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    • Sa tingin ko magkatotoo ang hula na jonalyn hernandez na mauungusan ni thailand si philippines sa MU 2021.

      Reasons: Geographical, Racial and Gender Politics.

      • @ paul So, you would favor the ‘curve model’ (which is how Anchilee described herself) over the out-&-proud lesbian…

        Despite the strong historical ties between our country and the host…

        (I don’t know that Israelis prefer Thais over Filipinos now but if it has anything to do with business, trade, and investment opportunities then yes maybe that Mercury Retrograde will take effect.)

        Dito na lang kita sasagutin regarding Atty. Patch kasi overtime na ako at ayaw ko na lumipat…

        I AGREE. CROSS OVER TO MWP 2022. SLAY THE SUPRACHAT & GET OUR 2ND CROWN! STEER CLEAR OF THE ‘COMPLEXITIES’ AT MUP. Please seriously consider. Like Ruffa Nava, end your pageantry ON A HIGH.

    • transformation sa make up siguro pero sa walk and katawan.. 2 months is not enough

  1. Bea is still a notch superior than this lady in all aspects.
    I mean devoid of any bias.
    The tip of her nose reaches her upper lip when she smiles which is kinda distracting for me.
    I wish Porxild had joined this year.
    For me Aniporn is so far the prettiest Miss Thailand.

    • Lip filler sa upper lip and that will be solved. How about the nauunang ulo ni Bea? I think of recent memory she has the worst posture among all MUP. na compensate lang dahil matangkad sya.

  2. Mga commenters, kung makapintas sa katawan ni Ms.Thailand ha.
    Nakita niyo ba katawan ni Ms. Philippines?
    Ms. Philippines doesn’t have good posture, lalo na sa balikat, nagmumukhang maiksi tuloy ang leeg 🤷🏻‍♂️

    • I agree and it doesn’t have a very quick fix, as I talked to a pt about it. Depende sa severity ng Condition. Compare the necks of the runner ups to that of Bea ( while walking ha) since okay naman leeg nya in still.

  3. She looks very charming and youthful. What is her age? Oh my she’s tall too. i think she might do well. However, her beauty could get drowned but the height can definitely make her stand out.


  5. Sorry pero hindi ako nashoshokot sa kanya, typical white looking woman lang. Matatakot sana ako kung yung Kasama yung kinoronahan kasi exotic ang fez tapos ganda pa ng pasarela. Hindi enough ang 4 weeks to train pasarela hehe. However, sure naman akong hindi magka-clap yan, maganda ang preparation at may enough sash factor na ang Thailand para matulungan syang pumasok

    • Ha??? What the hell is typical white looking woman. May white looking woman ba may ganyang mata? Typical white looking woman is Catriona. Wag Kang ano. In the States kung tingnan mo mukha nya alam mo na from the get go na half asian yan. Kung macomment kaloka.

      • Hala oh may natriggered 😂 Kung dyosang Thai/White lang naman, eh mas striking pa si Tharina kesa dyan sa bortang winner na sasalbahin lang ng naman sash factor. Anyways, wala namang laban yan sa winner ko na si Colombia at India, masyado kasing pinipilit magcrown ng english speaker, ayan tuloy mediocre

        Also, not a fan of PH din kaya lait all you want pang Beatrice dahil wala na akong pake dyan. Latinas and Europeans are way too strong this year 😝

    • Tharina na turok dito turok don. Her forehead reduced and her nose added bridge. But I love her. Si Kasama pinakamaganda sa Lima actually.

  6. Pretty face…. Body-wise mehhh…
    And does she actually have substance?

    • Kilala mo ba sya baks? She’s just in her early 20s. Actually it’s not for us to decide sino ang may substance sa wala. It’s a matter of perception. Si Bea may may substance dahil member sya ng LGBT? Of course not. It’s not automatic. Bakit si Pia woman of substance ba sya nyng nanalo sya? Absolutely WALA. she’s a struggling starlet talent of Star Magic.

  7. @ serge No problem. If you want, Philippines & Thailand can switch fates this time. Last year, Amanda penetrated deeper than Rabiya.

    @ Adrienne Latina abs ba, ‘kamo? Lala Guedes forever!

    But thing is, that kind of definition is a lifestyle and life-choice. And muscle tone isn’t everything. Muscle mass, ergo strength (?), is the business model of the likes of Anchilee and Mitch (Gumabao). If we will embrace diversity in terms of physicality (age, height, body shape, skin tone, hair texture/style, & nose shape whether natural or surgical), then why not athleticism? I don’t know anybody who doesn’t like the sporty girl. Just look at Hidylin…

  8. Top 21 is her realistic placement in MU. But if the stars align for her during the coronation night, she could penetrate top 5.

  9. Face is okay but her walk isn’t so queenly. I hope she can polish her walk, and please, shed some body fats. Look at the abs of the Latinas in the last MU edition! Nanglalamon sila, abs kung abs!

  10. she is really pretty. ndi nya kamukha pero reminds me a lot Michelle Gumabao.

    from Aniporn to Amanda… magaganda halos lahat ng mga Thai delegates.

    ang sana bawas-bawasan lang ng mga Thais eh ung paghahype masyado ng mga representatives nila (na ginagawa rin natin actualy… LOL). nagmumukha kasing masyadong assuming in a way. and IMG likes to crown ung mga confidently beautiful na ndi masyadong assuming.

    and about sa mga binobrought up dito n geographical or ung connection sa Telemundo… kung magkacrown sila ng European this time and Telemundo p rin ang main partner ng MUO… they may crown the likes of Spain… or Czech Republic (walang connect sa Latin community pero she’s beautiful).

  11. I think India will WIN both in Miss World and Miss Universe this year.

    MANASA VARANASI (MW) and HARNAAZ SANDHU (MU) are top-notch Indian candidates.

    Both are very pretty, sexy, intelligent, and excellent communicators.

      • @ paul Speaking of Vietnam, their rep this year is quite pretty. But I’m awaiting a biracial stunner.

        I don’t understand what went wrong with Anshika Sharma… It will be hard to find another of similar caliber.

        PI 2021 will be known next month. Imagine if they win this MU – in Israel! That would be news!

    • Ang problema kasi sa India after a long streak, basta basta nalang magkacrown ng Ewan. Yung 2003 nila oh juskopo yun yung nakaputol ng streak nila. 2006-2007 nila glamazon, Semifinalist. Tas balik na naman. Sa world wala naman sila issue.

  12. maayong buntag flor.

    geographical, racial and gender politics are some of the reasons why misses south africa and the philippines will not make it well in this year’s miss universe.

    geogrphical: paulit-ulit na lang ang south africa & the philippines
    racial: enough of south africa & the philippines – ibang lahi naman like arabs, indians, latinas, etc.
    gender: i don’t think they like a tumbalata (not yet) as a winner.

    the focus will be other asian countries such as india, thailand & UAE as well as many power latin american nations like venezuela, puerto rico, colombia, brazil, & even paraguay.

    • veks…. a latina won last year… it was also a latin domination. so can we exclude the latinas this time around??? hihihihi

    • @ paul & @ 4M Para walang away, crown a European again! It’s been a while…

      Poland, puwede if you miss ‘white’. Belgium (see @ chromed1, below) & France are black/biracial.

      Baka dapat, kailangan muna ilihis ang ‘center of gravity’. TELEMUNDO needs to spice things up! I think they still have until at least next year on their contract with MUO. Eh, di next year ulit Latina.

      • Thank you flor for your fast reply and thoughts. Maayong buntag gikan sa Minadanao.

    • @ paul Dong, go over to the other side of the Pacific Pond for a a moment and take a gander at the candidates for MUBrazil 2021. In particular, those from Sergipe, Espiritu Santo, & Rios Grandes do Norte & Sul. Then, give us your take on whom you think can at least match Julia Gama.

      Venezuela es Luiset Materan? Mas bet ko yung pambato nila sa Mundo. Si Alejandra Conde.

      Colon of Puerto Rico is TALL (like Anchilee, ~180 cm)!

      Valeria Ayos (Colombia)… Puwede…

      Kinakabahan ako kay Nadia F. Yang mga ubod ng rikit, baka iligwak ng mga jurado.

      (Janick’s successor does not seem to have created too much buzz.)

    • IMG already crowned a European, si Iris!

      2015 – Asia
      2016 – Europe
      2017 – Africa
      2018 – Asia
      2019 – Africa
      2020 – Americas

      • @ Sunny Or, another African! Namibia, to be exact. So Chanique Rabe’s momentum is sustained. If another European queen isn’t still economically viable for MUO, even if it’s been now going 6 years… MUNamibia 2021 is Chelsi Shikongo, yet another brightly beautiful black Barbie.

  13. The secret here is for MUP not to advertise as much Bea Luigi’s preparations for the pageant. Just be ready once she steps foot in Israel. MUP’s 80s-movies type of Cinderella transformation can really cheapen the whole thing. 😂🤣🙃 It also sparks too much discussion and heat on social media, that negative baggage piles up on our candidate and the sash she represents.

    • Para narin hindi tumaas masyado expectations sa kanya. Maganda na rin siguro yan na marami pang bitter sa kanya para hindi mabigat yung pressure at mas makapag-train sya in the most calm way. Less pressured girls always do the best, pansin ko lang

  14. ang hula ni jonalyn hernandez mauungusan ni miss thailand si philippines. mukhang magkatotoo ito.

    so far, india and thailand have the best shots in making it to the top 5 among asians. wait for the transformation of miss thailand (gym, diet & clinic combined).

    also watch out for the miss universe UAE winner. india, thailand & UAE are the asian focus this year.

    south africa and philippines baka hanggang top 20 lamang. o pwedeng hindi sila makapasok.

    half of the top 20 will come from latin america. he, he, he…

    good morning flor.

    • miss thailand will be trained and transformed by a team that includes filipinos. he, he, he…

      • geographical, racial and gender politics are some of the reasons why misses south africa and the philippines will not make it well in this year’s miss universe.

        the focus will be other asian countries such as india, thailand & UAE as well as many power latin american nations like venezuela, puerto rico, colombia, brazil & even paraguay.

      • RL’s Angels camp in particular hehe, they seem to train more Thais than Filipinos based on what I’m seeing

  15. Congratulations to the new Miss Universe Thailand, Anchilee Scott-Kemmis!

    Anchilee embodies the qualities of what MUT has. I think the local pageant organization has found in her the winning form that would give her an edge to make it in the first cut come Miss Universe coronation night in Eilat. I just noticed that for three years in a row, the organization always considers a girl who can speak English well. That is because they want a sure shot in the finals in case their girl would reach the round. I believe they have already learned from the Philippines about that winning formula.

    My honest assessment of Anchilee: Although she is prettier (has a little resemblance to Kelly Misa) and speaks well than Amanda, she is still a downgrade of the latter. Her pasarela is the weakest since Paweensuda Drouin and her body isn’t that great, plus she has plain presence on stage. I don’t know how MUT could transform her instantly in a month to become a real goddess and pasarela champion.

    I am still confident that beauty and body wise, our MUP Bea Gomez is a notch higher. I have always been saying this: x-factor and sex appeal on stage can easily draw judges’ eyes. And with her above satisfactory communication skills, I think Bea can effortlessly get to the first cut up to the finals. I just hope that her team is pushing her above limits to have at least an abs. C’mmon, MUP! Latinas are rising again, and when you speak of this class, they always give us that great body on stage.

    Anyway, when it comes to the staging of the MUT pageant, I always am fascinated. High-ceiling stage, wide and tall LED screen, fantastic lighting, etc., oh, everything comes only in my wish for our MUP pageant. Would that happen next year? I just wish that Jonas and team will work it out with GMA people in co-producing the pageant. Gosh! The network can give us a great stage and lighting! I am a fan of their All Out Sunday and The Clash. Try to watch them and you’ll find out why I am saying this.

    That’s all.

    • Production seems to be a problem talaga ng mga pageants dito sa Pilipinas, wala pa akong nakitang kahit anong national pageant dito na naging kalevel ng Thailand sa production. Please enlighten me kung anong kulang na equipment natin dito sa Pinas why we can produce a top notch production like Thailand’s? Parehas lang din naman tayo mga third world country ah.

      • Sethy, sorry but no. Thailand is not our league. Thailand is an upper middle income county who doesn’t receive FOREIGN AID. Yes you read it right, just like Malaysia. Puhlease ang layo layo ng Thailand sa atin economically. Philippines suki ng foreign aid hanggang ngayon from USAID, at kung ano anong NGO na funded by European union. And they have the capacity to let overseas workers work In their lands. And Thai cinema is booming since the early 2000s and the films are known internationally.

      • @Yna, yun naman pala eh, sana maintindihan ng mga pinoy yan kung bakit di tayo makalevel sa kanila sa production. Makalait sa production ng MUP, akala naman kaya ding ibigay ng BBP at MWP yung mala Thailand na production 😂 Walang kahit anong national pageant dito ang nakakapag produce ng grand production no, mukhang imprinted na talaga satin yan. South Africa nga sa hotel room lang sila nagpe-prelims pero wala namang ngumangawa sa kanila, kaya stop na yung masyadong mataas ang standard sa production dahil mukhang we will never achieve it talaga, ang mahalaga yung quality ng girl at preparation for the international pageant

  16. the newly crowned Miss Israel is a pretty face but on the heavy side too … however I think her entry to the semifinals is very nearly certain too …

  17. Very masculine
    I gues that’s the trend nowadays
    But her comm skills will put her through

    • Fabian she played competitive volleyball in a Bangkok international school. Of course she’s masculine. And she’s 6 foot tall. Definitely not a Jicztad Viña masculine. She is still soft.

  18. papayat pa si miss thailand in more than a month – gym, diet & clinic combined.

    So far, india & thailand have the best shots in making it to the top 5.

    but we have to watch out as well the winner of miss universe UAE.

    philippines and south africa hanggang top 20 o baka pareho hindi makapasok as semifinalists.

    The MU winner will either be an Asian (India/Thailand) or Latin American (so many deserving).

  19. Puerto Rico and Thailand are both amazonas but their entry into the semifinals is very nearly certain …

  20. MISS UNIVERSE 2021 Eliat, Israel
    Top Picks #1 💪✌️
    🌹1st RU-Philippines
    🌹2nd RU-South Africa
    🌹3rd RU- UAE
    🌹4th RU-India

  21. not impressed with her body … need a lot of workout in less than 2 months …

  22. Real beauty wins over fake kontesera. Better send Anchilee to MU than Tharina who joins anything and so much plastic surgery. This is like Beatrice winning over kontesera Kat and plastic beauty Steffi . Time to move on from traditional beauty standards .

  23. Hay, nako! Talagang ti-nag ni Uncle yung Predictions niya for MUT 2020. Missing Praewwanich…

    The ‘Power of Authenticity’ (on Amanda) versus the ‘Flame of Passion’ (on Ann). Loving both.

    Obsessing on that bouquet. I think that might be an orchid, a cross between Thai* & Indian** species. I was thinking about it yesterday… Forgot the name.

    Can Thailand finally return to Top 3 with Ann? I don’t know… Akala ko nung una, Ann Porxild, lolz.

    * – Paphiopedilum villosum
    ** – Paphiopedilum insigne

    • Welcome back!

      Although you were using another moniker lately,
      it is really refreshing to see your old name –
      the one and only Flor!

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