with brand ‘Intercontinental’.

    These Near East~Eastern Europe contests usually have the best Europeans (look like fashion models), the kind we probably no longer see at the BIG3. Proximity is the obvious reason. And the reigning queens are Hungarian Fani Miko (I hope I spelled right) & Kolcegi (Montenegro?). Imo, Europeans are the ones to beat here.

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