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  2. off topic: Miss Guatemala is back in MU2021 ; I was fearful that they will send the 2nd ru in MGI 2021 because she will be another Latina with a sure slot in the semifinals and can even win the MU crown… but … they are sending a different girl, very plain, not a threat … I am relieved …

    • Ivana Batchelor! (Credits to Rappler for the information.)

      I’M HANKERING FOR A TEUTONIC (read : blonde & blue-eyed) LATINA. Like Ivana & Mariam Habach (though was that not her natural hair color?). The current selection of raven-haired and brunette candidates is getting old… I’m really just missing the old MU when Europeans (Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, Iceland, & the UK) set the pace. I WANT SOME WHITE WINE.

      I’m not even too crazy about Spain. Unless ‘yung tipo ni Eugenia Silva, a great Spanish beauty who became the face of Oscar de la Renta!

      If there will be a continental selection this year, I want Poland and Czechia (and even then it’s still no match to Klara Vavruskova!).

      • Klara is really beautiful! Unfortunately, she competed in Miss Telemundo 2020 won by( who else?) Mexico despite the so so answer.

      • @ THROWBAKLA MU needs to get back to fundamentals. That it’s a BEAUTY CONTEST.

        A great beauty will re-unite us all! Remember when Uncle discussed the legendary faces of MU in his 2020 Throwback Series here? The likes of Oxana Fedorova, Sophie Hawkins, & Natalie Glebova?

        Now, just to prove my statement has nothing to do with race, I’m cool with Namibia or Belgium.

      • Erratum Jennifer Hawkins.

        A great beauty this year is India.

        I am considering a Final 3 consisting of India, Puerto Rico, &… Colombia! As things are now.

  3. Filipinos’ hatred towards Miss World started when Catriona lost.
    Mexicans did not react the same way when Andrea ended as 1st RU only.
    Now, that’s just one of the countless differences of us Filipinos to other nationalities.
    And that I believe is just a microcosm of Filipino mentality and of our society in general.
    Sad but true that is why our nation is soon to be a banana republic.
    Cheers to Ms. World for having the most number of delegates year after year.

    • Mexicans were very angry when Andrea did not get the crown ! I remember that vividly
      What is this Filipino hate all about ?
      You don’t even love yourself or you are one of those who say ‘ I am half Spanish and half Chinese’???
      Give me a break
      Pinoys deserve to feel the way they do given their investment on pageantry . Can you imagine pageantry without Pinoys? Pls stop denigrating your own !!

      • Oh come on Fabie.. bad Filipino behavior on social media is very well known in the world of pageantry. Even on live venues, they are the most unruly ones.
        I’m not hating just stating the facts.

      • Cmon , I have been to several MU editions and never seen Pinoys get ugly . On the other hand , the energy they bring to the event puts a smile on the face of a non-Filipino watcher
        I really think pageants would have been dead by now if not for the enthusiastic Pinoy fans

    • Mga ulol. Bakit sila magagalit sa di pagkapanalo ni Andrea? Di naman siya ang best that night. Shocking pa nga na 1st Princess si Auntie. In Catriona’s case, the travesty was very obvious. Mga bekleng kenel. Kulang sa sustansya sa utak. Minaliit pa mga Pinoy. Kadiring mga nilalang. NAKAKASUKA!

      • Kung overall performance ang basis, Puerto Rico should not be there. She did not perform sa pre-pageants. If the finals night performance is the basis, Indonesia should not be there. In either metric, Cat delivered. As clear as the sun, the result was not logical. OBVIOUS na OBVIOUS ang lutuan. Many NDs even congratulated Cory Quirino before the finals night. Ganyan kalakas si Catriona. Now, kayong mga putang inang demolition team na #TeamAhasAndKweens headed by the greedy Evil Mama J, tumigil na kayo. Focus na lang kayo sa mga alaga niyo. Dumidilim na prospects natin dahil diyan sa paglaki ng ulo niyo. Mga depota!

      • So jonalyn ano ang tingin (hula) mo sa chances ni Tracy Maureen Perez? Aabot ba siya as one of the finalists? Thanks my dear and good morning.

      • @sis Paul- Surely magiging grateful si Maureen sa MW experience niya. Pakiramdaman ko 2025 pa uli aarangkada ang Ph sa MW. Template ni Megan ang hinahanap ni Madam Julia sa next MWP na obviously malayo kay Maureen. Dapat talaga stand alone pageant lang ang MWP para mas masala at makafocus ang lahat sa Miss World kahit na screening pa lang. Dapat alam na ng panel ang template na hinahanap nila kaso nga ung ibang candidates ng MWP hindi naman talaga Miss World ang bet nung iba na makuha kaya ayon ang nangyayari. Mailap ang MW crown sa Ph kaya dapat lalong magfocus kung bet nila ang 2nd crown. Stay safe sis and have a joyful Thursday!!! ❤


    In a video posted on Instagram and Twitter, former Miss Iraq, Sarah Abdali Idan, addressed Mandla Mandela and his call for African countries to boycott the Miss Universe competition, which will be held in Israel in December.

    In 2017, the 31-year-old pageant titleholder became the first candidate from Iraq to represent the country at the Miss Universe competition in 45 years.

    The video comes after Mandla, the grandson of former South African president Nelson Mandela, called on all African countries to withdraw from the 70th edition of the Miss Universe competition, which will be hosted in the Israeli resort city of Eilat later this year.

    “Israel is an Apartheid State and persists in its heinous occupation and expansion of its illegal settlements in violation of international law. We must persist in isolating Apartheid Israel in the same way that we isolated Apartheid South Africa.

    “We call on all countries to bolster their efforts to isolate Apartheid Israel and cut all ties be it trade, culture, sport, recreation or diplomatic,” said a statement released by Mvezo Komkhulu (The Great Place).

    In response to Mandla’s appeal, Sarah, in a video posted on social media, said: “This is a message to Mandla Mandela, who demanded from the Miss South Africa Organisation to boycott Israel and not send their representative to compete in [the] Miss Universe pageant, which will be held in Eilat in December.

    “All I can say is: ‘How dare you?’ How dare you, as a man, try to tell an organisation for women and women empowerment what to do.”

    “This is an opportunity that millions of women dream of having. To go on [the] world stage and represent their people, their nation, their culture. Not government, not politics, and definitely not your political agenda,” she went on to say.

    Sarah concluded the video by congratulating 24-year-old Lalela Mswane on being crowned Miss South Africa 2021 and said: “…[I] hope that you will enjoy your trip. And learn not only about Israel but about all these beautiful other countries. This is what the Miss Universe is about. And I hope to see you there soon.”

      • Sorry but IMO Israel is only trying to defend their nation against the power and will of its neighboring countries which is to literally erase them in the world map.
        Just imagine when you are surrounded by nations who wants to annihilate your existence as a free state, you don’t have a choice but to be tough and strong but inspite of all that, That I believe is what Israel is doing. And I thank you!😘🥰

      • Read and research mabuti bakla. Defend yourself ang drama ng Isra-HELL. Pero sila na ang Nazi Germany ngayon sa ginagawa nila sa Palestine. Mga depota!

    • Just because Mandla Mandela is the grandson of Nelson Mandela, it does not mean that he’s the “brightest bulb” nor is he an indisputable authoritative figure in determining whether a state or country is guilty of apartheid.

      “…South African Judge Richard Goldstone, writing in The New York Times in October 2011, said that while there exists a degree of separation between Israeli Jews and Arabs, “in Israel, there is no apartheid. Nothing there comes close to the definition of apartheid under the 1998 Rome Statute…Arab citizens of Israel are allowed to vote, have political parties, and hold seats in the Knesset and other positions, including one on the Israeli Supreme Court..”

      To equate Israel with Nazi-like government is nothing more than having a selective historical amnesia. Just remember, all those identified as “LGBTQ” by the Nazi ended up in one of those dreaded concentration camps if not the gas chambers.

      In contrast, within the entire Middle East region, only in Israel are the “LGBTQ” allowed to have “Pride Parade” and are legally protected.

      Kudos for Sara Abdali Idan for speaking up and pointing out such misogynistic perspective.

  5. always and dependably a boring show … wake me up before Julia Morely announces the final ranking!

  6. Ewan ko ba, thrice lang ako tumutok sa Miss World pageant for the last two decades, and those were Megan’s, Valerie’s and Catriona’s respective entries in the pageant. I would just wait the pageant’s crowning of its eventual winner sa news na lang o kaya sa replay.

    To Tracy: Enjoy your journey in that pageant. It’s very unlikely that you’ll bring home the crown, considering the number of girls na sasali na sobrang diyosa. Megan has been Julia’s template for any Filipina rep in Miss World, kaya after coronation pa lang ng MWP winner, alam ko na agad kung malu-lotlot o luz valdes s’ya. Sino ba ang nasa isip ko na gandarang girlette na pwedeng koronahan ni Julia? Si Liza Soberano o kaya si Bella Ysmael dahil sa kanyang pagiging ballerina at gracefulness. She also looks regal. Sa Miss World naman, hindi mahalaga ang height, basta ba queenly ang aura at mabait kay Julia, hindi na madedehado.

    That’s all.

    • @ Ana Winter-Lund I’ll go with Bella. Pero ang style, appointment. Like what Mdme. Cory Q did with MrW (but this was for the boys, of course). Kasi, she has already proven herself on the national pageantry stage. Why still make her endure another round? That has to count for something!

      I think ALL the BIG’s need to adopt a common ruling when it comes to bypassing their Nationals. THE APPOINTEE MUST HAVE AT LEAST BEEN IN THE TOP 3 OF HER LAST CONTEST. And free of any contractual obligations to the latter.

      This can be helpful in situations when staging a live pageant is difficult (lack of time, venue issues, sponsorship shortage, etc.). In this kind of arrangement, Atty. Patch M (technically second in line to Gazini) and VVV (3rd in line to Bea) can simply get the Supranational & Grand International portfolios, respectively.

      • Flor, your idea is like about “credit” notification found on the usual sari-sari store in a community which says it is “good but (the organization) needs cash.”

        Yes, dahlin’, running a pageant is still a business undertaking. The organizers would not just do apple picking without earning. If they just pick a candidate and issue a press release for that or invite a media people to interview the chosen one, they would still spend money. As they send the girl to the international pageant, they would buy the girl’s dresses, plane ticket and what have you. Don’t expect sponsors for a non-publicized event such as that. So, phuleaaaase… Stop suggesting such idea in the future, for it would not matter. Let the organizers do their thing.

        That’s all.

  7. Only the vaccines authorized by the FDA or the WHO are accepted in the US: Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, Janssen, AstraZeneca-Oxford, Sinopharm and Sinovac.

    • @ charlotte york But note that unlike in the MU 2021 Flyer (recent post), MWO specifies nothing about the need for a booster for those fully-vaccinated BEFORE June (2021).

      SO,… Israel (Eilat) is stricter than the USA? I did understand it correctly, didn’t I?

      OR, the USA already has specific guidelines in this regard when obtaining their entry visa?

      (Maybe Tracy was chosen precisely because she already has one! Like Dindi, who just had to have her Schengen visa renewed for her Poland contest last August.)

      • @FlorTula… well, Puerto Rico is US territory thus has the same visa requirements and health & travel protocols. As to israel, the country reached high vaccination rates early on, only to be threatened with new variants due to a reluctance of the younger population to receive booster shots. But having spoken to embassy people here, they seem to have been stricter than the US since the start of the pandemic. That they are proud to proclaim. Hi hi

  8. ‘… Must have received an approved COVID19 vaccination…’.

    Approved by whom? The USA? Or, kahit yung local vaccination card natin? Or, yung standard na vaccination form for international travel? Is that already approved/formalized/implemented? By our DFA?

    Yung 5 cocktail dresses, included na yung black na knee-length at yung for the Finale, so 3 na lang…

    WHY THE FLESH-COLORED UNDIES??!! … Unless there’s a nude/skin-tone ‘alta moda’ shoot… Must also wax… Is ‘Beach Fashion’ like ‘Resort Wear’? ‘Accessories’… YUNG ‘JEEPNEY’ TOTE NI ALAIZA SA MUP 2020, can I borrow please…? Or was it a TV?

    (Grabeh. Parang ako naman yung nag-pre-prepare umalis/mag-compete. Na-excite. Lolzzz.)

    • Yun bang ‘Dances of the World’, puwedeng mag-‘P-Pop’ si Tracy? 🙂

      Kasi, sabi ni @ jaretwrightlover (above), boring daw ang MW. And I can sort of understand if we just have the old ‘fuddy-duddy’ traditional/customary/ceremonial dances… Pang mature audience.

      Perhaps it may invigorate MW to ‘youth-en’ by incorporating elements characteristic of Gen Z! Try!

      • MW Dances of the World, yeaaah! Well, she could count out otso-otso as it doesn’t require any particular costume. Tracy could possibly do a Pandango sa Ilaw, just as elegant but one that has faster more pageant-y moves. Lol. Think Flamenco, traditional yet full of drama & passion. Her baro’t saya could be updated to make it look fab when spinning. Sad, mahiluhin lang nga si Tracy,lol. That would be a dramatic ending to her performance though :)))

  9. Mas maingay pa pagbisita ni Miss Universe sa Puerto Rico kesa sa ganap ng MW

    One Month ang Miss World, know when to peak talaga.

    70th din pala sila with 100 contestants. Enjoy Puerto Rico Tracy.

    Kung si Megan host, mahihirapan ka,kasi Julia will compare you & her.


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