34 comments on “Anchilee Scott-Kemmis is Miss Universe Thailand 2021

  1. Or she could gain a bit more weight and win as the first ever plus size Miss Universe. Body positivity would be her ‘advocacy’.

  2. The amalgam of gym, diet and clinic will transform miss thailand’s figure into a competitive one in the coming MU.

    Wait for her body’s transformation. he, he, he…

  3. Thailand always does a great job in staging their beauty pageants. Anchilee wasn’t my first choice, but I guess we’ll see if she improves her stage presentation in time for December.

  4. The undeniable highlight of the annual MUT now is the desfile in traditional Thai attire at a temple.

    ‘Uli’ – Pimnara Vonzurmuehlen – looks like Nicole Minano (MUP2021-Romblon & Ms. Hannah’s 2018)!

    MUPO is on the right track with their ‘Manila Carnival Queen’ theme. I-develop na lang nila ito. This can become their signature NatCos showcase! How about a new/different airport annually hereon?

  5. Thailand is eager for their Miss U crown, they keep on sending half Thai, half etc. beauties overall they give the best performance every year. But when it comes to impromptu challenges or questions dun sila nalolotlot marami rin paandar pero who know this year it might be Anchilee’s destiny. So far this year Miss U candidates were all stronger and all beauties deserve to be a queen. But of course I’ll support our own candidate Bea who has an edge also and unique in her own way.

  6. welcome back diwata ng philippine pageantry!

    miss you so much Flor. nag-hibernate din ako for several weeks… he, he, he…

    sa tingin ko tama ang hula ni jonalyn fernandez. mauungusan ni thailand si philippines.

    in more than a month papayat pa si miss thailand – amalgam ng gym, diet & clinic.

    so far, india is the top bet from asia. india is coming back as a MU superpower.

  7. is she trying to make her face like Catriona’s …..? that gives me bad impression if you are copycat

  8. Michelle Gumabao vs Retokadang Kisses Delavin ang peg nina Anchilee and Tharina


  9. Mauungusan ulit ng Thailand ang Philippines this year. Sad pero yan ang totoo.

    • She seems to be always trying to keep her balance when she walks, and she’s not so pretty. So, we can’t tell just yet if mauungusan nga ng Thailand ang Philippines.

      • Lol sa not so pretty. She is definitely prettier than Bea sa true lang tayo. And by the way she was awarded Miss Natural Beauty. Special award. No veneers no nothing. Unlike Bea who had hers way way back.

      • @Lymaraina So, if one is prettier than the other, automatic na pretty na sya? Illustration: Kung si mahal (sumalangit nawa) mas matangkad kay mura, matangkad na sya? How disappointing.

      • You must be very Beautiful for you to tell she’s not pretty. You’re just threatened. She actually reminds me of MTV Asia VJs in the 90s. Very good balance of Asian and white feature, like Pia and unlike Catriona, that when you don’t know her background you can tell she’s just a white girl from Cairns Australia. Moreover, you just implied that Bea is not pretty. Lol 😅

      • @Lymaraina To be honest, I dont find Bea pretty either. Sakit yan ng Pinoy, laging nahuhulog sa bitag ng false dichotomy. Now going back to Bea, while she is not my cup of tea, I’m not saying she has zero chances of winning. We saw how 2018 and 2019 crowned average-looking girls compared to other past winners. Malinaw to ha, kinukumpara ko sa ibang winners. Baka kasi pagbibintangan mo na naman akong sobrang ganda. Brush up on your Logic 101, will you dear?

      • Well nakakalurker, the 2018 winner ( Catriona) is a league on her own. She went tl the competition prepared. Zozi’s communication skills is in another level. Plus, it was hosted in Atlanta. With Bea, hay top 10 I’ll be happy na. I just don’t see any extraordinary in her.

      • totoo yan sis. Nagcrown na naman kasi ang MUP during the last mercury retrograde of this year. ❤

  10. Real beauty wins over fake retoke beauty . Good for MUT making the right choice . Tharina was the epitome of kontesera. Beautiful but so much work done. Anchilee is fresh and will inspire many women with unconditional beauty .

    • Ironically, Anchilee won the miss natural beauty award. Tharina on the other hand won the Doctor Tony cosmetic surgeon award. Hahaha are they implying something?

      • @ K Agree with you, too.

        (Additional) mass on a big (tall) woman is not ‘ugly’. It was at @ paul who corrected us when he pointed out that Shudufadzo Musida’s HIPS were OK because she’s TALL.

        I recall what Inno Sotto said about models. A 27″ waistline, while perhaps seen as wide-ish on a 5’3~4″ lady, is just about right when she begins to approach 6′.

        (27″ was my waistline in Junior High School. Now,……………………………………………………………)

      • Welcome back!

        Although you were using another moniker lately,
        it is really refreshing to see your old name –
        the one and only Flor!

      • miss you so much Flor. nag-hibernate din ako for several weeks… he, he, he…

        sa tingin ko tama ang hula ni jonalyn fernandez. mauungusan ni thailand si philippines.

        in more than a month papayat pa si miss thailand – amalgam ng gym, diet & clinic.

      • I miss you so much Miss Flor and sis Paul!!! Have a great week ahead!!! ❤

    • @k and Andrew, In the context of inclusivity, beauty diversity, and absence of beauty standard, there is nothing wrong with being on the heavy side but statistics shows that the probability of the candidate on the heavy side winning an international crown is very low.

  11. She looks like Georgina Wilson!

    Andame talagang tume-template kay Catriona!

    Either as a mixed Asian candidate or as cross over from Miss World to Miss Universe, etc.!

    Iba talaga kapag nag-set ka ng footprint sa isang bagay na ginawa mo!

    • Lol stop that Catriona template. That means madali syang gayahin, do you mean? I never heard of Zuleyka template or Oxana template or even Jenifer Hawkins template, meaning ba mahirap silang I achieve?

      • @ Diana Hayden Jennifer Hawkins peg, I wonder if will work on Shaila Rebortera. What u think?

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